Monday, June 25, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 30)

Hello America,

I am back a little early.  Just a quick story as there is going to be some drama this week.

Being locked up, I learned the value in being pro-active if you will, when it comes to confrontation, jail or prison rules dictate that you confront first, and mediate after.  The first priority is to establish "understanding" of who has the leverage and then sit down and talk.

So Mr. Marco Antonio Rubio........ please dear sir, get up and come on down for this that you have apparently been wanting.

It takes a lot to hit the top 5 in terrorism, especially with that nut called Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Holder......but in your mission to be the first......

You are not only the youngest, the first Hispanic, and the first member of the Tea Party to hit the terrorist designation.

Let's get a quick story in and then we will end for today.  And when the ruling from the Supreme Court comes down championship two weeks starts.......

I went to the hole voluntarily...... I did my push ups... I thought about somethings.  Its not like you got light or any thing.  The devil came, we chopped it up, talked about some things.  

And then the guards knocked on the cell, threw my clothes in there and said "Get dressed...."

I do... but I know either its God, the "spiritual" parole board if you will ;), wanting an apology and acknowledgement of Lebron's supposed greatness... 

I already am thinking of ways to say no because I don't think the word no is going to work.

I hit the hallway, the light blinds my eyes, and my aunt is there.

We don't hug or none of that.

We sit for a long time looking at each other.

Finally, she says "Tiffani, it was time......."

I say, "Yeah, I know you were hurting, I'm glad you feeling better, you look good but I don't think God going to let you run no football pot up there..... though"

We laugh.......

But she says "No it wasn't time for me to go, it's been time......  God just helped me realize that it's time for you........"

I'm still not getting what she's saying....

"Tiffani, my generation has lasted so long and the one under neath us, that your generation don't know what to do with yourselves... that ain't your fault, but its your time, to be Aunt Aza... its  your time to be QB(my grandmother)...  Who else these kids, these adults got the tell them the truths they gotta hear Tiffani, who else is going to love and protect them when it don't make sense to?  You gotta come out of that hole........."

I pause.........

"You know your children old enough to be my parents, your granddaughter is older than me... Other than learning what not to do.......Ain't too much anybody can get from me at this point."

She pauses as God tells her that it is time to go.......

"Tiffani, you are stronger than most, always have been, that's why God has been whooping your ass for so long... I can't fight today's battle, your granny couldn't but women like you, gotta get this family, this nation back in order....  I know you don't want to accept it, I know you want to run from it, you trying to be nice and kind, but Tiffani, you are killah.....  and Killahs like you keep the babies safe at night......  I gotta go, all I can give you is 5 and 0 on this football board for next season, this old shotgun and some shells of truth and candor.....

We need  you to do what  you do......  They trying to replace America with another group of slaves..."

And she left.......  And when she did, the tears did.  But my aunt couldn't get me out of the hole.

So I went back........

I am conversating with all these souls that have died in prison and jail, telling me that somebody gotta stand up for their babies of all ages because they couldn't .......

And the guards come again......

and this time they pack my stuff, the bag is put over my head, and the handcuffs on and when the bag is removed......

its me and God.........

who simply says " Can't go to Chicago this summer, but I'll let you leave this fall.....  I need you to be the person you think I don't want you to be......"

I look away and I softly say "Hard to have a husband with what you asking me to do... Even harder to stay out of hell or even sober with what you asking me to do.... Once, I start I am not going to stop until the job is done......and anyone who stands in my way, God, won't be standing long........."

 God says " I know........... And make Marco, the example and the warning....  No more hole time is necessary...... I just needed you to have an edge this week... Show 'em this is my country, my will, and no terrorism will be tolerated from anyone. Read this note when you leave...... this the song I want"

Game Balls will be given out for two weeks, but I have to start with the first as we still deal with Sgt. Quintana's truth of jobs....

For the concept of jobs is relevant this week, the federal payroll has expanded exponentially because of health care and the number of jobs taken by illegal immigrants as well...

When the Thunder came back from Miami, no death threats.. just love... You could see the Wow's on the players faces.... I am glad that OKC showed the Thunder why Oklahoma made me a better woman...  Showed me love and things that will never show up on my college degree....

Thank you for that OKC, game ball baby.

When we talk about immigration, we are forced to think about Hispanics.........

Kind of a farce considering that this is a nation of slaves and immigrants.

Marco Rubio won on a tea party platform about lowering taxes and Obamacare, nothing of this immigration for had he....... he would have been escorted to the left, where the racial terrorists belong.

I went into the store the other night, Wal-mart which it is common, it is 24 hours a day, a lot of the kids especially the illegal kids because where I stay the legal kids at home, they roam the street at night.....having to hustle things that sometimes involve their souls... They go through hell to get over here, and they endure hell to stay.

I walk into the McDonalds in the Wal-mart, they walk out, their eyes send condemnation my way.  Even those who don't know my name....... Know I am the reaper of their dreams......or so it seems.

It is ironic and pure bulls*** for folk like Marco Rubio to talk about immigration and caring about the kids.... or anyone else for that matter for two reasons...

1) the drug cartels and working of them is optional, the ethnic cleansing and tribal warfare in Eastern Europe and Africa is a necessary reality of life.....  They not looking for better job, they are killing families.........legacies, a lot different than I want some more pesos.

2)Mexico, Latin America, ain't the first last or the most egregious place that immigrants or their children or illegals come from.  From the Irish, African, Chinese, Polish, Italian, German, Jewish, Armenian, on and on from every single country on this planet since the inception of this country pretty much.....we have dealt with immigration.

