Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

I know it seems like I'm disjointed at times, I am not.

I am just one person.

This is the book of sacrifice, I have to give up, sleep and sanity, just to finish up but I am determined to finish my education this year....

Anyway, for my country folk, I got Keith.. no worries.

For Sgt. Quintana, I got his interview and the next person after that.

But we still on Sgt. Quintana's first lesson.

Romney ain't our pastor, but on a larger scale, no man is our Savior, not on this side of the metaphysical plane.

Let's see what team understands today.

Let's start off with a story.

I was at work yesterday, I worked 12 hours, 9 to 9 and around 9:30 after God read my post, he came to see me, sat beside me at work.  I usually see God in dreams, but in reality when he chooses to make his presence known, I feel his energy.  

God sits and puts something in my lap, I feel it, but I don't see it.  Feels like a newspaper. 

So I look on the phone and I review Kobe's performance and baby boy, sure enough tried to take a charge.........

And I have to stop work and I just cried........  I cried.............

And God held me there and rocked me for I didn't have long before I had to get back to work.

I don't think like a man because I ain't one.....  I ain't ashamed to cry.

God says "He is starting to listening but he still got a ways to go."

And I reply "I know but he's trying and that's all I can ask of any man, because that's all I can ask of anyone........"

So Kobe Bean Bryant, I am not giving you a game ball at all, I am giving you applause and respect and a simple I am proud of you.........  I am proud of you for trying and giving your all, the reason why I can't give you the game ball we will mention .

Chris Paul, who has amazing eyes, OMG!, anyway......... told his teammates, not after yesterday's game, told his son, in front of the media, "Daddy didn't make the shots".  He didn't offer the fact that he's hurt, Blake's hurt who I have learned to really appreciate his talents especially on the defensive end and that team, Evans everyone.

I digress.

He didn't offer no excuses, he taught his son something that is sorely missing in the league, in black masculinity, in American masculinity.........


Chris Emmanuel Paul , which by no accident means God with us in his middle name..........

Young Man, Strong Man...........

 Game ball,

the stats ain't in the story, baby the story is in the glory.........

You are setting the tone for a team that will set rain to the fire for years to come.  You are making your son, a man, a husband, a father, a citizen that we all can depend on and for that dear sir........

I am ..............................


The next game ball goes to Brad Richards of the New York Rangers.............

Brad don't have all the fancy stats, he ain't the fastest skater, don't have all the hat tricks or the behind the legs moves that I like to see on sportscenter.  It is amazing what those players do, I can't skate two feet....

But just like Elvis Andrus of the Rangers, when it comes down to crunch time, he always just ...........


He always just...................


I read burnside's article this morning on about him and Glenn Healy says........

Brad got that vision...............

Have Mercy this Sunday Morning.........

God's truth through my brothers of all colors.......

Swift Man, Clutch Man, Strong Man

Amen! Amen! Amen!

two more and we are wrapping up.

Kenny Smith and Dr. Shaquile O'Neal

I watched the discussion last night about Lebron and I won't touch it except for to say this, these two men have rings on their fingers...........

Let me repeat these two men have rings on their fingers that say championship.

These two men have played with some of the greatest players of all time, Hakeem, Kobe, themselves in their own right so they know the promised land.

But they had the courage to say to Chuck and the nation what needs to be said.

I quote "That's the job he signed up for"  Kenny....

There are no excuses.........ladies and gentlemen.  When Sgt. Quintana got that Purple Heart, when our soldiers lay down their lives and give their all, their fellow soldiers don't get to say Chris down, Wade hurt, our bench short..

They find a way to Brad Richards........

They find a way to deliver and they are playing for more than a ring and a championship on their court.

Thank you dear sirs for that.

Grown Men, Strong Men


Last Ball, to a real soldier.........

George Popovich which went to the Air Force Academy who served in the Air Force...........

to showing us the truth we are going to discuss about Kobe, Gasol and Kevin and why Shaq earned his own game ball............

down by 24 points, wasn't no move that I thought was the play of the game.

It was the coach of the year, who got rings, who can sit down and chill and  say boy they got us today, we'll get them tomorrow, don't want Tim or nobody getting tired.........

Up jumping, mad as hell.........

Letting every member of his team know, this here.......... what y'all doing right now, AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH. 

I know Coach P, I can't offer you nothing as meaningful as Distinguished Graduate from the Academy..........

But I offer you this ball, for teaching us and showing us the truth in your manhood, in your truth......

We need you not for the plays you draw up, or the matchups you create, we need you for the moments you showed yesterday.........

Your soul told the truth in the moment of crisis..........

It said Solider.

Solider Man, Strong Man.........


One more, sorry, I just thought about it

Andrew Bynum................

All this man did was be a damn center.................

All this man did was be a damn center...............

Whose work ensured a ten point lead the first half.

And didn't get one pass, one play in the second half...........

And after the loss, didn't bitch, didn't moan, didn't say anything but be gracious...........

Baby Boy, I didn't think much of you, when you came in the league,

but last night, Andrew.......... I saw a player turn into a champ,

the stats wasn't in the story, the truth was in your glory.

You will be the future of the team.

Tall Man, Gracious Man, Strong Amen.

A Game Ball, and a hug, a plantonic kiss on the forehead that I can never reach.

I am so very proud of you........We all are..... Amen, baby boy.

