Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 26)

Hello America, forgive the typo regarding Munro versus Munoz...

How are you?  Yes, I saw the game........  We shall address it briefly, but I'm writing regarding two other games that are going on......

The control of the Republican party and the games that further the identity theft concerning myself.....

The type of games in which attempts of some risk the end of the Obama regime........

The type of games in which my life is in danger to the point, I can't go out....

Can't go to church, can't go the jagged edge concert I wanted to last night.......

I wrote this in my mind before the game even started.... because I knew where we going to end up but I didn't write because I knew God wanted me to take something from the game......

For those who don't know, I have bad eyesight, I can't drive, or really move without glasses or contact.  I have to memorize the landscape of everywhere I lay my head.....  The reason why most can't spend the night, I don't do it by eyesight, it is by touch, it is by perception.

I was so hyped by the events that we are going to talk about today, I did homework, I start my new job tomorrow, I am worried three classes and another class in my job.  If I don't pass all at the rate I need to, I can't move.  If I can't move, I'll die here soon because the powers that allow the identity theft to continue got badges and GS..... on their liscence plates and we have past the point of no return......

I've turned down the opportunity to grow weed.

I've turned down to what some would call pimping, others would call participation ;)

I've turned down jobs, I've turned a life here in Dallas because to live here allows those who break the laws and steal from my life, from my destiny and those others American citizens who have to endure identity theft because the Sterns, the Reids, the Obamas of the world got in themselves they get to decide.........

who gets to stay, who gets to play, who gets the ball, who gets the calls.........

So now we at a point, where Dallas Police have to block streets when I leave because the queen bee that facing more charges than Bernie Madoff can't "play" me straight up, no shots into my car...... no walking up and taking my life......

Need me to live, need me to stay, need to remain in the state,........ Texas and a vegetative one as well.

Need a car accident....... Need someone to take it for team....

Today, 6 years I got divorced.  And when I think about where I came from, I no longer get upset by what God allows......  I no longer get perturbed by the bull that God calls life.

I know in the end,  his will shows through, I know he allows those who think they in control, just to touch the trophy only to ensure those the "Gods" on earth deemed unworthy......

He changes the scope, he makes things say vice versa.....

When I woke up from my slumber from the game as I have been doing my homework and papers trying to stay a week ahead of school just to have a chance......

I couldn't find my glasses, I keep them near me because so many times over the  years, folks have tried to catch me without them.

The game was already on, I looked over my bed and I see the devil laughing saying make a choice and after this weekend which was full of bull, I chose to keep between me and Dallas......

I laugh back and say the choice is made.  And I watch a good part of it without my glasses..  I didn't need them.  Your other senses take over when one lacks.  

I didn't get mad, I didn't panic, I watched with I know, I watched with I got.

For in the midst of battle, in the midst of the book of sacrifice, in the midst of the civil war between me and Dallas, in the midst of the war regarding the blantant bull of David Stern and myself, in the midst of the war between conservatives and myself.......

Ain't no new playbook, ain't no new stragegy, or footwork or whatever has time to be learned.

You have to be you.

So thank you Russell Westbrooke for the lessons you learned on Rosecrans.........on Crenshaw past Imperial.......

That in the midst of the battle you can't listen to any voices louder than your own.

Some of that vice versa. 

For when in a crisis.......  all you have is you.

For when your brothers are down and you gotta somehow someway find a way.

I know the score.......

But Oklahoma City, you won.......

The fourth foul on Durant, the non foul on T.S. and Fisher, the backboard wrong call, were all momentum changes, but you fought threw it, and because this post will stand until Thursday because David Stern chose halftime which should have been about the players and not a speech on why he needs to keep his damn job and outsourcing jobs......

Don't hold your head low.

Sometimes, it's vice versa...... Do you understand?

Sometimes, in loss, you win because it is so apparent now, hell, every fan in the NBA is learning how corrupted the game has gotten.

You come in Thursday and you play the Westbrook way, clutch.  You play the Fisher way, defending, You play the TS, never giving up, You play the Thunder way, Never backing down......

In that your victory will come, the whispers is screams, we all know, six on five, ain't fair.  You did a great job, not falling for it and Kevin it was nice to see some emotion baby.

But that ain't why I am here today,

That ain't why I am writing, on the midst of Father's Day....... and no NBA, Bosh and Wade ain't the only players with children,would have been nice to show other guys.....

I digress.

I am here to check some folk who think they not God have done somethings.

I am going to ask Barack Obama and Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio to come to the stage.

The man who gets the game ball today is a man who took it straight to the hoop and even though he didn't get the call, probably lost his job.

In my mind, he's the champ because he sacrificed for all of us.

Reporter Nick Munoz who stood up to the President on behalf of every legal citizen.......

and lost his job because of it.

For that I say, thank you President Obama, thank you for panicking, thank you for letting me know you would rather be sitting in Wicker park, trying to get me to sell you some.......... Cheese that green and sticky than be in office ;)

Thank you for treating the Hispanic race as a monolithic one that does not respect or know rules.

