Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 23)

Hello America,

I am started writing tonight because I have to work 11 hours tomorrow and homework all night.  A personal life is not to be had it seems this summer.

I knew that by Tuesday the Kings and Devil's roads would have ended and I want to say congratulations to both of them.  I hate that it has to be a loser because so much was won in this series.

So out of fairness as I do for all the Champs.....

I will have championship week for the Kings and whomever wins the series, the week after the finals...

For the Kings, we dropping 64 impalas..... we hitting the blue, We going West Coast... from Hotel California to live and die in La...... because this hockey, the Stanley Cup decided it was the place to be......

You got to have lived there to know it.. ;)

Always home to me LA, always...

I've gone through a lot this weekend, didn't go to church, working  6 days a week, three graduate classes, its killing me and I got a promotion coming up that is like another 2 classes....

I wanted to go so bad, but I slept.

My father told me that the pastor spoke about a net, the net that you use to catch fish........

The net that churches use to catch men.........

The net that businesses use to catch customers.........

and The net that governments use to catch citizens......

All have one thing in common.

What you value you will keep.

I did watch the Boston game.

I knew when Kevin Garnett caught his third foul, it was over.

But although once again, it was some bad, dirty calls......., the fault did not lie in total with the officials, although it took the spirit of the Celtics, because we all know the drill when it comes to officiating and the Miami Heat organization.

I don't know whose moving that much weight, they gotta launder that much through a sports team....... nevertheless, I digress.

Rajon Rondo fell short.

Not because he didn't have the ability to rise up, but because he wanted something else.

If Kevin Durant wants to be the closer, Rondo wants to be the leader.  He wants things his way.  And he can't do that with KG and Pierce and Allen, for their shadows will always loom bigger than his.  Not a hate thing.  Just a ready to lead coach thing.

My team, my way.

I counted 14 opportunities where Rondo effectively drove the basket to score and chose to pass and don't feed the me he's a passing point, he knows when to shoot the ball.  Rondo is far smarter with his basketball iq and ability than most will ever know.

I started back doing my homework because at my age you have to.   You don't get time to bitch and moan and fuss, you put your shovel back in the ground and keep putting in work.

I hope that we all learn something from Kevin Garnett.......

not about no pushups... He's always a crush, but he's somebody's husband, and father.

He makes sure each one of the rookies and players have a suit that just as tailored made as his.

He makes sure that he breaks bread with his brothers.

And just like myself, he gives nick names..

My point is he takes care of his brothers, he gives the same dignity of looking just fly as he.

Little deeper than texting someone Lebron, no disrespect, so you and Rondo and this new breed remember things like this.  Those who were born in 71-78 are a dying breed.  For we knew the world before crack rob it of its dignity and technology found a way to broadcast the decline in time warp speed........

Am I sad for the Celtics....?

No, they got a ring.

I think it was fitting for Rondo to speak for he knows what he did and why he did and Doc being a former player knows as well.

It's time.

Rather see shots Kevin having more babies, producing citizens with some sense.

Rather see shots of Kobe holding his beautiful babies in his arms than a basketball this Father's Day.

My father always said let the young people have it; it took me getting older to understand what he meant.

When you older you know you can....... you just gotta show people you don't have to.

So where ever you three end up, Paul you still the truth........, Allen you still Jesus Shuttlesworth ;) Always got game.  And where ever your heart pounds, KG, my respectful fan adoration will be around.

Quick Story and I'm done.

God said to me as I'm having problems with Chicago..  Movingcloser to the Gold Coast, than 79th and Exchange.  It ain't about not liking the hood or wanting to be better than someone.  My mouth is fly, I haven't learn to be all the way respectful yet and I don't want to intrude ...

So I'm frustrated in the moving process.

God comes and pats me on the shoulder, moving is a big thing for those who  use my identity will be immediately impacted... 

God gives me this note...........

And I recognize the note, it is the note he gave me telling me who the winners of the championship would be.