God and I watched the game last night as I was writing my paper.  I was focused on one person, Kevin Durant's mama.  She loves her son, and she's energetic.  I saw her worry when Dallas was coming close.  She's a black woman who my words bother her when interferes with her son.  She knows her talent.

God says "You ain't gonna watch?"

I reply "Man, you know I got work to do, I am watching the game, the truths of souls will be revealed soon enough..."

God says " My n****" pats me on the shoulder and leaves.

What did we see?

Kevin Durant if you notice has only been openly emotional in one game and that was against Dallas.  Westbrooke is, Harden gotta decide when he is going to show up, but Durant even last night when agitated wasn't.

When God left,  Biggie Smalls who never visits stopped by....  I am surprised.

Biggie is a direct man, he asks what you think, the Lakers seem to have it.

I shake my head and say...........nah......

Look at Kevin, ain't no panic.  He don't want to win.  He don't want a championship, he does, but that ain't what he's wanting.......

And Biggie says, I knew you was crazy, what you saying? Yo, he wanna win.

I say no, never looking up for my paper, he wanna be the closer.

He want Kobe's title.

He got to express his will on Kobe's floor.

He walks up, takes the shot,  makes the shot and walks away.

Kobe took position, takes the shot, fell short and blamed others.

Gasol had the ball, had the shot, passed the ball and fell on the sword.

I told Biggie....... I said your moms is smart, Hell you smart, you know what I'm saying, on them streets you was on, when its time to get down, some dudes just ain't made for shoveling, some are.

He nods... Says he gotta go back and check on his babies.

You see my point.

Kevin don't want just a ring, he don't want no scoring titles, he got three.

He wants to the man everyone knows is going to get the ball, walk up the shot, take it and walk away and that title until last night.........belonged to Kobe Bean Bryant.

Kobe, you headed for a time, where you are going to be without basketball, where you are going to have to be a father and maybe a husband again. and you are going to have to tell your babies the truth because I know you had some strong parents.

Sometimes, that sure shot, becomes a sometimes shot and then they don't trust you to make the shot at all.

You had a good thing going with Bynum, you took the ball in your hands, and there is no need to blame Mike Brown, or Gasol.

For you have created a culture in LA where your words gets players fired, traded as well as coaches.

You fell short.  Kobe. 

Kevin Wayne Durant just took your job last night,  and you've had it since Jordan.........

Last point.

Shaq remarked as a big man, he would have taken that shot last night that Gasol didn't.

You know why because that's Shaq's soul.  It is why I don't really like Non-American system players in the league in the big position.  It is what makes Tim Duncan so special this year.

The fundamental flow of play is not aggressive.

In America, sports is more than a game, it is an expression of culture. 

Garnett, Ewing, O'Neal, Chandler, Deng, Roy from Indiana, even Perkins, I am just rattling off of my head, Dirk last year would have taken that shot and planted his testicles on Sergio's head just to show will...........

There is no need to blame Gasol because that has never been him and it is unfair to expect him to be anything but he's not.  Had Kobe made the shot we wouldn't even be having this convo.

So Mama Durant, there is no need to be seen on camera being upset over the calls about your son, one day someone is going to be sitting in your seat mad at the calls your son getting.

Kevin don't want to win, He wanna be the closer.

Kevin can't get props yet, because he still got lessons to learn, starting with the Spurs taught us all, they didn't come back doing anything different, they came back doing what they always do........

And after this incredible comeback, Manny G. says, we gotta get ready for tomorrow because we don't want to be the first in history to lose no 3-0 series.......

Because Manu G. know

Leading like a zit cuz just some damn bumping
You can't run s*** if you don't win something
these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, these beez the facts
You can't lay no bricks, and do no damn pointing
  Closers make NWA go 100 miles and running
  these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, these beez the facts

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Okay let me put this s*** beautiful al green simply
  Them spurs didn't win  nifty, Rangers was simply gritty
No new happenings, just steady mobbin'
No new shenanigans, same ole thinkin  '
Because following your truths, seals the deal period
It wasn't pretty was like them brothers called Ricky
To see that ass get jacked by that Trini they call Timmy'
Aint no need to fuss because Brad got your rink ice meltin'
Cause Kevin saw his shot, like c notes see Franklin
Greg P' showed yall, coach of the year arousal
viagra that should make folk today defend the houses
Cuz here some killahs on deck perusal
For Game made the hell up like Dr. Doogie Howsier

Leading like a zit cuz just some damn bumping
You can't run s*** if you don't win something
these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, these beez the facts
You can't lay no bricks, and do no damn pointing
  Closers make NWA go 100 miles and running
  these beez the facts, these beez the facts
These beez the facts, these beez the facts

Beez in the Trap (NBA/NHL remix) verse 2

Written by T.E. Mims Pending ASCAP approval.

Whatever you got on your team, you got.  Either you got the vision or the will or both, or you don't.

Don't turn on your brothers when time is down.

Don't be afraid to be pay the card, when you enjoy all the credit.

Sometimes, its your time,  Sometimes it ain't

And these beez the facts.

There are no favorites  in this house.

Just Facts.

putting the puck down and the game ball up...........

and moving out of the way...........chaos is coming ;) 

And Tim Duncan, my brother in law is from Trinidad, so no disrespect....... :)
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