Sunday, May 27, 2012

The message is simple.  The pastor said today that the attention today is not about just the soil, we must be mindful of the weeds that we have in the yard.

Tonight, the game is about setting pace for the series, but one of the thing that we will see amplified tonight and tomorrow we will start to see weeds emerge.

It is not about someone being mad or malicious on the team, it is about being pushed to breaking point, mentally and physically, and responding the wrong way.  Not staying focused on the game in a productive way.

We all go through it, not about the Spurs or Thunder....

It is about life, it is about us.

So let's just sit back and examine the yard that is the series that is to start Sunday and Monday...

And then we'll examine the weeds.

Out of respect for Memorial Day.

I don't want to disrespect this Sunday.

So for those who ensure Freedom Aint Free, Liberty ain't Cheap, and Democracy requires a different Down Payment.

Thank You,


Let them see why this interstate runs the West.

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