Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 20)

Hello America,

We are on to Sgt. Quintana's fourth truth, we only have to more to go after this and then we will move on to a police officer who serves on our front lines.

I asked Sgt. Quintana what was his most pressing issue?  Why even be concerned?

He said jobs.

The alarming rate of unemployment is what drove this Purple Heart Recipient to create his website, check it out on the right.


Because Hope, Change don't feed families, don't keep the lights on.

Now Granted Obama has created jobs but on the federal sector which means an increase of taxes which means a loss of jobs because private employers cannot afford to hire.


Quick Story as I have class tonight.

God said I couldn't watch the game last night literally.

So I could only keep up with the score maybe every 5 minutes or so through an app on my phone.

I asked God why, he said school and work is your job, being a fan is not.

What I saw in the highlights wasn't no 40 point games from anyone.

What I saw is men on both teams doing their jobs.

From Rondo finding ways to make shots and rebounds.........

dude throwing up a shot with your left hand?  How big are those hands?  crazy.

To Battier coming through again.

To even Wade taking the last shot because as a leader that is his job.........

The problem is we have gotten soft as a society, we don't want to fire nobody, but life does not work that way.

I will write a full post tomorrow, I have to eat lunch or I will get sick.

But there is going to be a new Ball tomorrow, it is actually a purse, in honor of Tami Roman who spoke truths we all need to hear.

The First Winner today is the Miami Heat coach Erik Spolestra.

He is not stupid, He did want to put Bosh in the game.  However, he works for the organization and Pat Riley will never say it pubicly, but the big Three concept ain't working when two of them has to be the leader.

He got two men for the same job and one will be let go, and it won't be Lebron.

Eric, did the same thing Scott Brooks, Doc Rivers and the Kang of Kangs in LA told they stars to do.

Somebody got your purse, go out there and get that s***.

And real stars like Magic said do.

It is that simple.

It's not complicated Mr. Riley, I read your article in SI.

Ain't about Tiger tricking because he got it.

At the end of the day, he delivered.

At the end of the day, Kevin delivered.

At the end of the day, Dustin delivered.

At the end of the day, Paul delivered.

Eric gave Wade a chance to deliver and he felt short.  And the organization that signs Eric's checks needed Wade to have that chance, so it won't be no question why he's traded next year.



Because if the heat don't do something drastic, the fan base will drop and that means jobs will be lost.

Coach will keep his job, Lebron will keep his, and Bosh will keep his.

But for those who play tonight, understand that despite all the glory, all the bull because of the nature of the teams that are still left.

You lose tonight, somebody is going to lose their job.

And memories don't feed shorties.

I can't even watch tonight because God says I got class, can't write no songs because God says I got school.

That's all I can give you fellas, 

Deliver you work again,

Don't and you won't.

It's that simple.  I got  your back Coach E.   you did what the organization valued and told you to do.

I'll write as soon as the game is over.

Get your purse fellas..........or let the Tami's of the world walk away with it.

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