He asks me do I remember what I said to him when I read the note the first time.

I do.

I asked God wtf do you want me to do with this s***?

God knows my heart, he knows there is no disrespect......

God says to me, you were hurt because I am asking of you, I am demanding of you to be the bad guy.

I don't get off telling people things they don't want to hear... especially considering I am notorious for not listening....... to anyone......  A strength a weakness.

But we have to do what we do.

And so I shall.

I am off Wednesday so I'm getting it together.

But I do want to give out to game balls today, a quick little verse and then I'm through.

First of all,

To Sears.

When Boston lead the advertising changed, HP and other companies, THAT WE WILL MAKE EXAMPLES OF ALL FALL AND CHRISTMAS SEASON LONG!!!!!!!!!! ( I don't miss any thing, I keep telling you all that ) pulled their ads.

Which allowed Sears to set up probably because of the cheaper rates but they did and thank you for that.  Please visit a local Sears and show love because they did business for what it is supposed to be.

The thing that is of grave concern is what is it about Lebron and the Heat organization that would make advertisers pull their ads.  Look at the numbers. The Western Conference finals up by 16% with the 44th sports market on the marquee in OKC, the Eastern Conference finals, records.

As that is the point of my promotions. 

I think that as we explore nets this week in relations to job, David Stern has created a monster that he cannot control.  See with all of these mega conglomerates, to promote one business usually promotes another.  So if HP is tied to State Farm for example in anyway, they don't profit if their spokesman in Lebron is at home where he should have been.

So for stepping for teamwork and fair competition, lets Reward Sears with some American business.

Second game ball

Shaunie O' Neal.

Yes, I watched basketball wives last night. ;)

But I mention her because she talked about friendship, she talked about teaching friends a lesson but not putting them in a legal system where justice is rarely served these days.

She stood up for her friends and told Jenifer and Kesha some truths that they may not have wanted to hear, but was the truths they needed to hear.

I'm not in my 20s.... I'm not.  40 ain't the new 30, I don't think like a man to get a man because I ain't one..........

The older I get, the more simple I try to make it.

Tonight, the winner writes the song, they select the song.

If it's raw, i'll find something raw.

If it's pretty, I'll find something pretty.

I only have this to say to the Thunder.  Remember Dan Marino, never made it back.  Don't let fools fill your head with y'all got years together.  Free agency coming somebody bolting.  That's the game and the first rule of the game ain't to be loyal.  It's that the game don't love NOBODY.

I only have this to say to the Heat.  It never was personal with you guys.  It is free agency the next two years and all of this building entire teams on one or two men even three and saying f*** the other 9 gotta stop, fellahs.  It has to that is not teamwork, that is not American values.

A team built through a draft

A team built through free agents.

It ain't about the thunder versus the heat.

It's about the path and nets our nation is using to make citizens.........

I  appreciate NBA marketing the Big commercials with all of the players.

I appreciate the toned down hero worship of Lebron and someone telling him to mention team in every possible sentence.

I do.

But it's time for companies to play in the boardrooms, not the damn court or field.

It's time for folk like me David Stern to control something you can't.

Please David Stern let these men play and find their own truth because of your bull this season, you don't know who you put in the street, put into a midlife crisis or what.

Your prize is in his finals, y'all already got the I really appreciate this trophy, and ready to play it with him crying with probably Obama and Magic high fiving him to the locker room speech.

But God threw his net out.

And he cast Kevin not to be the closer but for the chance to be, Kevin like Rondo has to decide when he has those moments......

what he has to do.

And you will not David nor the corporations that want to play advertising terrorism, stop it.

Let them play.

Let Lebron at least try to earn something money can never buy respect from folk like me and it matters.

Let Kevin have his chance to show why I tell Mama Durant, Kevin needed on the court today.

Throwing up the game ball and getting out of the way, and pushing David Stern and NBA officiating out of the way to sit next to me all game where they belong on the damn sideline! 

Have a great game, tomorrow! we'll pop some s***

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