Monday, July 9, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

God brings change sometimes when you don't anticipate it.

I have been trying for almost a month to get things together for my champ week.

Got 12 songs for the Heat and Kings but when God speaks, what can you do?

This book is just an extension of the book of sacrifice......

The point of it is Keith Urban's lyrics........

I don't know why I did it  in regards to his brother.

The point of it is Sgt. Quintana's truth of

It's all about jobs.

The point of it is........

God is asking us what are we going to do to get out of our wilderness.

Today, I read a story about how the government can only buy green electronics and while that sounds cute......Have you read the cost of green electronics?  I can't afford them for my home, but much less my nation.  I wonder how many jobs for the sake of being green is costing us.

This next couple of months will highlight a series of votes that are not partisan but reflect bills that produce jobs and those that don't.

The vote on Obamacare in the house so we can know who is on board as it represents jobs killing.

The vote on the defense spending that will destroy our military.

The vote on what I believe is the 15th budget passed by the House in which the Reid ran Senate has not produced one, but they want to flood this nation with kids who will give amnesty to their illegal parents.......

Mark Cuban hasn't had a public appearance but said something that shows his confusion, and I think that it reflects Obama's confusion as well

Never let someone influence a decision if they don't have to live with the results.........

Sounds real cute don't it.

Real ownership it seems.........

But the team ain't called the Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks.

It's called the Dallas Mavericks........

for we as the fans, that buy the jersey's and the tickets and the concessions because as rich as Mark Cuban is, if the Mavericks were not profitable, he would not be there...........

Not only have to live with the results, we pay for them dearly every day.

For those of us, who are from here, for those of us from North Dallas beauty pageant wwinners and trophy wives, to West Dallas family legacies, to East Dallas Money and historical legacies to South Dallas schwagg that allows Erykah Badu to run butt naked in front of the Kennedy Memorial to the Cliff.......  where all those lessons come together.....

Mr. Mark R. for I don't do stage names when I am serious.........

We have to live with the results as well because before you were here, and long after you gone and  your daughter decides to sell the team or whatever the case may be........


We still Dallas regardless Mark, your decisions ain't just  your yoke. Which is why the boycott of your television show has started which affects the staff and jobs of those that work for the show, when you should have had the balls to just be honest.

We know you waiting on Bynum, but if he wins a ring with the Lakers he is not going anywhere, an Houston and the Cavs have more attractive rosters... as well.  It ain't about money all the time, how many jobs you cost for you to understand that is yet to be seen..

Just like Ray Allen, please don't boo him people.....

He was trade bait, he was demoted to a role player, for a player who has yet to prove himself.

Like anyone else, sometimes it ain't about the money, he wants the change to show Ainge and others he was wrong.

It may be a situation where Ainge and crew didn't show him the love they did Jeff Greene, but even though he should have stayed, let him bear that cross.

By the end of the week, Howard will be a net, and between the upgrade of the bucks, I wanna say, the knicks, the nets, nothing will be taken for granted for the heat.

And in the midst of the battle, in the midst of the wilderness that the heat will feel, Ray will miss his brothers and the maturity of legends versus the childish rants of a king who has yet to earn his crown and probably never will... No one can meet those expectations.

Ray Allen has his own hell to bear.... let him walk it, no boos will hurt him more than the ones he will give themselves, and TRUST that the Heat have been stroking his egos and hurts way before free agency period started.

Right now, Democratic campaign folks are showing the homes of GOP congressmen on the internet, where any terrorists can view it at anytime.



AND NO MERCY......... NO MERCY....

NO MERCY.......




As we start this chapter, we are going to see a lot of changes..........

Obama cutting taxes for those under 250k sounds cute, but it also ensures that they don't have jobs.

Middle class and poor people don't sign payroll checks, they cash them.

That race bait won't work

But the story is in how we respond, one quick story and I'm through

I didn't go to church yesterday, I can't, I have to only go to Sunday school, but I didn't make it to either yesterday...

Anyway, the new Pastor Eddie L. Jenkins started  yesterday...

He that Westtown Chitown breed....

Anyway, none of the associate pastors as the interim pastor left childishly last week... none of the associate pastors nor the over 50 deacons reviewed with the young man how the service was to proceed....

Only one deacon, remember the story of two mules, we talked about 4 months ago, Deacon Elanor Reed, stood up after having a massive stroke, stood up to his task as a steward of God's word and assisted Pastor Jenkins... not publicly but with a whisper... having to pass a pulpit of associate pastors who paying to other words than God's.

The Young Pastor listened, said thank  you, never bitter, never responded to the bulls***

And told the church including those Associate pastors,

"I'm still learning, but I will be here next week and the week after.  I brought my family over 900 miles and I ain't running nowhere, changes and  young people will be embraced in this church and God's law will prevail"

My point is that just like with the Mavericks, there are no free agents coming worth anything, but I don't fear because I am looking especially this new defensive rookie guard and this soldier center, to stand up and say.. I ain't Jason, Jason, Tyson, Dewayne or Caron, or JJ, Deron, or whomever, 

But I am a grown ass man, dedicated to doing my job to the best of my ability, and I expect those all around me who share the same jersey as me to do the same........

I ain't going nowhere, I ain't running.

if we can have that lesson in life, that mantra, that attitude in life, then taking over the senate, the house, the oval office, our immigration laws, these trackers who want to be so gangsta.......

is just a piece of cake.

And for Deron and Jason and Tyson... not so much Tyson there is no need for pity so let me just share this so I can have my lunch.

Mark got God a word for you, you know that one who dont give a f*** about your billion nor your pecs... You too Deron and Jason Kidd in particular...

No weapon formed against D shall prosper, aint about Dirk
Because experience sho is costly, growth do hurt (come on background...)
No weapon formed against this country shall linger, not built to work,
Because our faith not money measures our worth

God will do what he Says he will do
He is using these words
to show Dallas don't need you
God will do what He say He would do
He is using these words
cuz through he victory comes through

No weapon formed against D shall prosper, ain't about Dirk
Because experience sho is costly, growth do hurt

God will do what He said He would do
So we don't question man's various why's
It ain't about you
God will do what He said He would do
He will stand by His word
He will come through

Oh we don't be afraid of what names roster say
or the colors of others jerseys
We stand on Gods crown, we are ready to ride
For we dare to believe out of the wilds he will lead

No weapon formed against D shall prosper, aint' about dirk
Cuz experience sho is costly, and growth do hurt

For I Know God Will do(said he would do it) What he said he would do(said he would do it)
He pays no attention to words(stand by his word), he don't need you
God will do what(said he would do it) he said he he's gonna do(said he would do it) stand by his word(stand by his word) NO NO NO WAY!

No weapon formed against D shall prosper, ain't about Dirk
Cuz experience sho is costly and growth do hurt
  We dare not be afraid of what the experts may say, so go bounce your ball your way BOOOO

There just aint one(there just aint one)
There just aint one(there just aint one)
No Weapon

No weapon (mark's needs remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP)

Dirk is thinking about becoming an American, Mark.....

Your bull won't sour that, we need citizens like him.

He's a good strong honorable young man....

way bigger than basketball...

We rebuilding our nation and our players on the premise of characters and honor.

way bigger than a shark tank.

Cleveland please do us the honors of wrapping up this trade, so the rest of us can get on with our business of the day.

Be back Wednesday...

no weapon will harm any member of any families that is shown on that website, understand democratic trackers, because we don't need to internet to find anyone of you....

You won't kill anymore jobs Barack...

None of your weapons prospered in destroying this nation...

We hurting, but we here. 

No hate Deron or Jason... baby just do you.. we'll do us... We cool...
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