Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

I thought I had to work early all week.

Got there at 7am, no haps.

So I did my homework and I am going to write before going back to sleep for awhile before  my shift starts.

A couple of stories than I'm out.

First of all, let me say this there was  a typo with the lyrics with the rangers and devils, the end was supposed to have a reference to they said, in regards to the devils to suggest they said not me.

I don't have a pick in this NHL playoffs, the Bruins and the Capitols are gone who I really liked.  Sorry, the Capitols coached called it a day, but my Capitol brothers said No Worries Tiffani, his story wasn't in his stats, it was in his legacy and we were blessed to have him.  All I can say is amen to that.

Ted Kennedy comes to me last night, as I did watch 2 periods of hockey, it was very tight, seems like both of the goalies was blocking everything, and of  course, when I did turn off, the Rangers took the lead........

So I'm not really watching the games, although I did see Kevin Garnett, get robbed we'll get to that in a minute........

Ted comes to me and says

"Are you watching the game?"

"Man, you know damn well, I am not watching the game, I got this homework with this rat and this skinner box going on,  I have said my peace, metta got his peace, Ain't nothing for me to do, my vision is on saving this country, son..... Why are you of all people watching basketball anyway?

Ted is exasperated "Tiffani, turn on the game"

I'm feeling the same way "I'm not turning on the game, but I will check it on my phone because you bothering me right now, you know I read a chapter of The Forgotten Man every night..."

So I do.

and I see 68-98.

And I say "Ain't good enough....."

Ted gives met this note "God said to make you see the score and read this note right after"

What was in the note, we will get to.

Let me say a couple of things, Boston, Garnett you got robbed a call, the league can't afford Lebron not to be there, they biting their nails just as much as he is.  And although you did get robbed, those young dudes in Philly held their own.  If you all go into the Sixers house, thinking the officials won the game.  The rout that happened last night won't the only one.

Devils, from what I can tell, you all played a helluva a game for two periods, but you gotta pull it through, but once again, you have the give the Rangers their props, they brought it to you all and what can you do but respect it.

So to Boston, Philly, New Jersey, New York, I quote Rick Carlisle... It take a quad to beat a squad.  It ain't over by a long shot.

About the other game last night, first of Pao and Andrew didn't say talking about no high lows on the court, they didn't want to hear Kobe's rage.

Because they are tired of it, I understand the Thunder were hot, no doubt, had something to prove, but when you got two 7 foot grown ass men in the paint, 70% of the time, we should have seen some hard fouls, some blocks or something.

More than the Thunder won, and I am not taking anything from them.  I am not.  Not a Harden fan or Westbrook, but I like Durant.  I think he is a very honorable and unselfish dude that we are truly, truly blessed to have in the league.

More than the Thunder won, the Lakers quit before they ever hit the court.  And the two in particular that did are Pao and Andrew.  Because they know that they are the future of the Lakers and they tired of Kobe.  They tired of the rants as long as they are winning its cool.  But they realize this is the chance to end this and show without them getting most of the points........

the Lakers can't win.

There are two free agent signings that are the most important for the modern day Lakers....

Shaquile O'Neal who should have retired a Laker, damn who did what to do whom.


Derek Fisher.

This is not a discussion of basketball, there is a purpose to it.  When Derek Fisher came from the Jazz, everyone was like he is not all of that.  And although I don't know his daughter's? health now, I do not at time, his child was sick.  And I remarked to my friends, that's the killah, the Lakers need.

I can't even remember who were the other free agents at the time.  But I remember debating with  my friends about the merit of the trade or signing.  I said his baby's life is on the line.  That dude will murder everything on any court to ensure his child gets the treatments they need.

Over the years, that killah has covered the lack of aggression coming from the "bigs" with after Kobe, big shot...................after big shot.......................after big shot..............and got the nerve to throw in some defense, that would make Shawn Marion who should have won MVP, say that boy got D on it.

And for what, to be traded for a younger version of him, to a team who probably and didn't make the playoffs......

The stats ain't in the story.

Today, Obama is realizing his eviction notice is coming.  He got what he wanted in opposition, Romney, he got what he didn't expect folks like me backing Romney.

Because folks like me are Derek Fisher, we don't really give a damn about Romney, nothing personal.  We got lives on the line that are depending on us, to ensure a future for these babies.

