Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 18)

Hello America,

I did watched the game, and I was happy with the results, not because of who won, although I was glad the Celtics won.  I was happy with the officiating, although the celctics got a couple of breaks, I think a ball bounced off Garnett, pretty close with Quiece and that shot.

I was glad to see Haslem and others being civil and Lebron helping Rondo up.  Good sportsmanship doesn't need a particular jersey.

Today, the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels are playing and the roles have reversed.  The Angels are surging, the Rangers are faltering and it all seems to why as the point of the lessons today.  The Rangers have forgotten a fundamental lesson, I know Ron Washington hasn't............

Champ ball is offense and defense at the same damn time.

Ian Kinsler. Baby you are the Michael Cooper of basketball, I love your sock schwagg, but if we going to lose to the Angels, let it be on merit.... Just keep your head in the game......., Okay.   You know I love you.

And Hello CJ, just because you have a different uniform on, I will always have love for you.

I decided to give out one game ball for each team.  for all six teams and one special dazzled up ball for someone who displayed team effort.

First Game ball goes to................................

The San Antonio Bench, not going to single out one player because it took many.  I liked the fact of you guys attitude even in the midst of the storm, starting with Nasty Nate ;) some of you call Stephan Jackson, I liked how even to the end of the game and your starters were a little down, you all were still hustling, still trying for shots, still letting the Thunder know it ain't over..........

It ain't over until the clock rings.

Thorough men, Strong Men!

Amen, baby...

God's words says the race goes not the to the swift nor the strong, but he that endureth the longest.  Thank you for reminding your starters that you are far from done.

Second Game Ball,

Goes to Scott Brooks for making some great adjustments not panicking and Thabo Sefolosha for rising up to the challenge.

The thing about champs is that they recognize you have to adjust and when you want to win big, Mr. Durant, you have to adjust big ;)  Not about the overall game plan and in how your team is set up, it is in the subtleties and nuances of the game where those adjusted are magnified.  This championship basketball, these are the things that upon looking back if you do make it to the promised land and look at the game film, and remember actively that change momentum.

All I am saying is don't discount your coach, Love on him.  Don't let your ego against the Spurs take away from your coach.

Knowledgeable Men, Strong Men..!


The Third Game Ball goes to Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat.

This young man is the reason the  Heat won game two hands down.  I know he don't have the stats of Lebron or James, but we know that stats don't tell the story.  Chalmers in game 2, provided that spunk as he always does that got the ball rolling.  I don't know how long he is going to mesh or last with such dominant personalities on the team, but he is a crucial crucial force, reminds me of a Worthy or Craig Hodges type figure.... The stats will never show the amount his presence means on the field.

The fourth Game Ball/ Puck Goes to Zach Parise... even though his goal didn't count, gotta love on a man whose natural instinct is to put things where they belong.......

Loving the instinct

Instinctive Man, Strong Man


Just next time remember to use the stick Zach :)

Fifth Game Ball/Puck goes to Anze Kopitar a fake backhand shot, a perfect forehand shot.........

Enough Said.............

Baby, that's just beautiful ass hockey!

A man that rises for Champ Time will always be a friend of mine..... Dude, you look like you was on the pine versus the ice........Cool Shot........  Way to Step up for your team.

Hockey Man, Strong Man


The last game ball is in dedication to Orlando Woolridge who died this week.... After all the teams and brothers he had........

He died in his parents home after a recent conviction for stealing scrap metal to feed and take care of himself.

Don't tell me anyone is rich enough to tax enough unfairly.  Don't tell me any of us know what the hell roads God will take us through.

This young man was prepared and while Daniels who is a former Maverick and ensured that we had success in Dallas, he helped set the foundation for winning in Dallas in the Cuban era.

This young man is already preparing for life after basketball and his play showed that he treasures every moment..........

He is the Celtics what Chalmers is to the Heat.

Kevin Dooling.

He came in and showed the truth along with the rest of the bench, God was trying to show Rajon...

When you don't complain, when you focus on leading.........

Your brothers even those on the bench got your back.

Kevin Garnett, I just have to say thank you for that youtube! video........... any other elaboration on that point would not be appropriate in this forum, and be nice to Chalmers... he's a good dude.... He got your point, he knows you got Rondo back

Two Special Game Balls.

One to Mama Allen of the Celtics, that was a cool jersey!

Have to show love.

Actually three game balls,

the OKC ticket office, see Weezy in Oklahoma as I am a proud Sooner.

Money don't matter.

Respect and earning things does.

It is played on the fields of the Sooner and Cowboys, so there is no change in policy with the Thunder.

At least in that state, everyone pays their way.

If T Boone Pickens can't get a pass..............

Baby boo.........  you can't get a permission slip.

Don't hate on the game they play on respect it, real hustlers do.  bustas pout.

Last Game Ball

Goes to Beyonce.

Earlier this week, she took a picture with the daughter of Dream Hampton a known author, activist, and somebody I actually follow on twitter.

After a grueling show, Beyonce gave this fan a chance of a lifetime to meet her backstage and take a picture with her, Dream put it on her facebook page and it ended up on tumbler and other places, where vicious mean things were said about somebody's child.

I don't like most of Beyonce's music....  But I have always respected her for her business savvy and for what appears to be a woman who understands and totally relates to the pressures of being a young lady.

Thank you for reminding us Beyonce in our own ways..........

We all beautiful.  I may not ever ask for your autograph if I ever met you, but you damn sure have my respect as a woman if I don't.

Today's lesson , Thunder, Spurs, Devils and Kings is about.

What's in your yard?  That yard may be your bench, your soul, your brothers...........

I want to know as you build these memories, do you understand how important a brotherhood you are are building.

A player got hurt.  Couldn't take care of himself.

Didn't have no family, Didn't have no Obamacare and his brother on the court became his brother in life.

That man was Jack Twyman........ who become his brother's keeper, damn a New Jack City movie........

I know we all focused on stats, but you never know who you may need to sign your papers, to keep you from blowing your head off, to help you get somewhere to stay.

Shouldn't be about basketball and just a job........

It should be about a brotherhood.

And when you play right and do right on the court,

a dynasty, and brother hood can be built at the same damn time.

See what Ron Washington, Coach P, Coach B, Coach K, Coach DB trying to tell you its time to get nasty, its time to build, its time to impose will, its time to respect and real champs understand

Without Defense, your ass is going to lose every damn time
Without your brother your ass is short every damn time
Damn a game, get a series to enjoy champ time
Gotta keep getting nasty to get the damn finish line
At the same damn time, for that champ damn time
Champ talk ain't no line, put that verse in rewind
Don't matter if its ice on the ground or that brown pine
God's words real Champs do it all , at the same damn time

Rangers, Celtics, Kings, Heat, Thunder, Devils, Spurs, 

Real Champs do it all at the same damn time......

The answers to victory tonight is in this post........

Whoever figures that out, I'll write about Monday.

Tomorrow I'm going to church!

Putting the game puck down, throwing the game ball up...............

Cause I can do both at the same time!

Love you all, 
have a great game..........

Kevin no more pushups.............  

I won't be able to focus :)
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