Monday, May 14, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 4)

Hello America,

I am so excited, I only have to work a half of a day today.  I work 70 hours this week, so it will be hard.  It is the last week of my term, two papers due but we will get to it.

I watched the lakers game, didn't get to see the Memphis game, worked during the Capitols game, saw the Celtics game some of it...

Memphis, Denver when you are dealing with grown men who are facing the end of a legacy....  More than youthful ambition and boasts has to be in your gas tank.

Now I know David Stern is ecstatic at the moment because it is no secret he would for Kobe Vs. Lebron to mark the finals....

But as we explore today, this is NOT the tennis court.  This is team versus team.

I start with a story.

I was watching the Rangers game against the Angels, and it is so cool for all of us who have been Rangers fan, although I love the Red Sox still, I love Fenway Park and its lure.... to see the nation giving the Rangers the love , they deserve...

Not because they were over hyped or given a crown before a ring, hell they don't even have a ring yet, not the one they are fighting for,

because from Nolan Ryan to Josh Daniels to Ron Washington, they are who they are, for good or for bad, there is no chaser with them.

So it's the 7th inning, I think, Felix has gotten his 107 pitches, he's out.  The score was 10-3, then 10-4, then 10-5 and I believe the bases are loading and you can feel everyone from Weaver to CJ to Pujios on the Angels willing for this to be the day they make that break into praise that was so falsely given to them.

The lessons from the last book is that the stats don't tell the story.

The lesson from this book for today from Sgt. Quintana, that Romney is not our pastor, but the larger issue is that no one man is everything.........

My mom is nervous, she gets upset when Felix is pulled, I explained to her, it is a process and he is doing good.  It doesn't matter, I raise my voice when I don't mean to and tell her everything will be allright, the Rangers need this moment as much as the Angels do...

they have to know the truth, they have to know if their sound is that of champions......

Sure enough, the next play, there is a double out by Elvis Andrus whose throw looked more a like a no look pass from Jason Kidd than a baseball play and in that moment.............

in that moment...............

in that moment............

the baseball world, the sports world, found out what Texas Rangers fans have known ever since training camp, we are for real................and we not going anywhere.

So game balls go to Mitt and Ann Romney....


Because they did what I asked.  President Romney made a speech acknowledging concerns that he could lead this nation without looking down on us because our religion and our bloodlines are not like his.....

And Ann Romney didn't compare herself to Michelle Obama, instead she complemented her........

They didn't panic because we have the "conservatives"  chomping at the bit to play the "Obama is the wild ass negro campaign" because of their fiscal influence in the party.

They played ball just like that pitcher who was on the mound, and did their part...........

If you can't see God's truth in that baby................Run to LensCrafters quick.

Kobe Bean Bryant is the greatest player that has ever hit the floor of the NBA.

If it were not for Magic, Larry Bird and mostly Michael Jordan he would not be here.

But unlike Lebron, he has lived up to his hype and more...

Whether I like him as a man, he's an ass........ Sorry.

Whether I think he's guilty or not guilty or rape or adultery, he is not my man, my boyfriend, the father of my children, he is a basketball player and he is the greatest.

I don't really care stat wise where Kobe is in comparison to Jordan because Jordan took time and nobody really expected too too much of him, with Kobe he got the expectations, but unlike Lebron he didn't get the crown.

He had to earn.


Kobe getting old. He's just 33 but he's played almost 18 seasons of NBA basketball..................

The one thing if his legacy were to end short this year as I will not call this year's winner, I make a point to watch everyone.

I will be watching Hockey tonight, The Kings are melting ice, quicker than a gallon of blue bell ice cream in dubai and the Rangers and the Devils, say who needs Boxing, they got the penalty box ;)

But if his legacy were to end today, I will say that Kobe had vision.

The GOP house is being pressured to bash Obama, that will not be tolerated.  Just like Kobe, the conservative movement is being phased out which is why the league needed the clippers to win, God forbid they had to market Randolph and Gasol, but I'm sorry the Memphis Gasol is SOOOOOOOOOO much cuter.

Mr. Southerland of the GOP framework is feeling frustrated, he can't use the negro loves Allah ;) as often as he would like and offered this verse from the bible.

Where there is no vision, the people perish:

BUT HE DIDN'T TELL THE REST.................

 but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Kobe Bryant has been the vision of the Lakers and of the NBA frankly, his will, his vision on nothing but the top is unheralded but as we saw last week, a man who has that vision is a personality, a team that has it, is a culture, a team that wins because of it are champions....

It shouldn't have taken Pao to realize, OMG! I could be treated and my brother can have more playoff money than me.  It shouldn't have taken Mike Brown and Magic Johnson giving commentary for the Lakers to in.  It did because the vision of winning in Los Angeles as far as the Lakers are concerned is through Kobe.

And that vision getting glaucoma and a medical marijuana card ain't gonna save it.  ;)

The lessons are he ain't our pastor and the stats don't tell the story.

Just like Kobe, the conservative movement has kept the GOP going for awhile, but the party has grown, we have recovered from our losses and we won't be defined by the conservative vision as I cannot speak for the Lakers.

Calvin Coolidge and others fought for the rights of black people long before Martin Luther King, Jr. or Barack Obama or Clyburn or Maxine Waters.

