Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello America,

First of all, I would like to thank the San Antonio Spurs for the legacy of team work, they have given us.

I would like to apologize to Tim Duncan.  I think one of the greatest travesties of the modern day era under Stern is the day that deserving stars have been treated........ While we focus on tonight's game, a man with four rings never got the adulation James never deserved, that Carmelo never earned.........

And Let us not forget him nor the Coach that epitomized coaching that built much more on a team, he built a brotherhood that will last more than this season. 

Whether the faces of the team change of not, the legacy of championships that lies in the water of the Riverwalk won't.

God came......... and before the game there was thunder.......

He said "Fitting, huh?"

I shrugged " God frankly, my mind ain't on that s***, It's just not"

God looks....... and he sees my shoulders slumped over, he hears defeat in my voice........

He says " You watched the game when I told you not to, You heard Kevin Garnett tell his kids go to bed.... which is nothing in itself.......but it reminded of the kids you can't have and it hurts.....which is why I told you to stay away from the game, even the interviews....."

God and I sit looking at the mysteries of the thunder and rain that is coming.

I reply " I f***ed up...... the game was techincally over"

God hits me in the shoulder " It ain't a fault you an a**hole, I made 'ya......  We cool.  You know Tiffani,  you don't know the end of your life.  You don't know anything past the end of the finals.  You don't know what your life has in store....  But if you were a mother, would you see past the needs of your family?  Would  you look at the score of the game which you didn't watch last night and first and foremost, pray for the families that are affected because they don't have another game to work..?  ..................

You and I both know that answer is no.  You identify with what you feel a part of ... that is strength, that is your crux, that is your truth.  And Ready or Not, you can't hide from it, Tiffani."

"I want to quit, I want to end this blog with how it started and this is the perfect time to do so, those who know the history of it, get it...."

God says "No, you got folks that depend on that site, Tiffani, to say the things I need them to hear because they ain't going to make it to church; to voice their struggles.  And you know all this so what's really bugging you?"

What was bugging me ain't for this blog?  My point is, God's point is, rather, that whether you ready or not, some things in life are going to happen to you, happen because of you, and happen through you.

Oklahoma City, you have put folks out of business.

You have ended jobs.

So be it.

But as Mr. Fisher is telling you while the G2 experts rebuild muscle and get bodies in order for Tuesday, I believe.

I suggest you watch tonight and Game 5 of the NHL finals.


Because a closer ain't a closer because  he makes the last shot of a game.

A closer is a closer because he makes the last shot of the series.

Do you understand OKC what I am saying to you?

Kobe ain't what he used to be, Jordan quit well after his prime.

Tim and David Robinson did in a quiet way.

Whenever Dirk stops feeling sorry for himself and gets back in the gym, he'll remember what really won that Championship.

An old Dallas, an aging Kobe, and a mentally tired Spurs isn't going to prepare for what you face next.

That's just the reality of it.

Kevin Garnett said in the camera, tired and ragged after Game 5, the owners don't know.  Look at the film, look at despite his fatigue, his eyes light up, his body finds the strength to look in the camera, to say............

I take pride in my craft.  I work hard.

Lebron James is going to sit in the new Boston Garden and realize that is where he made the choice to leave Cleveland......... and this is where he is made to question that decision.

And he wants revenge.

I will let the game tell the story tonight, as God says again, I cannot watch it.

Whether someone trying to avenge a truth about them or whether someone trying to revenge a truth because of them is going to win.

But I say this, to the teams that play tonight. 

John Boehner, said after the Wisconsin victory, so What?

All it means is that the people are willing to listen to our ideas, we ain't one s***

All Game 5 did was give everyone else but the players on the court something to talk about.

When  you got two teams fighting for power, When you got names like Battier and Bosh and James trying to get something they ain't never had before.......

When you got names like Garnett, Allen, Pierce and Rondo trying to show folks nah, m***'s its far from over.........

Then Ready or Not, Oklahoma City.......

One of these teams is coming, and Trust, the truth that is shown tonight, the truth that will show in that Hockey game.......

Will show the nation as well as you, 

That a championship is more than a shot, a defense strategy, more than a belief and a vision.

It is made of the things that made God decide why I couldn't have no family, not one of my own.  Why he leaves me loose in the streets making promises to powers that one call can have me killed....

It is that truth that is buried in the Eastern Conference because life is just a tad bit grittier.....

Tonight, somebody's dreams and hopes going to have to die in order for someone else's to live.

Somebody tonight is practicing pacing right now saying to themselves.

Walking up to someone in the other jersey saying.....

Coach it's for a m**** like me to put in some work
And it goes like thisss...

[Verse One: Be Real]

I don't need to reminded of  time passing
I ain't trying to be the puta of hearing you shoulda
I ain't got time to wait on no ticket
I gotta put in work, damn sho won't fear it
I'm  the inner chambers of Shaolin
Ninjas is hiding
Just to be met by a N**** ain't afraid to go all in
Because I need that ring yo
And I don't give a damn about nobody on the floor
Bell but aint no taco
Just a player on the verge of loco
Just a killah on the court, saying dammit No mo
(Be-Real) Here is something you can't game plan
(Sen Dog) Real champs know how to kill a man

[Chorus: x4]

[Be-Real] Here is something you can't understand [what does it all mean]
[Sen Dog] Champs know how to just kill a man

Verse Two: Sen Dog, Be-Real

[Sen Dog]

It ain't really no complex s**t,
I know you won't forget it
I'm not gonna waste no time,
Plotting around, I hear you coming
Hummin'... comin' at cha...
Because you know I have to cap ya.

How I could just kill a man (Game 6 Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims , ASCAP member.

My point is the Champ is going to show their face tonight.

Because the Champ is going to be the one who says damn some ratings, damn some jobs, damn whatever I got to do, whatever my team gotta do to win.

No matter who we leave, breathing, wheezing, crying on the court.

We will win because Champs is just killahs on the court and on the ice.

God let you off a couple of days earlier OKC, not to rest, baby boys..........

But to learn.

Champs know how to kill and that involves things you can't learn in practice.

Boston...... I don't have to say nothing.

Miami....... I don't have to say nothing.

Champs kill and somebody's hope and dreams......gonna hit a body bag tonight.

I am not going to lie to either of you.

 Devils and Kings, y'all might as well, sit back and watch.......

Tonight is what Champions is made of.

Throwing up the game ball, but with my bulletproof vest on, shots was flying before I made it back to my seat.

Have a great, NON-OFFICIAL decided game......

I can't watch but I am there in spirit.
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