Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Game 2 Interludes)

I wasn't feeling well last night, so it took a very long time for me to get up this morning.

So I am going to be short but sweet.

Game ball to David West from the Indiana Pacers, why?

Because as soon as they won they game, he said get off the court and there is no need to celebrate.

The story wasn't in his stats, the story was in his leadership..............

Young Man, Strong Man.


The Spurs and the Kings remind of John Boehner, some would call slow, some would call methodical, but all call thorough...........

Let's think about that when we watch these games tonight.

Well the men on the teams now start to see
For they ball, with a view and a will that now serve as guns
But now is time to get down, because the champion begins to sound
The bugle of the throne is ready to prime, who gonna take the next step
The team that believes will now become boulder

[Verse 3: Kanye West]
Now its time to step your game up
Aint no time for groupies on the team bus
Yeah the last game you'd go ahead and forget
Because Baby Boys only time that matters is the present
You'd better look them all in the eye and say itt
That my stick and my game you call my d***”
Time up for the bassline for opponents hearts to treble
Because real champs knows its lil john #the next level
Aint no need to worry about what they last did
You'd better find aunt jemima down home grit
Better be ready to crack it open like them ranchs jolly
Your A game is needed or go home sunnyi
Or get  your ass burned #tanladybody
I can't say no names its time for you to rise G
Because Champs know winning as important
As the security in the Chi for the Nato Summit

For two days, we let 6 groups of teams decide their own fate.

There is no teams, no names.

The men who wear the jerseys

Will tell the story.

And that's a reason to say

My God have Mercy

 * putting the puck on the ground, throwing the ball in the air... *

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