Monday, June 4, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 19)- Red Auderbach edit

Red Auderbach woke me up early this morning as I didn't watch the game last night.

I watched Basketball Wives reunion and Single Ladies.

I didn't want to have an influence.........

However, Mr. Auderbach, took upon himself, to remind me make a clarification.

One team did win on the road last in OKC,

and two teams won at home, Oakland and Los Angeles.

So tonight is fair game............

So Boston, you really owe Mr. Auderbach a favor because he's a fiesty dude and being awaken by him at 6am after working the night shift ain't pretty.

Boston and Miami, you write your own destiny.

Hello America,

Good Morning....

We have a lot of ground to cover.

There will be some changes in post times.

I got this promotion a couple of weeks ago, and they sent out a message and it was plenty of people not just myself that they were having scheduling issues.  I have a pretty good schedule 9 to 6ish, always have Sundays off.

But I know that I am a single woman, no kids.... etc.

So without thinking, I offered to give up my schedule because I know others have children and day care is like bananas these days.  It is highway robbery...

So in the next month or so, I will start working the late or night shift.

Am I particularly happy about it?  No.

Did I make the right decision?  Hell yes.

For my co-workers are taking care of more than just themselves, and when you state that all of the nation's babies, you love and care for as your own.  Words ain't nothing, your actions need to dictate it.

It is in the most single of moments, in the matter of seconds, where you do not have time to access your executive functions, where your neural pathways go to where they have always known which some of us simply call instinct that show what is exactly in our yard.

I didn't make it to church yesterday.  I have been without my allergy medication and the migraines are killing me.... A lot different than the sinus headaches.  I finally got a partial day off yesterday, I work another 7 straight I think or 10 whatever.....  And I ran around and paid bills and went to sleep at 2, didn't wake up until 9.

However, the pastor who is approaching the last couple of sermons in his tenure at Good Street Baptist Church.  Who I pray everyday finds the strength to stay, but in who I understand if his spirit cannot....... still is on Matthew Chapter 13.........

We have talked about belief, and a vision.

Sgt. Quintana has talked about our role, and we are not alone.

And God has said, to find what is in your yard, identify the weaknesses in that yard........

And Now God said through the Pastor, it is time to identify what you value in that yard.

Sometimes, you don't always have weeds... You just have too much, everything is growing good, but the yard is bigger than the plants, grass, trees that are in it.  It has to flow as one.

What you value is reflected in what you keep and what you don't.

Let's think about that today.

Dustin Brown of the LA Kings was playing allright, but the thought of being traded motivated him to help a team who has never won a championship be two games from not needing no rap song to have a drink in its cup............

Obviously, he decided without thinking about it, because of his basic instinct that LA was home and if his performance needed to step up to warrant keeping a 900 zip code so be it.

Scott Walker decided that in order to save his state from fiscal collapse, he had to take a stand, a risky move that has cost the state of Wisconsin, the pride and respect and costs that it deserves....., but his basic instinct said if I don't my state will go broke and the death threats and infiltration of national politicians who don't give a damn about my state coming to start s*** they don't give a damn about.............  , well so be it.

Kevin Durant saw his team in trouble, saw a large lead dwindle down to four, and said I am trying to share so bad, but my brothers....... can't do what I can.  I have to risk folk calling me a ball hog, but his basic instinct said if I don't do something, my city won't have another game.......  so be it.

Elvis Andrus knows his team is being chased by the Los Angeles Angels, he knows they already lost two and Yu going through a losing streak as it happens at times, he knows that he is the pulse of his team, he saw a chance not to win the series, but to let the Angels know we fall down, we get knocked down, but by the grace of God, we get back up.......  despite of having errors in past four games, he didn't falter, his basic instinct said do what you do, and he did....... and brothers starting with Kinsler, grounded out, not getting no money for it, so his brothers could score.  He rose so that Nelson Cruz, which all know was more than 484 feet, and let his bat, the Angels, and the league know we faltered, but the doubt in this team, just like that ball flying in the air........out of be it.

Ray Allen knows his body is failing him, but he knows that his brothers need him.  He knows that his acts and playing can affect his free agent money and where he gets signed next year, but he knows his brothers.........need him now.  His basic instinct said..........  I gotta play and his hands said we VD baby, we be it.  I saw you looking at your hands Ray :).  His mind told his body that whatever comes later just do, but today, right now, I need you so be it.

For those who know this blog, the first book ever written was dedicated to John Boehner, who when pressed up against the wall is Captain America...... he has the amazing ability to prioritize.......and his trademark phrase is so be it.  He knows the domestic violence act Harry Reid has put ways in there to help more illegals get amnesty, but John knows the bigger battle is to get Reid out of there, as Reid has time to help illegals and Obama got time to write 5th graders permission slips, but neither has time to make up a BUDGET OF YOUR MONEY IN THREE YEARS.

I went and saw the Avengers this weekend.

I think it is a great movie.  I think that despite all of the older generation thinking that our nation is is not.  For whomever wrote that movie and whom they cast, knows that they are telling God's story and for that I say....thank you.

So let's review a couple of things, a quick song and I am going to let you all go.

I have to eat lunch before I start work.

In the movie Captain America, was frozen, and the other Avengers felt like he was out in regards to culture, but in the he does what a captain always does........organize talent, instruct us where best our talents are used, that's what good coaches do.

