Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 31)

Hello America,

I am going to stay this in preparation of tomorrow's ruling and in light of Monday's ruling.

First of all,

Game ball to Senator Graham........

For doing what the hell he is supposed to do, the business of the legal citizens of this country.

Keep spreading the word, Senator I got your back....

Senate Republicans, don't worry about contempt charges, just do work please.

House Republicans, you even got dem votes on this keep on, and come out with a bill on student loans and the highway bill.

Let folk like me use it to show how Obama wants funding to give other folks jobs.....

We got your back.

While Obama is trying to flood our country with illegals because to give these children amnesty is only going to bring more, our military is on the verge of being decimated.

Not about just weapons, but fundamental research, innovation and designs come for our military in a variety of fields.  As a person in psychology, that rings especially true for me.

Iran has just announced that the cyberattacks did not work, and they are continuing on with nuclear plans and it was just a blurb because Rep. Guiterrez asks what is an American?

Brother, let me tell you loud and clear, let me keep it simple.

An American is a legal citizen of the got damn United States.

Not one that is here without legal status, the founders kept it so simple that even a racist Democrat could understand it.

Mitt Romney, this is exactly why I don't think you were the best candidate.  I don't agree with Newt, but we could have handled him.

But it's time to put your faith in man or in polls.

I don't really know how Mormons feel about Jesus, but I do know enough to know that you know God.

And Mitt right now, ain't the time to put your faith in no poll, right now is the time to put your faith in God.

Walker say he want in, vett him because both sides know he stood up to the man and said nah...

Rubio is a Latin Obama, another inexperienced Senator in his first time riding off of race.

You nominate him, you will lose this election.

Hispanics do not have the intense relationship Black Americans do with this country.

Check your nuts, Check yourself, and get back to where it is supposed to be ...........

about the economy and jobs.

There is enough dissent from Monday's ruling, the fact that a state has to go to the supreme court to kick out illegals, to decided whether lying about military service is a crime, to decide whether telling someone one what they have to do that was not in the constitution,

that folks of every color have given up on government and taken to arms.

And the only thing that is stopping them is folk like me saying please..... let this election ride out.

Obama won't make it another term...... not with his life nor his freedom, that's just reality.

Most of this house and senate won't either if they keep pandering not to illegals but to Mexican and Latin nationals who have breeded their way into these roles.

Obama has the power of the military, but this is our land and our country and we have the military's heart and soul, for we the legal people of the United States are ones who provide them reasons to fight and die for  us.

For every black preacher in particular, The Pastor Haynes, the Bishops T.D. Jakes in this nation, telling folks to vote race over values for a President that got rid of a Christian King in Egypt to a Muslim Brotherhood leader dedicated to the destruction of the United States and God's Kingdom.......

baby, you all's day is coming for God will allow NO MAN to use his name to defend his enemies..

No Weiner, healthcare is not Bush versus Gore.

This is a civil war, that Obama and the rest of the geo-political factors are betting on.

This is a civil war, the legal citizens dedicated to sacrifice for others.......... are going to end quickly, effectively, by setting examples the world will know and respect who is the boss in this country.


to my favorite Dallas nemesis.......  Girl, please... The games you playing........ are so over.

to the Obama administration, if OJ can get found guilty in civil court for a crime a criminal court said he didn't do, every person starting with Holder is fair game.

to Marco Rubio, baby, you hustle your way to VP slot, you'll ensure when you and Romney lose, you won't get another dime from this government.

Tomorrow, we start champ weeks...........

Tomorrow, we start the journey in Los Angeles....... and saw how somebody that nobody expected, was even in the picture is the one holding the cup sipping on some champ syrup right about now...... we end in Miami....... where some of the players......... are going to show the "King" it was more of his kingdom that won the series than himself......

But today........

I want every politician, democratic or republican to think of the choices they make today....

Rep. Guiterrez is going to get his......... and if he wants to be beacon for La Raza versus his district, he can die being one.......

And every other politician on the hill, that ain't focused on the business of the legal citizens of America......

Well, for those politicians and law enforcement that have me followed using your tax dollars......., they can tell you I am a woman of my word.

For the woman in Dallas, who just can't grasp the fact that my name is no longer on the market

I am simply the spokespersons for folk that are among you, going to work with you, that Congress and racial and class terrorists think they are getting over on........

the forgotten man, who goes home every night reading his or her bible, the constitution, and cleaning weapons

because they know that one day, they, myself and God will standing over the political souls, maybe some actual bodies and some legal child's future is going to ask who is that?  and we are going to answer with the smoke still spewing from the heat of the guns we had to use........

are going to look that child's future in the eye

way back then, we had a strong nation all together
But some chose to sell their honor for some lies
They got status for liberty
They gave away citizenship you see
But now its done, so future please remember

Aint going to lie and act like we saying this w sadness
Like any other coup, it always finds its end
We had to use order to install common sense
Had to give our system a thorough rinse
As long as freedom lasts, its never over

So future, we had to break them off
These folks, traitors treated our rules like nothing
  We did it for  pure love
So that the next generation would have more than enough
room to let your destinies grow
Because when you break God's country's laws, we will call your number
No need for tears to show
  Cuz now they just somebody that we used to know

Cuz they turned into somebody we didn't know
We had to find a way to end it for sho

Now and then you will hear the stories of how they screwed us over
But no worries because no matter God's will will always be done
To ignore the rules of the U. S. A.
Just facts  you gonna pay
They will say it was for progress to grow
But remember we ended the stories of those that used our constitution for show

So future, we had to break them off
These folks, traitors treated our rules like nothing
  We did it for  pure love
So that the next generation would have more then enough
room to let your destinies grow
Because when you break God's country's laws, we will call your number
No need for tears to show
  Cuz now they just somebody that we used to know

(we used to know)
(that their choices told us they had to go)

(we used to know)
(That we used to know)
(we used to know)

somebody that I used to know (Luiz's version)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims

And turn back and look at the mound of justice we have piled up......

so between today, tomorrow and Friday morning, 

some of you all better do some soul searching and ask when they come and knock on my door.....

when they reminisce over me, my God.....

what will they say?

that's all, I made it simple enough so Rep. Guiterrez could understand every word along with his racial thugs..... in this language ;)

The only folks still playing the game is y'all. 
Friday Morning, I'll be back........

No basketball, no hockey...... just some baseball and the game we call politics.....

And on that court, I ain't Lebron.....  every title I earned on the court.

Take Care,  Venus get stronger.... Help baby sis, rep USA...
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