For without you, Nick would not have been able to get his Westbrooke on, he would have not had the chance to simply let the world know, Nick going to be Nick regardless of what the Magic's of the world going to say.

Next up, Sarah Palin who thinks she deserves some credit for some elections but when it was time to rise unlike Cain and Gingrich who fell but fell standing up, not laying down, think she is running something enough to talk about somebody's drug use or what they have to eat.

Mrs. Palin, the same cocaine Obama snorted was the same Bush did was the same Whitney did was the same Len Bias did was the Ozzy Osborne did.........

What makes Obama or any other person who has trouble with drug addiction any different?

What makes you think you got in you to talk about any of God's children in that regard?

Now I could be petty and hit a little close to home, but instead I'm getting my Westbrooke on today, so sit back and let the teacher teach.

Because I am writing my thesis........ 

not an op-ed...........

not a blog............

not a campaign ad.........

on the effects of drug use on my generation which is Generation X in regards to the increased potency, the degradation of societal values and the terrorism called rap music, videos and overall television highlighting every immoral act, I know first hand that drug addiction doesn't have a color, doesn't have a socioeconomic preference, doesn't have a political affiliation.

In the 80s, lines was snorted on both sides of the aisle, ask Newt, that's half the reason the GOP or the democratic party don't want him in......

Mrs. Palin, you will not alienate voters because you and the "conservative" right don't want certain votes.  You will not alienate voters because you wanna be able to say we did it, so we can continue to waste time on things like abortion instead of blowing these child molesters and policians who feel it is their right to allow identity theft and amensty taking away from our mothers and don't tell me finances dont' factor into a lot of abortion decisions heads clean off.

literally and figurateively and whatever way you need to define that for you.

You will not keep a party that was built by former slaves who wanted the right to earn, and not this got d*** Vampire slaying crap that it is on TV, I am sorry whoever gave the greenlight on the movie, needs their ass kicked from Studio City to West Hollywood.

You will not keep the party from their descendants.

Today is father's day.

Being a father is hard and yes, we know Todd is a good man.

But don't dog another man for what he had to feed his family.

A lot of proud citizens come from the country of Indonesia willing to live and die to show the world freedom ain't free, liberty ain't cheap and democracy takes a different kind of down payment.

And although you may have meant it in a he said it first, it is just like you and Dr. Laura feeling you within your rights to call me a n****, theoretically that may be, but realistically it is just as out of reach of NBA officiating calling a fair game.

Stop it because Mitt Romney will win because folk like me when you out was making television show, said the things you can't, you won't, you don't.

Stop it because Gov. Walker won because folk like me was on the battlefield before you all even gave a damn.  We put the word on the streets that anything happens to his babies, we might have to use some folk who possibly may under the influence of cocaine and other drugs to show bullies have to show "tough love" to lesser bullies.

And lastly Marco Rubio, you will never...........


get another dime from the tea party, we can get Harry Reid out by other means, you disrespected everyone who voted for you because the tea party is about fairness, if you want to be an advocate for Latino rights, there is a La Raza meeting every week somewhere.

But from the Latino people I know, I know that some are Americans and they don't hold up their race first, they hold up the Constitution.......

See you nor Obama nor Palin is going to hold this damn country on hostage for s***.

You not going to hold up the GOP, and you damn sure are going to stop disrespecting the American people.

See the devils, the n*****, the crackheads, the methheads, the sluts, the women who come out of the abortion clinic without a fetus but a burden on their soul, they have to repay, the men who gotta feed the babies whatever they can to stop the hunger pains, those that God allows you to condemn, steal from, determine they ain't worth their identity, a fair call, a fair shake.......

are the same people God uses to show..........

His will will be all of our ways.

That no sin, none of us are greater than the other.

That we are all his children and anybody don't f****** like it can find another universe, another life to call home.

We will win the Thunder way, Obama, Palin and Rubio, We will in spite of the non calls, the no commercials but from Kia when the thunder is ahead (I keep telling you I don't miss anything) despite the attempts to disrespect every legal citizen that stood in the Staple Center and every other citizenship ceremony  said I did it the right way.

Yeah, we know in Miami, NBA officiating don't occur, yeah we know officials can go to jail and David Stern with his over 30 years of NBA experience can't even call Mark Cuban and say sorry man to man, I did cheat.

Yeah, we know Palin you gotta find a way to stake your claim, even though you avoid debates like dudes avoid Maury.....

Yeah, we know Rubio, you just another Obama who used those who believed in you to turn your ledger into the black because had you popped that bulls*** during your primary you would be passing out flyers like Im going to have Obama back doing in three months or so...

So let me leave you with this and it will stand until Friday morning.

For I will not let the danger that some females think they are going to do to me deter me.

Nor will I let the danger and bulls**** some other females think they are going to do this party and this so ever pretty election strategy, me and my team got going on be deterred because this blog didn't get the conservative funding but restoring the pary.  (Ain't it pretty Rove, Ain't it pretty Mitt, you thought I wasn't going to be there for  you).

So all my fellahs, I need you to clear out.  I got Tami Roman at the door over security.

