Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

My computer erased my paper yesterday.  I have two ten page papers due Tuesday, 12 hour work days, and I'm tired admittedly.

I had some family members make some decisions that impact me and possibly my ability to leave and I'm upset about it.

So emotionally I'm drained as I saw some teams were last night.

I was very upset but not surprised at the Obama campaign for running Wright so early, but then again, they not the brightest campaign.

I was even more upset with Romney, who either has a stuttering problem and just can not give a straight answer for his life.

I thought about Romney fumbling through these questions about what he said about Wright and his inability to drive the conversation back to where it needs to be.........

I watched the season finale of Scandal last night, where the wife trumps Oliva Pope and cooks a scandal to save the Presidency.........

And I just took a breath.................and just said woo-sah ;)

for to have the vision is one thing, to have the will is another, but to be able to enforce and impose of the hearts and minds and spirits of men is another.

As we saw last night, it ain't easy being cheesy.........

When I was talking to 'Pac earlier, I did tell them (OKC) has to want it, to me when I looked at every single championship basketball team in the last 15 years.  Someone, that started drove the ball........

When I was talking to 'Pac about the East, I told him as he lived on the East coast, that is less about vision, than will and will involves stamina.

When I talked to 'Pac about hockey, same thing about stamina.........

All I am saying that just like everything else, it won't be no sweeps, no easy road.......

Because this is just a road of endurance for all of us, this year.

I am not going to comment on the heat until Tuesday because the Heat must find their own truth.

When I thought of what to say today, I thought about the finale of Scandal last night, and the wife gets on the girlfriend for breaking her husband's heart and leaving.


The issues of cheating and a young girl having an abortion allowed the President to regain his Presidency at the sacrifice of his own happiness.  His team took care of it because more than he, they need the power.

Scandals are going to continue to rock political elections until someone like me enters and says enough.  Cinnamon ain't gotta go on Good Morning America, she right here working for me....

My point is that if Mitt Romney like three of these basketball teams in particular and one hockey team dont find a way to endure and impose their will, the whole game.......

They will lose the series.

They will lose the battle.

They will lose the war.......

Those simply bees just the facts......

This will be the very last time a white man who is a baby boomer is ever nominated as a Presidential candidate for a long time............

This will be the last stand for some greats in hockey and basketball and football when Donovan McNabb realizes its over (told you all I don't miss anything).......

Those simply bees just the facts.

All of my brothers on every team before they play today and tomorrow and even you, Romney need to do some serious soul searching.

Either you wanna be right or you wanna win.  Either you wanna not take charges because you simply don't do that, either you wanna keep your jump shots going because its so pretty and not go the foul line......... either you wanna keep bitching at your coach when he's simply telling you what you won't listen to from father time, you getting old, man.........

Either you realizing that no good deed goes unpunished, and you screwed over your hometown, just to get screwed in a new one........... Either you going to fall apart because you feel short,

or you are going to say f*** it. f*** this

and do what needs to be done.

Champions step up, losers don't.........

And that's all it is to it.  If you ready to set down, if your tank out of gas, it is allright, but you will be pushed to the side.......

God looked at me, and showed me the bull this week, and I was upset...... I asked him God why would those around me do some stupid s*** like that, I'm leaving, I gotta go, I am going to go.......why man, and I'm trying to finish school and every last week of the term, It's chaos......."

God says "My will, so find a way"

I go back to the studio and I'm telling Jesus what's up........ and me and my team, the mood is tight.......  this ain't television, we don't need the white house wife to break down the game..... we are the game........

I'm so tired, I'm hurt, I gotta go to work soon......, I could settle for B's in my classes but I'm pushing for A's, I don't want to write, but I have to impose my will and my vision on this election... for my country's sake... And I just start to pace the room, and Jesus puts on this track, the instrumental and we just rock in the room for at least 50 times... just letting the beat and the energy, dictate,............. and finally I said...........




Hook X2

Leading like a zit cuz just some damn bumping
You can't run s*** if you don't win something
My J these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, My J these beez the facts
My team aims to hit, you can't see us coming
We make  NWAs go 100 miles and running
My J these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, My J these beez the facts
And Jesus pushes me.......stops the playback... like okay, here we go....... sometimes they tell the story, sometimes they need to know how you show my dad's glory....  Then asks " Why you stop"?  hits playback......

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Man, these just here facts
Man, so what there is loss
You hit figueroa met  Kobe's 12 inch sawed off
This game just here see G
  Change damn some hoping
Because last night Andre f***** damn groping
Clarence Carter type strokin'
Time to rise no choking
Got a taste of your own in your mouth, your spirit is broken?
  I'm Josh Hamilton Bats
  That Fat Joe Lean back
Told Ryan Carter no sticks, we'll use his bat ;)

Hook X2

Leading like a zit cuz just some damn bumping
You can't run s*** if you don't win something
My n**** these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, My J these beez the facts
My team aims to hit, you can't see us coming
We make every NWA go 100 miles  running
My n**** these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, My J these beez the facts
Beez in the track, NHL/NBA remix.
Written by Tiffani. E. Mims Pending ASCAP approval...

I'll be back tomorrow can't go to church because I got two papers to write on a partial off day.

Sometimes, you have to give everything today, just to make a tomorrow.

These beez the facts

Play like it, win like it.

The game ball goes up, the game puck goes down...........

Game Time!
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