Monday, May 21, 2012

The Book of Sacrifices Chapter 9

Hello America,

I didn't go to church yesterday and I didn't watch the game.

Saw some of the first basketball game, none of hockey

Congrats to the San Antionio Spurs, briefly because you far from done.

My dad sent me the text and the gist of the Pastor's sermon yesterday.

For the Pastor and I are on the same roads, in July we are both out.

He is going to a new church home, I have to leave Dallas.

I gave my word, I honor my word.

I keep certain people around because they are in the streets.

They let me know what the people are saying.

And they say the system we know as America is over, that regardless of who wins, that there are two sides.

A Non-American one that has a lot of black folk in it, but not solely, and an American one that has a lot of white folk in it, but not solely.

I know leaders from both sides, they are ready because the hate and what's at stake has come to a head.

The only reason it has not started because they are folks behind the scenes like myself who are working so hard to keep the peace.

I want this year to be like last year, where we can pop s*** and sing some rap songs and have fun.

But its not.

There are lives and countries at stake.

Tonight is the fight of four legacies... three established, the celtics, the lakers, and the sixers, and one that is trying to assert will in the thunder.

The Eastern battle is built on respect as the Pastor took from Matthew Chapter 13 and asked what soil do you have?  What are surroundings are your roots in?  Because this is playoff basketball and hockey, the root is where its at.

The devils and the rangers have respect for one another.

The celtics and the sixers have respect for one another.

The thunder have respect for the lakers.

But the lakers can't see past their own egos.

Somebody in all of our lives is going to whop...........



don't have to be politically, or on the court, or concern a purse ;)

But this is life.........

All this lying about bad things don't ever happen is lie, because when we don't pay attention and heed God's words..........

He finds a way to get you to pay attention.

There is a war going on our rinks and our courts and in our souls tonight.

There is nothing pretty about it.

It is a matter of vision, and will and who has the strength and the stamania to believe........

These beez the facts.

That's it......

Tonight, five very storied sports legacies and one that is writing theirs will tell the story.

I will not talk about the heat today, Big Ups Phoenix for believing.

But these men tonight will write the lessons we all will draw from as a bigger battle appears.

Whose side am I on in this civil war that's brewing in this country?

Neither folk like me restore law and order at all costs and if it means, checking folks from both sides to do so...........

So be it.

These children that are learning from the legacies they see tonight, will have a nation to write their own destinies in.

Throwing up the game ball, putting down the game puck............

and getting out of the way, chaos is coming!

Legacies are being formed, written, and ended today.
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