Friday, June 8, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 21)

Hello America,

Did I see the game last night?.....


Enough to see unnecessary technical fouls on Kevin Garnett, enough to hear the adulation and praise of Wade, the Heat towel boys and such.

Yesterday's words are true Boston Celtics, as I have school and preparations to move for today, I'll write a full post tomorrow.

Somebody's dream did die last night.

but it wasn't yours.

Somebody's dream last night held strong.......

but it wasn't Miami.

For the teams that I was speaking of and the jerseys don't play basketball.

I am not into Science Fiction, or young men turning into vampires or werewolves... I don't have time for that kind of stuff.

But I love the Matrix Trilogies... They speak to me.

I was doing my homework last night and I told God what was bugging me.

There is a local/seminational politician by the name of John Wiley Price down here who is facing some serious fed time.  He goes to the church of national pastor Frederick D. Haynes, he has been my community's politician for 30 years. 

He's face 25 years day for day in the fed.  And when he realizes that the feds are not going to budge as this is just politician's game to get the last black politician out, major of Dallas County and make room for Asians and Hispanics as the population diversifies.............

He is going to snitch about things that possibly concern me.

That puts my life and safety at issue.

Not because of the crimes I have committed in the past, but because of the corruption to cover up the identity theft that concerned me despite my numerous reports and etc to law enforcement.

You know Boston, as me and God sat and ate dinner last night, London Broil, Sauteed Spinach, wheat pasta.......

He said something to me that came from the last of the Matrix movies, when the main character was down........about to be taken over by his arch enemy, his brother.

His mother, God said every beginning has an end.

What I am saying to you is don't hold your head down, because I won last night to show the nation, that David Stern and the officiating crew in order to keep legal money in Miami to cover up all those yayo and guns sales cannot refuse the temptation to call bs calls.

Lebron played like a dude on the verge of losing his job........

He should have.

But there is a big difference between playing like you can't afford to lose it all and

Playing like a champion,

and that's where Mr. James falls short at everytime.

You took the best of NBA marketing, Boston, you took the best of NBA officiating because when it comes to Miami, all bets are off, yes, I saw the game tape in full this morning........  There was some tight calls on Lebron after the bs calls that changed the momentum of the game were already given.

But my thing to you Boston is that you took it,

And in order to make it past the Heat, you will have to endure the calls, endure the adulation that every announcer from Barkley to Jack Ramnsey is going to give to the Heat for things simple like bouncing the ball in the right direction.

you are going to have to take it all and yet..........if you believe your spirit will rise and over come it.

How do I know it can be done?

I did it.

14 years as an identity theft victim while Clinton, Bush, Perry and Obama looked every which way, but at the cases I gave them.

Can you stand tomorrow Boston?

Will you stand today?

You put your head up and you get last night's game out of your mind.

Lebron has showed his might, but the race goes not to the swift nor the strong but he that endureth the longest........

One man ain't a team, and a team ain't one man.

That goes for you too, Devils and Kings, I'll write tomorrow.

I'm still standing.

Check where your feet are on the ground fellahs......

Are yours?

Can't go to battle if they ain't.

God Bless.

Mr. Stern, you and I are going to have a LONG off season.  Trust.
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