I got Shaunie O'Neal outside talking to security asking them for about five minutes.

so I can get let some females named David, Nancy, Hillary, Michelle just on GP (no disrespect) and Sarah.  here a couple of words with Jesus being my hype man........

So we in the ladies room........  and I'm so upset but so Presidential so ladylike with mine, I asked the ladies to sit down and simply say. With only Jesus as my amen corner, those are his yeahs...

"Vice Versa"
(feat. Peter The Disciple)

[Pastor Troy - talking]
Yeah (yeah)
God's truths, God's people no longer fear ya
(I'm here to give my life to save his people)
It's like, (The people & I will rely in God)
You all need to face the fact that God is the player and you've been had
There is no bad nor good in his hood
(And these games of division you figure)
To help save your "righteous picture
(My bad is bad)
Vica versa (but your good is good?)
(God says for those sins you will atone!)
Because babygirls, this earth is his throne'
I had the homie J roll up some of that Apollo
Smoke that sh**
(So you can hear Gods versus)
We used banana leaves not swishers
(They burn slower)
(Cuz these words from God, the original game thrower)
30 % Brothers Grimm, THC 30 seconds you feel the s**t
So time to Dip Set Oh Boy
(Vica Versa)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What if God said today, ladies, I'm going to curse ya
Use this words to cast a spell, some spiritual murda
I need to disperse these verses because my will is your fate
So don't ask why, you some of that Lebron my period late
The people you playing baby is mine,   alzheimer's total rewind
What make you think you doing just fine, you cheat the fates of mine
Let the chronic help you osmosis the versa
Can't dog nobody in order to futha your minute ass career, Hell no here  ma'am!
Do you understand that there's a war?
For the battle of this country, the red, white and blue
Don't you see all men belong to the one I call Lord
It's too corrupt, that's why my team here to f*** it up
We dont run or duck, we russell Westbrooke, pure point in here
Our citizens have endured too much bull here, for us to have no  fear
We on a collison course for sho'
Because all this deciding who get it stop fo sho
See we figga
God left us dysfunctional because in war we need to be alone
To send all this corruption in all games back to the twilight zone
Yes, this God does condone, Still a lady
You will stop playing with the lives of my God's babies
In the end, your game will lose, My God's hand superfreaky that super Rick
{*That's going to stop condeming our women, we all suck d***}
So all these perfect Patty crap, baby its Jah muuuuuurdha
This party for all of us to shine, so we can grow
a society that says Hell yes, it Christmas My Jesus Birth
That fake ass Gods and judges no need, freedom runs the earth
That no man got wings of angel, that all are capable to be higher
For God so love the world that he blessed me with Pac in my Pod
We wont stop we can't see
Until we play our games and our society righteously
It's vice versa
This y'all ain't good enough for a ring a party, goin bye
No longer scared to live cuz I was born ready to die
Hillary, Nancy and Sarah so corrupt baby you can't do it"
To walk to Ahmadinejad, and say yeah we goin do it
We going to follow our rules, s***
We burn and break so legal babies have the climate
To thrive and  make it
Dont know if all of them will go to Heaven
But in this land called America, they will a future fo sho yo
Again I ask, Heaven was Hell and vice versa
 I told Americas future, I kill 'em all before I let them continue to hurt ya
 And I stopped, and Jesus looked at me......... and the tension in the room was so thick......  A-1 sauce couldnt' go throw it, And Jesus pounded his chest and said.

These is my daddies verses, He the Savior,  and the devil
These my pure bred American rebels, Lil John your ass to the next level
Me and God know all the bad and good y'all all did
Keep taking our jobs, we'll split your wigs
All men are ours got dammit
So play that verse on your playoff commercial
Only God decides where fates where to go
We the ultimate commissioner, your game will fold
Only God knows, respect the versus
Vice Versa (God's truth Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP
And with that I knocked on the ladies door, told Shaunie it's cool, Tami opened the door, and Me and Jesus left.........
My point is that David do whatever you need to do because in the end, its vice versa, in their losses, you endearing a nation to the Thunder and it that their victory will come.
My point is Marco do whatever you need to do because in the end, you give folk a chance to see that the Hispanic race ain't bound by melanin, we bound by our American values in that our victory for real immigration enforcement which is reform will come.
My point is Sarah do and dog whatever you need to because in the end, the world will remember you never showed up, Hillary quit, Nancy did some other sh**, and only one for good or for my bad, baby never left the battlefield despite of my safety or the danger or what truths the world will find about me and in in that our victory will come.
My point is that Barack do whatever you need to do because in the end, all this crooked baby, God will make straight because only through you could Nick Munoz rise and show us, the American truth lies in the least of us, the beast of us, and that what brings out the greatest of us.......
Vice Versa 

I ain't gotta throw up the game ball, God got this one, I got work and class.

There are no mistakes in God and when you can trust that Thunder, you will rise above it, just feel a little short tonight is all.  But how else will you learn to reach higher next time ;)

Be back Friday....... 

Gotta give Dallas a couple of more shots to take my life to let my God show you can't kill what don't belong to you,

I'm his ;)

Take care.

Great game Rangers...
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