And even though he fell short and many others after him did as well.  The vision of equality wasn't defined by  Lincoln, it was defined by our party, my party that I hold dear to me.

We will win this election, not by dogging Barak or lying and saying Romney is not a businessman with Portman as VP because we will keepeth the law, and God's law says be yourself and none other for what he  has created in you, NO MAN IS STRONG ENOUGH TO PUT ASUNDER....

There is no need to call Obama a terrorist without calling folks like Roger Baldwin and Tugwell (told you all I was reading the forgotten man on page 300, 1400 more to go...) ones as well.

Baldwin summed up socialism and says "everyone is poor together" and was still cool with it.

Obama is saying nothing different.

I end with this my brothers all of my brothers tonight... It may seem like I don't love but I do, I thank God for you...even Charles Barkley, even Lebron for we all God's children and in these brothers from Ryan Callahan to Brad Richards.....

We will win, by a landslide and we will not invoke Reagan we will not degrade Obama to do it.

The vision has been implanted long before this election ever started by folks like me putting in the ground work...

How can you tell, Tiffani?  How can you see past your own ego?

Good honest questions.

Today, Michelle Obama is in Dallas.  And at 1:41, a DJ on 97.9, an urban station that plays some of the song we are going to use today.

said folks with Masters degrees have doubled in the number of food stamps

folks with PhD's have tripled and 

had the audacity not to hope,

but had the audacity to take it to Michelle just like the Rangers did to Weaver,

and asked boldly on the air...........

What about that, First Lady?

Don't need to love Jesus or hate gay people to pay bills, conservative right..

We all God's children, and in America, we got one vision, to let each and every man and woman define their own existence........

The work and the votes are already done, so Mitt Romney, put on your Isley Brothers and smooth sailing...

I got folks on Michigan Ave in the Chi'.... saying Y'all Republicans, y'all just want to somebody to earn something, I can dig that, but them teaparty ;)....

And if that ain't enough to make you say Have Mercy.......... this country is going to be allright

Maybe this will have a great game tonight, and Mr. Bean.. I know its hard for you not to focus on everything, but I ask that you take this time and put in your memories.... OKC ain't Dallas, San Anton aint Dallas, but its I-35... the pipeline that keeps this nation afloat...

Last story, God reads this and screams Tiffani I told you all no calling no games this year.....

I tell him for real, I didn't call anything, I just want moments to be cherished.  I'm leaving you know I'm going to miss my nephews and my daily suga.. I just want everyone to cherish it and when you so intense you can miss it.......

God relaxes and says oh....

And I say God all I am saying is ...

It is a vision and a will that will keep the GOP
It is a vision and will why he meant to be champ G
Because his heart has started to pound and he's ready to get down 
(So) Believe! Believe!

And God Laughs.. He knows it took awhile for this song to grow on me...

[Hook (x4):]

My God give your Mercy
Just trying to talk through Kobe
To show conservs fo sho yo
Dont need hate to win see?

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
When that puck hits the floor
Devils say we gonna wake
 Rangers say boy please, we'll make your icing cake
Brodeur says time for class, don't be late
Devils got a need, thats what DeBeor say
N Ye, N Je, baby banging that on  playoff ice today way
Them Rangers  shed some blood for this pay day
Clarkson shakes his head, say y'all dreams on lay way
IIlya and Bryce debating, trying to get some Palin ice from AK
Brad saying nah we got this, aint no fearin’
John T. say we 'have chuuurch get to Wailin
Because tonight, its in Ranger Nation’
It's hell, we wear the D, so we coming to melt your rink in


My God Bless this ice please
Just trying  to talk through truth Jerseys
To show pundits fo sho yo
Dont need hype to win see?

It is a vision and a will that shows who does believe
It is a vision and will that shows who champs G
Because they  heart has started to pound and they ready to get down 
(So) Believe! Believe!


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
It’s game time, no yellow back, a blue damn eyesore
Its gamtime e, its green backs, old dudes saying we back yo
Harden say we Metta Peace, but I ain't forgot though
Derek repping blue, getting in on the bench end
Sergio say all I hit is ball money
Pao say brother take it from me
Brand Elton say rewind Ms. T
Evan T says you best respect the real Phillies
Kobe say i'm turning rings into a wrist
Kevin say my stats, that Beantown exorcist
Westbrook, Prince Baby He's a Star
Andre on sixer time, I got defense
Paul say We don't mince
Rajon sets assist here Son
with that frosting that make Bynum shake
Durant say Doodle Jump y'all got me bent
No matter yo, each coast, it's gametime yo!
The team with vision will overcome though

My God Bless this court please
Just trying  to talk through truth Jerseys
To show pundits fo sho yo
Dont need hype to win see?

It is a vision and a will that shows who does believe
It is a vision and will that shows who champs G
Because they  heart has started to pound and they ready to get down 
(So) Believe! Believe!

The Sgt's Truth will prevail, no man is the pastor, it takes the team, it takes all of us..

The teams who will tonight have vision, and will obey the law of team work, and rest happy men.

Have a great game and a great broadcast, Barkley and crew... No hate dudes, its all love...

Conservatives, either get on our page, or go to the other team.  This party was founded on unity and equality for all and NO ONE WILL FEEL OUTCAST ANYMORE that believes in American truths...

New truth From Sgt. Quintana tomorrow.
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