Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 24)

Hello America,


We saw some things, we learned some things.

First of all, I just have to say I love well groomed and well dressed men.

Cut of the night Coach E.  dude, who cut your hair!,  the layers have you looking like a brand new man... got some bueno.... :)

Suit of the night... Kevin Durant-  You dress for the job you want, not the one  you got.  You appear to be a man all about business.......  Amen to that.

But out of deference that I am an American chic which means I like broad shoulders and chest and this lean European cut, just don't do it for me.......

Hands down Cut(Jacket) of the night- Dewayne Wade... the colors were a bit busy on the jacket.....  But the cut makes the man, that right there ladies and gentleman is a well cut jacket.

Allright let's go, I am catching up on my homework today, we are all adjusting.

I got moved to the night shift, and three classes is no joke so I have to keep going.  getting back active in twitter.  got two tracks to put lyrics down to......

When you get to my age, you adjust.

God and I watched the press conference last night, for I slept the first half.  I just worked 12 hours, hell I was tired.

I looked at the score, I went back to sleep, I think with like 3 minutes before halftime.

I got a phone call......... what can I say I am never that absent of a personal life ;)

I don't want to get up but I got homework to do anyway, but I'm still groggy, so God sits with me and makes sure I'm up.

He tells me he wants me to find something to write about today......

But in the press conference is where we start.

Defense is what the Thunder say they are about.  They are defending the Championship in a way because it is in the Western Conference, where the trophy lies right now, it is 200 miles due south......

The play of the game happened the moment the Thunder won against the Spurs....... Derek Fisher was the last to take that hat and shirt.  If the cameras were not there, frankly I don't think he put it on.

Earvin Johnson as I  have to give a man who speaks truth his respect said that Coach Brooks adjusted and put Fisher in on defense.  Was it because of all around skills, no....  I think it was to set the tone.  Defense just ain't in the blocks or steals, it is in paying attention to lanes and your man and staying disciplined.

Lebron who was rude.......and testy a bit, dude 56 points was a perfect sedgeway to talk about shoring up the middle, no need to be rude the reporter, he got a job just like you and just because his press credentials don't say ESPN don't mean you get to be testy.

You know what kind of economy it is out here Lebron?  You know if the Supreme Court don't do something how many of us deserve to be testy, earned the right but still can't and still won't because we honor our brothers and sisters plight.  I understand you got all the trophies and you have matured... but until you learn to show  your best in your worst hour off the field....    You can continue to sit at the "young people's table"

I digress. Had to stick up for the reporter.....  I'm a Texan, I'm a bully by default, its ingrained in me to check all bully violations..

Lebron and Wade said they tried to "steal" game 1. 

Notice Kevin, Russell, Nick and the Thunder.

They attempted to "steal".

When you "steal" something, there is an inherent allusion to the fact that you are attempting to take something that ain't yours.......

What I mean to say is that what they mean to say is that they gave you that.  Had a nice try, but no biggie that one was yours.

Coach E. ain't no dummy, he could have played Bosh, but he wants Bosh agitated and ready to be the man from the jump off tomorrow, Lebron can't play 47 in no 7 game series.

Not a matter of stamina, but because Kevin don't have to.

Not about basketball, there is a lesson.

God said when you cast your net...........

You will keep what you value.

Keith Urban's lyrics said

He didn't know why but something in  him said I have to sacrifice for my brother.

Sgt. Quintana said.........

Jobs.......Obama's taking jobs.

The thunder valued a team which is why when they cast their nets.......from a player from Switzerland whose hair is just as nappy as mine :) to a guard who rocked Exposition and King all day to a quiet giant from DC........  they built players to complement each other.

The Heat valued stars........ and when they cast their nets.......They got such.

Stars seem close but in reality they are light years apart......

Something in the Thunder changed in game one, I don't think it was the specific adjustments......  I think something was said or done in that locker room to remind them of their jobs....

That only through defense can offense come through because someone scoring just as much as you do helps no one.  

I think someone reminded them of their jobs on a defensive team, and I think that is why Brooks put in Fisher.

For if anyone can relax and chill, when you got 5 .......... cinco.........rings that say I'm the champ, it means something when you the first one to say......  My D speaks for me.

In this election, when we have a congress that is concerned about Pacquio getting his ass whopped debatable or not but still can't write a budget and an attorney general saying damn what the people who pay me say, I ain't quitting until the President say so because I am using tax payer dollars to fend off these citzenship requests.

When you have Joan Rivers saying I ain't no politician, but that hope and change coming out of my pocket, and I work 18 hours a day.......  I hustle.........hustle .............. hustle hard.

When you have Lil Wayne come to a game still not respecting respect pay for a ticket and wear black just to make a statement because he don't wear blue because most crips do....... but don't want that Rico charge......... because Mr. Holder I promise I'm just an artist.......

You have to realize that adjustments are being made although real change has not occurred.

What I am saying to you Thunder, ESPN has already got their copy editors ready and willing to talk about how the "experience" of the Heat got them through game 2.  That's why Bosh will start, that's why Wade will make shots because they know each other, they have a starting flow......

and if you want to adjust that byline.  If you want to save that New Orleans paper who just lost half of its staff to remind them in the midst of the storm, there is a blessing.......

sometimes, you don't put a fire out, sometimes you let it burn, sometimes you let the building burn down.

A team knows that where I fall short, my brothers got me.

A stars knows that where I  fall short, my brothers fall because of me.

We can't take Wisconsin lightly, nor the Obamacare ruling for adjustments have to be made and understood.....  We not getting rid of unions or Obamacare because we don't like them or what they stand for, we all have to do things and endure things we don't like. 

It is because these entities cost jobs because when the federal payroll goes up, unemployment numbers may go down, but your taxes go up.  That takes food out of babies mouths.......

You can't adjust if you don't know why you have to.

So I say this to you Kevin, from a coach whose teams have whopped both of you all this team of  year.

Rick the Ruler, Coach Carlisle......

it takes a quad to build a squad.

With some heat, you waste too much time trying to put it out, you let it burn , you let it burn the building down.....and when all that energy has been spent trying to prove to you and the rest of the "world" they some winners......  When you've kept the fire contained to one spot and the wind provides no more oxygen, then you bring your own storm to extinguish the heat that is left smoldering.

Treat Game 2 like they supposed to win and find a way to adjust between now and tomorrow to ensure they don't.

What I am trying to say in particular russell, Nick, Serg and James is that Bosh from down the street, He Dallas.  He born and bred for big games.  Coach E. been keeping him penned  up like a rabid dog and when he realizes that he is NOT Bill Lambier ;) he will change the game.

You will feel the heat, you will see where the fire is coming from.

But instead of trying to cool it.......

You have to

They will be heated
They will set those nets on fire
You cannot defeat it
Adjustment starts first in  your mind
Staying close, waiting to learn
to take your shot in the show

You let them heat up
Then you cool they ass down
You let them pump
To let to the air out
You gotta wait
To burn it to the ground

Burn it Down (Thunder Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims, ASCAP writer........

Gotta Burn it Down, but you can't do that without heating up.

Adjust and prepare for the fact that they are going to heat up......
but stay in the game...... to let it burn to the ground.

Prayers for the Official going through his cancer battle......  Baby our prayers with you.

I'll be back Friday...

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