The Hulk isolated himself , even tried to kill himself, to not tap into anger, but had no choice but rise when Lowkey? told him to bow.......if you see the movie, the Hulk explained to him in terms that even non-English people can understand, that he bows to no one but God.

Thor could not kill his brother Lokey but he understood in his basic instinct, that he and his brother nor their world belong here and he was willing to go back where he belong.  For this is not the land of Greek demagogues.   This is America, the land where the God of all rules.........

Ironman, who I think is fitting is played by Robert Downing, Jr. an actor in one of my top ten movies of all time less than zero, had to learn that, when it is time to put your ass on the line because you are the only one who can, ain't no time to say goodbyes.......I love you, nothing, it is only enough time to be the one..... But he did and because of that God sent him back with a new appreciation for Captain America and those who sacrifice openly.......... Great Sexy the way!  I love it.

But the only woman in the group, the Black Widow, went to the villan, and tried to make a deal for just her friend, I forgot his name.  She mentioned that she was Russian, she was used to regime change, just wanted she and her boy to be allright.  And the villain told her truth she needed to hear, he told her that he knew all of her dirty and when he got through using her homeboy, he was going to make him kill her just as painfully as she killed others....

He told her there is red on your ledger.......

The last person was the professor who even in his wrong mind, knew what he was doing was wrong and built a way for America and mankind.  In his worst hour, his brilliant mind, his basic instinct, said I know I can't stop what's happening now, but I can build an outlet for when that chance produces it self........ all of these characters said so be it.

So when the Black Widow realized that no matter how many battles were won, the war could not be, she in that moment became an American, for she told Captain America.......

I need to go do what I got to do.  He asked her if she was sure.  She didn't have no weapons and out of the avengers she didn't have what the men did.  She said yes........ Because it ain't nobody else to do it, and somebody has got to do something..........

In that moment, she became an American because in that moment she realized that her life, her purpose, her actions affected more than herself.  And because she had the opportunity to do it and others didn't, whether it cost her life or not.........her basic instinct said so be it.

What do you value in your yard, Devils, Kings, Thunder or Celtics, Wisconsin, America?

What do you value?

I know we want remove the world of bullies and bad things, but can't you see God's truth in what the movie was trying to tell you, the Black Widow, as the fundamental corruption that is plaguing our country, starts and will end with our women had to do some bad things to get that red on her ledger, the blood on her hands, to give her the motivation to save her nation that she until then felt no part of , to spend her lifetime trying to wipe it off.

To reach her moment with God, to simply hear, Servant, well done.......... Rest.

So yes, Lebron, that may have been a shady call, but you should have been out in the 4th quarter, Paul Pierce, baby you playing Duke's finest, you know that Duke players knowing how to take a charge, like Don Magic Juan know how to pimp......

You all are two teams, that don't like each other, that are fighting your teams dismantling if you don't win.......

But it wasn't the calls Lebron, it wasn't the crying Rondo, hard to call it crying when you get 99.9 of the calls, the man that decided the truth of that game


Dewayne Tyrone Wade, Jr.

not because he missed the shot, but because he chose to not win the game by bumping into Daniels.....which he does well, and win by free throws or at least tying..........

He chose the glory.

He valued himself over the team because the Miami organization has made Lebron the head and face of that team undeservedly, all Wade has done has been patient, got major free agents to come, lead the only team to have a ring, and Pat Riley and don't even play his theme music when he come into practice, it's Lebrons jams that hit the rotation.  (I keep telling you all I don't miss anything ;)          )

He valued the glory of himself than that of his team because his team has made it clear they don't value him.

And I'm not dogging Wade, I love Wade, he is on my Lil Scrappy List....... Just an all around hustler...... not the prettiest shot, not the swiftest game, but he comes home to Gabrielle Union with a pocket full of game and a "I just got it.......dont ask me s*** else" when prompted where he got it from...... ;)

My point is who and what we value affects us all.

So we have talked about the players, the coaches, the fans, but now I ask the organizations........

Of the Spurs, the Kings, The Thunder, The Devils, The Celtics, and The Heat..........

and of the state of Wisconsin.

Who you value?  What you value?

Will dictate who Wednesday Morning.........

I will write about.

Just like Ron Washington did with the Rangers, I am not going to holla or curse, or keep you long.

I simply just put the question God wants answered.........

What do you value?

Because there are only so many plays, so many voting commercials that you can come up with...........

And when all that's gone, your basic instinct will show that truth.

Somebody in the next two going to defend their home........ and somebody is going to find out what happens when you don't.

So organizational your players and  your coaches what you value.

So Wisconsin voters, show your nation what you value.

Throwing up the game ball, putting down the game puck and opening up the door at the polling place.........

Truth has to have room to enter.

Have a great safe game, all of you all, you know I love you.  And Wisconsin, I love you whatever truth you tells us.  And Gov. Walker, you know as always I gotcha back.

 And No Pelosi, Clinton renigged.... The woman who will avenge this nation, ain't in your political loop.  It ain't Palin, it ain't Clinton, its me.

Because the red on my ledger, God has allowed to amass, has ensured that I will in order to pay my debt to the this nation, die for it, publicly, socially and fiscally and that's something neither one of you three nation can or will do.

No kids, no husband. Nobody else to affect.  You see my point?  2016, will be a serious meeting in the Ladies Room, TRUST.

Until then Value today, Speaker Pelosi, tomorrow ain't promised to none of us, I suggest you show God what you value today......

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