So Today, Obama is taking from the Gingrich playbook which is scary and desperate and naive and taking the Bain issue right to Romney.  One I have ripped Romney on, myself.

And the world ain't talking about Game 1 with the Thunder, they want to know how the Lakers gonna respond Game 2 and how Romney is.

I can't speak for the Lakers for Kobe has brought a lot of this mess on himself, by being the spoiled, impetuous star that he is, Mike Brown shouldn't be fired because the Lakers know upstairs, the time for rebuilding has come sooner than later.  Kobe nor Magic can't be allowed to run the Lakers.

Mitt Romney don't run from the Bain issue, that is part of your truth. And you use it as such.

Tell them my daddy was the Secretary of Labor, I did work for these companies and I know the ends and outs.  Use it to your advantage to explain the Chase situation and how Dodd-Frank don't necessarily make it better.  Use it to explain what Hoover's during this "great depression" loves to talk about it biggest three mistakes were and make the connections to what Obama is doing now"

intervening in business, signing into a law a destructive tariff, well that was in Hoover's case, Obama is doing through the EPA back doors, California 18 wheelers not being allowed to idle for more than 5 minutes, is a direct threat to our food supply and our truckers...., and assailing the stock market.

Use those three points that History has shown Hoover did to make the economy worse.  Use those three points to show Obama is doing the same thing.

Show the world, that  you will not run from the tough business decisions you have to had to make in the past........

Show the world that you will not run now.

Well, that's it.

The note that God left simply said.  No new lessons today.  I like what I heard yesterday, to be fair give the other four teams some love.

I called God and said..........

It is a vision and a will that behold Mitt Romney
It is a vision and will why he meant to be champ G
Cuz his heart has started to pound and he will not back down
(So) Believe! Believe!

[Hook (x4):]
My God give your Mercy
Please show truth through jersey
To show that brother B.O.
We don't run, we walk see?

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
When that puck hit the floor
Phoenix say we aint gonna break
Adrian, Mikkell chopping blades today
Paul, Alex say time for kidnap son , say
O.E, said its time for Dre Day up in LA
LA, said you don't say, t we do this err’ day-day?
Dustin said bruh dude I shed some teeth for my LA
Jeff, Drew and Kyle said coytes standing in our way
Two Johnathan's debatin, who gets to fire the AK
King said please miss, some sad singin’
Mike S. sharping his skates for some maiming
All these dudes, showing Dedication’
To give us all some heat, The EPA say global warm in'

[Hook (x4):]
My God give your Mercy
Please show truth through jersey
To show that no 1-0 .
make us run, we walk see?

It is a vision and a will that will show who does believe
It is a vision and will that shows who the champ G
Cuz they heart has started to pound and they will not back down
(So) Believe! Believe!

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
It’s gametime, so step back, this here the black hole
Spurs we cause crazy problems like a turf toe
Tony Parker say I make widows of Desperate Housewives so
Lebron say man screw you, we ain't done in
Blake said Im that down homie
CP3 say this ain't no damn movie, money
Roy and Paul, they building Klout
But Tim just chucks, I'm a legend sonny
Boris will check your neck, Kawhi told me
Daniel's hands burnin, like U don is
DeAndre and Nick stealing bars
Foye he's gonna shine, Danny  no pretense
West got that right handed preference
Mario and Josh got Bosh absence son
This Round 2 so let the building shake
Let Mother Earth feel her inside grate
Leggo, all hype cuz its time to show
Who got the will the vision yo

[Hook]My God give your Mercy
Please show truth through jersey
To show no series is a forgo .
On what is won, we play  see?

It is a vision and a will that will show who does believe
It is a vision and will that shows who the champ G
Cuz they heart has started to pound and they will not back down
(So) Believe! Believe!

One man who has it, is a personality.

One team that has it, is a culture.

One team that wins because of it, are champions..............

Let us learn tonight from our brothers and see Sgt. Quintana's Truth as well God's.

It will take all of us to win our wars.

 It will not be decided over night.

But those who have the vision and will to believe.........

Will rest Happy Men.

God Bless all my brothers, and Barkley dude, Jordan covered Bird, Magic, and Barkely.

Kobe covered the next generation.....  No disrespect, baby, it's all love ;)

Have a great game, all my brothers and those who support them.

I love you all.

Time for a fifteen minute before I have to go to work ;)

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