Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Champ's Story (Prelude Part 3)

Hello America,

I didn't write yesterday because someone informed me that one direction was British and no disrespect...... that would have not been appropriate for our independence from their native country for they or us.......

I did get on twitter briefly thanking our troops, not just the naturlalized ones........ Barack, the ones you and Michelle have no respect for.

The ones that say from the day of high school graduation...... I'm going to go fight for my country, not for the money, not for college per se, just because they know people like me can't.

For my back has flared up again, so Mike Miller all praises due baby, I damn near passed out from sneezing...

So today, I ask Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, yes brothers......your time is here, Jason Kidd, and Mitt Romney, let's thrown in Deron Brooklyn's in the house, Lamar and for fun Chris Boussard from ESPN.

Yesterday, I made a tweet that instead of these illegals needing amnesty, our military and their families do.......  That we need to love on them, because somebody hugged a picture not a body, somebody hugged a headstone, so we can bbq and talk about some damn sales.

So we as leaders can decide which troops to praise, but can't go visit the grave of the forgotten solider , so we authorize that the word of the God that protects removed from the Air Force seal....( I don't miss anything...... I keep telling you all........ I don't. like that NASCAR sponsorship bill vote needs to emerge......quickly)

You know who was the first to retweet that tweet Mitt Romney, A Ms. Gonzales......

Do you understand what I am saying to you?  In the midst of the wilderness, we call our government and where it is headed.........  division won't come because of race, it will come down to heritage.........those who are American and those who are not.

Your people and I am sure........they are dogging the hell out of me, but they not on the front line, they take a poll of what 1500 and turn into a truth for a whole nation.

I decided to do something different today......... As I prayed.........and I was so thankful for the past couple of days in free agency........

So on behalf of the Dallas Maverick nation, that was here before Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson and will be here after...... and for our baby boy, who we have seen emerge into a man.....

We got two songs today.....  See Mitt, Mark and Donnie..........When I find myself in the wilderness, I remember the three steps the Pastor spoke Sunday, prayer, thanks and acceptance are my only tools.

And in the midst of all, I thought about where our nation is and I cried........ but at the end of the day........

I still said thank you.

 So to David Stern, Deron, Nash, Lamar, and all those who felt like Dallas ain't worth it.  And please don't belittle us Deron, with Jason Kidd as your spokesperson, we are going to check him by the end of this post....... There was no chance of  you ever coming here....  If you that concerned about not wanting to take the fall with Dirk in case things go wrong...... THANK YOU, for that ain't the sign of a great...... that's a sign of a player scared to be one.

That may be the Colony way, no disrespect, but from someone whose address has always said Dallas, TX 752..  Thank you......

Dirk has carried this team's yoke for 13 years.......learn something Deron because if you all ain't in the Eastern Conference Championship next year........I can give you 98 million reasons why that yoke you will walk alone......

What I am trying to say Chris Boussard is 

 This ain't the end
Because this ain't pain
Our spirit is far from broken
Didn't sign no big names
but inspite of everything
From the white and blue
  We strong enuf to say thank you

Our heads is up
Our knees bent down
all the stars burned, burned, burned
the thought of here down
but inspite of everything
From the white and blue
  We strong enuf to say thank you

Thank you
thank you
for the many lessons
(for the lessons)
Dont view them as messes
(Dont view them as messes)
For turning us down helped Big D
(cuz the lessons)
are assured to bring out our best
(to bring out our best)
(inspite of everything)
inspite of everything
(On behalf of the white and blue)
  We still
(gotta say thank you)
thank you free agents

Thank you
thank you
for the many lessons
(for the lessons)
Dont view them as messes
(Dont view them as messes)
For turning us down helped Big D
(cuz the lessons)
are assured to bring out our best
(to bring out our best)
(inspite of everything)
inspite of everything
(On behalf of the white and blue)
  We still
(gotta say thank you)
thank you free agents

  oh we have to say,
We just gotta say thank you David
(thank you Steve)
(thank you)
thank you yeah
just wanna say thank you Deron
(thank you)
(We gotta say)
We gotta say thank you yeah
(thank you)
oh for every last little bit of our strife
(thank you)
oh for the path that is cleared for us, CB
(thank you)
for the path for Delonte to soar
(thank you)
  We wanna say hey
(We gotta say)
for your drama and the strife
(now our team can regain its life)
  Our flexibility is the Lord
(you've been)
  He's been our protection
(our  protection)
oooooh all of the way
(all of the way)