So Marco Antonio Rubio the only one politicizing s*** is you, so you can be the first Hispanic VP, make your run in 2016... or 2020, then the Asians and everybody else is going to treat the job of being President like a damn racial draft.....

Nah, son.

Mitt Romney, you take Marco Rubio as your VP, I'll ensure you lose.......

Yes, Obama is bad, but there are folk all around that are tired of both parties and at the point where all we need we got in our knapsack, our bibles, our guns, and our constitution.  Not a threat, but Obama can be removed other ways.....

Marco, baby, it is not all Hispanics for many come over the right way, but for those who bring their children and make them suffer the plight of their faults, it is on the parents.  My sister works with kids everyday, who not from here, I hear their plights, I hear their lack of hope.

It is not too many to get rid of, just some of you all won't like the pictures.

But Romney, no degrees for math and advanced science......not when any fool can get online and earn a degree without proof.

America is a nation, a gang that some of us fancy folks call a society.

You want to get in,  you put in work.

You put in work for our military, because while we are talking about giving rights to those who break the law.......

Our military is on the verge of being decimated and Mitt is so got damn indecisive because he got all these pollsters in his ear.......

He can't see the forest for the trees but I can.

Every dime, every executive order, every conversation is designed by the geo-political parties, including the timing of the SCOTUS ruling to deter from the fact that the Obama adminstration is removing our ability to defend ourselves.

Marco, you nor the Hispanic race, is going to hold this nation, nor this party, nor the VP hostage just because it is more of you all than everyone else.  Cancer, fibroids and everything in between is hitting women of all races but hispanics because it is hard to be stressed when everything paid for at someone else's expenses.

Parents of all colors, creeds, and cultures bring their children here the right way and they make the sacrifice to.  Those who already here work hard for their families, so take that Obama racial card crap back where it belongs......

Don't think you nor a race got the balls to play this party or this nation for a damn fool..... 

Don't think the tea party folk you took money from don't know you lied from the start.......

Don't tell us you doing  us no favor or trying to garner votes because I don't see you standing up for child slaves from Africa or those in Europe or other places, Just Hispanics......

You don't need to be a senator ......... You need to be at a La Raza meeting.

You serve as a disgrace to the tea party and your race........

And God told me to tell you to

[Dr. Dre]
Journey with me
Tell  wifey no coming back
Since you trying to be a killer
On the tube frustrated with super pacs
This ain't sunday but we on a state
tell Jeb to raise the level on terror
You think we didn't hear ya
Time's up chuck, No doubt
Our patience gone south
  the tape hits your mouth [Ice Cube:] haha rule one
 Shales says your bull aint fresh [Ice Cube:] rule two
The constitution says to aim straight at the chest
You see we gonna make you lose it like rick
Cuz I'm not going to mince words for s***
Marco baby its game time
We about to put your career in a slumber
You think we care about feds
When you trying to be racial Osuma
Prespiration is made with your denegration
of your dreams to call the white house home
Your career now red with rum
Yeah, you brown like java
Now our rules a problem?
We got a problem resolver
And his name is revolver
We all recognize your political act
Like now you all so agg
Time to dump your ass like used tea bag
Baby its now realer
Than  unemployment figures
Wont harm her (America)
Cause I'm a Natural Born Killa

[Ice Cube]
  Crack and illegals have stole my era
 be damned if we gonna
 we let you break her(America)
You wanna play racial games, dear brother
[Dr. Dre:] So what's up
  We running up
like hitting some guts

A society cannot stand on feelings and s**t
You give legal immigrants a fed funded diss
So now time to pull caps
These kids gotta pull their own boot straps
Because our society won't collapse
Marco polo baby we deep
Your career decompose
As we throw blows and motherf***ing blows
Our rules is our damn ways
We can arrange you a stay at Guantanomo Bay
It's time to remember the truths of LA
Damn Ice Cube, I need O'shea
This mobb shit won't play
So screw what you thinking
You the vampire
We Lincoln
No way brah
It's authenic
Please panic
We won't stand it
God Damned it
Dream some more sh**
Wont be no racial ransom
We born to knuck so these kids can buck
Time to face it
We not playin

Natural Born Killaz (Rubio's Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims




I don't know how to get real technical with thugs and bullies, Mr. Rubio..........

I know when you dealign with thugs and bullies, they listen AFTER you whop they ass.

You wanna be a community activist....... Go be with Obama and Guiterrez... they always passing out some flyers or something...... in Chicago.

But you will not use the race card to bully your way into the VP spot, nor give these children amnesty..

It ain't their fault, it's their parents...

But you will not be allowed to degrade all of the parents who did things the right way.

Romney no degrees........

These kids gotta put in work for the military, you and your campaign are forgetting about is about to be slaughtered.

Obama, one way or another, we getting you out.

We don't need an election to do it, just the constitution.

Please focus on getting the Senate back in our control, and keeping the house.

And folk like me will gladly give our lives.......... so that Terrorists of all races, creeds and colors........

can get that personal facetime with God that they have been begging so much for.

The kings of Los Angeles that used what they got.......


The King of Miami that is about to find out what he don't.

I'll be back tomorrow...........

Anyone on the right that don't know how to respect Arizona's sovereignty will get it tomorrow..... 

This Newt Gingrich, Obama, Rubio replacing old niggas (American citizens that they deem don't appreciate this country), with some new niggas (these slaves especially latins they deem do appreciate this country).....  game won't fly at all.

We the people tired of it, and we have no problem making an example .......

You got a family Marco and a pretty little face.......

I suggest you think about it today if its worth them losing you.......

and that goes for anyone else in between.

Mitch and Boehner smart enough to stay out of this.
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