Friday, June 1, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 17)

Hello America,

I could not write yesterday as I gave God my word that I would let him lead my words.  And my disdain for the acts of David Stern through NBA officiating and the false empowerment of Dwayne Wade's game attitude schwagg or whatever word the young people use today, had me aggravated.

The younger version of me probably would have found some rap song, and  let these two, well Mr. Stern in particular, have it, with some pretty hot lyrics.

But I'm older now, and part of experience is the cost of growth.

I don't write lessons for me to tell you about yourself.......

It doesn't work that way,

God tells me lessons for all of us to learn including me.

Starting and ending with me.

So Jesus and I and my friend from back in the day Tracy Chandler, rest in peace, baby boy, always never forgotten..........

we watching the celtics game.

We see the first non call come just when the celtics are getting momentum had they been leading by ten before the half it would have been a wrap mentally.

Lebron is tired.  Wade's knees show up when they want to.

Lebron's back shows up when it has to.

I don't even bother to watch the rest of the game.  I am pissed.

I am aggravated.

Not because of the possible trade of Pierce to the Lakers, son, really?  You know the moment Kobe gets pissed, he in your face, you in his showing up what Inglehood really means ;)

Not because of my crush of Kevin Garnett, he doesn't need a Celtic uniform for me to be enthused.

It is because of Rajon Rondo.  I saw a play game 1, that made me think of one of the greatest point guards of all time.... Isiah Thomas.  I grew up in the 80s, and to me, he was the Walter Payton of basketball............  just sweet with his... now those too tight short left a lot to be desired. but to me he moved like a dolphin in the waters called the paint, never dropping a sweat.

Rondo faked out one player and gently layed that ball up there........

And I told whomever, I was watching the game with.......

that is beautiful basketball.

I knew then this man was meant to be great.

So after the game, I went to God and I told him, I need a favor, well two.

God asked what they were.  I said I cannot write today.

God asked "Why?"

I said because I need the Thunder to teach the nation and in particular David Stern a lesson, and I know it ain't fair,  I love Timmy, he's growing on me, he had his babies in his lap before the game, Me and Stephen Jackson and Coach P, baby its some nasty stuff going on ;)

But they vets.......

I need the Thunder to roll tonight.

God again asked "Why?"

because Rajon has to learn like I did, that when you meant to be the one, when you meant to be the one to take the Kings crown and probably where it on places, I don't think were meant for the children to see.

You are taken through more.

And when you learn to shutup about it, those around will fight for you.

I can't write today God, Sgt. Quintana said on the battlefield, we are not alone.

I have to abide by his words.........

I gave my words to do so.

Take this post, and throw it away, it ain't right, God.

It ain't right............

God sits and is quiet for awhile...........

He says then if that is the case.  You can't write for the other series Friday are you cool with that?

I say for my brothers to learn from the Job's friend like in the bible, the youngest having the most wisdom,

I say I'll gladly make that sacrifice.........

take my pen, take my pad.


I can't write today.  I do have game balls for all this week, including Hockey but I gave God my word, I can't write for basketball today.

So all you can do Celtics and Heat for that matter is show your souls.  I saw some things in some Heat players for good and for bad.  I saw the same in the Celtics.

The announcer said after the celtics game, that's what league fears is Rondo with a shot.

And the officials called it like that to, not out of fairness but fear for if the heat do not win this year, this farce of made up hype will fall on its head.

So Rajon this is not about you, this is about Bird, Jordan, Garnett, all the yappers who have ever played who know I am that goood,  I am that great.......... and I don't mind letting you know from day one I am.

Because what David Stern is doing to the league in officiating with the Miami Heat in particular is turning the league into WWF and that affects the bottom line of jobs, and with the unemployment numbers that came out today, that means somebody's baby can't eat and we simply can't..............

have it.

So no more bitching about the calls, no more stares, no more commentary to the press.  We know before I even thought about writing Wednesday the wire was full of the blown calls.  The conviction of the umpire for the Miami/Dallas series is of public record and the fact that the Mavs didn't get a draft pick a sorry letter or anything is as well.

Learn from Last night, Rajon.

Learn from me.

One of the few people whose mouth is as big as yours.

When you shut up, and do your job.  Your team will fight those calls.

I know you are tired.

I just got a promotion, I got neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and abnormal psychology with 70 hours a week at 9.00 an hr.

I don't get the promotions I deserve all the time at my job.

My school gives me misinformation all the time resulting in this overloaded semester.


at the end of the day.

I pound my heart three times, and I look up and tell God thank you.


Because everything about being the greatest is bigger than those all around you.

Even your obstacles.

Stop bitching about it, and play through it.

Show the league why David calling officials and I'm calling Presidents, and Speakers......


Show that something special you feel inside.

So that Wade and David Stern in particular can know the One has arrived..........

because only the One can endure all of this and let his play dispute all bull.

The Thunder Rolled last night Rondo,

Either you are going to be a dude that yap alot and don't say or do s***

or you going to be the Greatest and uplift your brothers.

Your answer will be evident tonight.

Not about you, just God's truth to you.

Time to stop talking and staring and overcome, Baby Boy!

I know you tired, so what?

I know you exhausted, we need more.

God gave you the mouth for a reason, let your play back it up.

Sorry America.

Had to be said.  I'll be back tomorrow.

Rajon's heartbeat is all the song we get today.

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