Friday, May 11, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice Just a note

Hello America,

Of course today since I am having to work a 13 hour day, I am having technical support.

Let me just say this.

This election will not be turned into a battle of Ann Vs. Michelle, both are entitled and empowered very wealthy women at this point, how they got there is of no consequence.  They are not running for office.

Ann Romney please watch yesterday's episode of scandal.  The link is to the right....

Understand that I am Oliva Pope without the attraction to your husband.

Mitt does not need to be likable, this is not American Idol.

He needs to be strong, stoic and somewhat disconnected because his only chance is to say I can make the hard choices and fire and clean up this vastly increased federal payroll that Obama has created.

Mitt is your husband, he is supposed to be friendly to you, BUT HE WILL HAVE TO FIRE FOLKS... and that's all we need to focus on.

It seems that the future of LA is the hands of three cities tonight,

Dallas, well Arlington in the hands of The Texas Rangers, Memphis and Denver...........

We shall see what truths we learn tonight.

I want all of you to watch scandal for this reason even if just this one episode.

All it takes is a touch, one minute of connections for people's lives to change.

All it takes is one moment, one decision to decide to cover up a secret.

And it those moments that are killing this country.

The only way this mess will stop is for politicians to stop being this fairy tale and be who and what they are.

So the honest analysis of Mitt will continue because as thePURPLE HEART SGT. QUINTANA said.

We ain't electing him to be our friend, Ann, that's your man.

He is simply here to lead for four years until we can get someone in who can afford for all of their business to be out.............

That's it, that's all.

Tonight, we will grit, will and simplicity.  on the baseball diamond and on the court.

Culture or Personality.

We'll discuss the answers tomorrow.
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