Monday, May 7, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Interlude)



I apologize that I have not written.  For those who may not know, I was in a very abusive marriage and I have been having some unnerving communication with my ex.

I am also a victim of identity theft that has been enduring it for fifteen years without any help from federal, state and local authorities.

And the closer it gets to me leaving Dallas, the more the threats to my personal safety are becoming real.  And I have not been able to write so I apologize.  My mind is just been on every thing but writing because me moving is becoming a real safety issue.

So what I have decided to do because I am missing the playoffs, is to take one question from my interview with Sgt. Felix Quintana each day, and do that with each interview, along with the word from scripture each day and a truth about one series in the NBA and the NHL.

I apologize again.

Let me just say this to Mark Cuban and the Mavericks.

You know what's hell?

The more you realize as the more you go through, that you had a chance to win and did not.

Mark Cuban, this is Dallas.  You know the city that through Jerry Jones and our season ticket purchases defined FREE AGENCY, we made FREE AGENCY.  and you think we don't under collective bargaining agreements?  I grew up in a church with a credit union.......  This is the land of corporations, this is the land of commerce.

Long before you got here love...............

We all understands fiscal restraints, that why Jerry can pay the luxury tax, raise ticket sales and we don't say a word........

When I was drafting the post, I am working on now, as this stress issue, has me sleeping a lot more than I do.

I was going through Sgt. Quintana's interview, trying to see where I want to start.

And one thing stuck with me, he said when he was earning his purple heart, he made it through because he realized that he is not alone.

Deron Williams is not coming to Dallas.  Because he is from Dallas.  And he knows growing up here, the Dallas Mavericks have the same fundamental problem.  The refusal to acknowledge the center position.

No disrespect to Deron, but you got Delonte, hell you got Roddy, but your center position needs to be vastly upgraded and Dirk, long term needs to be started to be phased out.  I love Dirk, he is a warrior, he is what the NBA should represent, but Dirk nor Jason Kidd can't hang no more.......

You made a decision, Mark Cuban when you asked Tyson and the rest of that championship group to not acknowledge their efforts so you could beat the New Jersey Nets owner on who can write the biggest check.  Own it.  You wrote this season off before it started and now you and Dallas Morning News trying so valiantly to save belief in your organization......... because you didn't anticipate how offended this city would be.  We don't take anything for granted.

Delonte belongs here, and if you don't sign him.  Every player in the league will ask the same thing, we ask of you, what does one have to do to get Mark to sign him. Because heart, honor, culture and defense don't matter.

Every team that is left in the playoffs, NOTICE NONE GOT SWEPT BUT  YOU, MARK.

Even the ones on the verge of elimination, has the CULTURE OF DEFENSE, not of shooting.

From Los Angeles, as Gasol and Bynum are now just as comfortable with defense, as Duncan and Parker, as Ibaka , he got room to grow...., as I know as the Clippers or even Memphis as I watched them this weekend, as the Celtics (who I refuse to comment on, but loves you know, my green crush lives on...*big smile*) to Indiana, to the 76'rs, to even the Heat.

The culture of defense............runs strong.

When Sgt. Quintana was risking his life for his country, he said his strength lied in the fact that he was not alone..........

You don't believe in defense Mark, if you don't fundamentally understand how to defend a championship by even signing Chandler to a minimum deal and  you knew he wanted to say.........

You'll never grasp what God is trying to tell you until its five six seven years before you get another ring.

Sgt. Quintana was not alone on the battlefield.

Deron don't want to be either.

He from here.  He knows the same things with the Mavs have been going on for almost 15 years, Mark.....

you'll never sign a center worth something in regards to honor, and heart of a championship as the center sets the tone of a team, he sets the tone of the paint.

You live in Dallas, baby, me Deron, Kenyon, Chris Bosh, them type of folk, from here..........

We play like it.

Tomorrow, we are going to one question from Sgt. Quintana and address Mitt Romney honestly.

Sorry, y'all I had to go through some things this weekend. 

I'll choose the teams from the NHL and NBA tonight for tomorrow's highlight as I am watching all the games now.  I am not grasping everything with hockey, but I am recognizing some great games and having fun.

8am post tomorrow.  Meditate on that Mark.  not said out of Malice.  God told me to tell you.

Learn how to sit where the owners sit and stay out of these players face knowing you not going to give them a job and let Carlisle start making changes on the floor......
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