Friday, June 15, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 25)

Hello America,

I don't have time to lie or play games.

The stat that mattered last night was 8.

I had it set to give game balls to actually Shane Battier, Russell Westbrook, Serg, and Wade.

but I can't because the number that mattered was 8.

OKC, when  I was a young woman, you pissed me off I f***ed you up.

There was no question no hesitation, I didn't need to use my hands for the Lil' Waynes in the world who obviously have illiterate moments and can't read the signs for players only.

I just ensured Lil' Waynes of the world didn't have no access to the next game.  No disrespect Wayne.  In OKC, fairness matters, baby if Garth Brooks can't get a pass, hell you can't get a bathroom pass.

When I get into my latter 20s, you pissed me off I would cuss you out, but I still would f***k you up.

Because I needed you to know why I am making an example out of you versus a warning. 

When I get into my early 30s, I would cuss you out, but I learned to go about my business.  It was hard for I realized that f***ing with haters distracts me from my path.

Where I am now, you piss me off.....

Nothing Changes.........

Because nothing changes my game.

OKC, Coach B is right, time to start off from the start letting Juwann Howard his old ass don't deserve a ring and all that trashing talking belongs next to Chris Webber ;)  you doing good as a broadcaster Chris, stop getting so defensive, get some cucumbers for them eyes, and cut your hair, get it even or something......  You'll hit the big time.

The play of the game was Coach Brooks, trust his heat...........

Kudos for that, that's courage.

And Kevin Delivered.

But Kevin and OKC, I want  you to focus on one thing. Well, actually three and I won't write again until Monday Morning.

First, your start of your game, but will get to that last.

Second, play that clip Kevin of Howard all in  your ear and sneer that game of on your face.

Because even though Coach P ain't playing........his truth remains the same.

We need some nasty because we got a bully on the court who rocks the number 8.  We need to whop some ass, we need a Killah right now, Kevin not a closer,  you need to kill dreams, hopes, and every f***ing word that comes out of ABC's announcers mouth outside of JB.  

Third, play the clip of Lebron after the game, and Wade having to help him down to the locker room.  He tired.  Yeah, he'll be refreshed for game 3, but he can't keep playing the minutes he is.......  That means Russell and James and Kendrick

You not getting no flops, don't even try for them no more, let Collison because of he is a big, but you guys need to understand that number 8 is on the court, drive on the Heat's ass..

Guess what, drive some more..........  in the penalty in with 5 in the third meant, should have meant free throws every 30 seconds.........

And for the last play of that game that mattered, needs to be played over and over and over again.

The 8th bad call since the Boston game 7 every time a team gets within ten, the officials make a bad call from shotblocks called goaltending to the foul that would have tied the game and probably resulted in 2-0.

OKC, they know you make it back to OKC it's over, but like Coach B said,  you have the skills and the talent to not say a got damn word in Miami,

but once again some boys in blue, have whooped your ass for time two!

From the moment the game starts..............

Let they ass have it, you are a better, more talented team, who played against a star you couldn't beat, NBA officiating..........

Put that Evelyn Lozada on 'em,

make them the non- m************ factor they are, because apparently David ain't.

Make everyone from Magic to NBA marketing officials know, we won despite of.......

 The rules for Heat don't mean s***
But just like thunder, time to get loud
B/c the storm is bliss
To show the world you don't back down
Use this chance so they'll learn
Make Game 3 your damn show
You don't give a damn about no heat
Because real Killah don't

Time to light they ass up
Time to break they ass downn
Time to give up
time to get f****** down
Don't take the bait
And make the entire game your sound.

David Stern, when I get through making an example out Obama, I'm coming for you, ABC, and NBA officiating.......

I don't what the hell is going on in Miami, if they criminals not intelligent enough to launder their money otherwise, it is not concerned........

But Monday Morning, I'm telling you, for the jobs OKC steadily puts in your f****** pockets......

You sit your ass on the sideline.

Didn't have no time to throw up the game balls because me and some patriots and a bucket of water finding some "truth" with David Stern and some officials before the game ;)

Time to fight Kevin, time to stand up and fight for your city and your team and those who want to earn their rings, not have it because somebody cheated to give it them.

Listen to Coach B.

from the moment the bell rings, knock they ass out, not with emotion because with something they can't understand........

team play...... from every damn play.
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