  We thank you Lord
(We  thank you Lord)
repeat (3 times)

(inspite of everything on behalf of the white and blue)
oh thank you Dwight
(We still gonna say)
gotta look to heaven and say
thank you
Lord we thank you
for every last little bit of this strife
  We say thank you
oh just wanna thank you
um We must We must We must
  We shall say thank you
oh thank you
hey We thank you
just wanna say thank you

Do you understand what Dallas' truth is trying to say this morning?

We won........

We didn't need Deron.....

Lord, knows we don't need an over the hill point in Nash trying to get paid.

We don't need one in Kidd who spent last year trying to play agent so he can be in some record books and frankly we don't need him now.

We need humility, we need honor, we need character because despite the lies that Mark Cuban and Donnie want to tell themselves, it wasn't just no damn zone that beat the Heat, it was the will of God through honorable men who had the audacity to believe themselves......

not no damn computer or stat sheet generated by ESPN.

We got as the fans, as the ones that write your check Cuban, we got who want......

We have a soldier who can bring a strong work ethic and stories of honor on our roster,


We want West.......

Mark you can shake your head....... and check your bank account a 1000 times.

But Dallas had a legacy long before you got here, we had the Roy Tarpleys and such...

Dallas ain't no for rapping for the children........  We don't have time for Superman poses, we represent the corporations that pass out stockholder dividends for the cities that do.

We don't make movies, we make bottom lines.

Between TD Jakes, Haynes, Benny Hinn and about three other churches in Dallas alone.... We can fill any stadium in Mexico or the rest of the world on a slow Sunday.....

Because this is home of redemption, and you nor your bank account is going to change that.

When ESPN broke the story of how Delonte had changed...., I told you then the league is paying attention and for you to pound your chest about how you take care of players and this man living in a got damn car..........

Nobody was gonna f*** with you.

We stopped asking you to do right by Delonte, and turned to who we should have in the first place...........


Donnie  you didn't make it no better dogging Tyson out because we all know you wouldn't do it in his face, but now since no free agent worth a crap wanna get in you all's shark tank, you ain't man enough to come on camera for your fans.......

In a city of faith, you talking about "flexibility" in an email, none of you two man enough to get on the air and say what the DALLAS MAVERICKS nation feels.....

Thank you Terry, Baby, we know why you had to go....

You'll never look right in a Celtics jersey, but when its time to retire unlike Kidd, it's welcome arms always.

See America, as I will write the second song tomorrow........

The easiest part of winning a championship is winning it, the hardest part is defending it.  We have all learned through Dallas Maverick Organization that the stats ain't the story.

I don't care how good Howard is... I'll take a man over a boy in Chandler.......but then I ain't no cougar hanging at the club with the young people rapping and such.......

I've had those days...... Dallas is a city of grown folk, Mark, we don't lie about our ages......

We age well......

So you can show your face, Donnie and Mark, we both know y'all shady, thirsty, weak, whatever word you need to put in........

But you ours and tomorrow, as I told you all, four months ago, that your wilderness was going to be long.......

We'll talk about how the Mavericks, this nation, and Mitt Romney can get out of the wilderness

from the one truth from the Miami Heat and one truth from the LA Kings.....

On behalf of everyone involved on my team, to our military and their families,

We simply say,

We have to say,

Thank you......

Deron, and Lamar in particular, no need to apologize to us, or tell us how close we were, hope for your sake, since you didn't want the spotlight here, you ready for the truths that NY and LA spotlights...... there is no honor in those cameras.

Mark, I know fans don't mean nothing to you, but unless Kidd willing to take the minimum, there is no need to pay for three more years of sitting every other game.  Let him enjoy that house in the Hamptons he just bought.....

Mitt, I am telling you the things that Obama will, the only difference is there is no hiding in a debate and between the stuttering and your natural inclination because you are so polished and can't answer a direct question.  He will eat you alive.

You'd better wake up and start talking about jobs and accept the truths that God is giving me through you, because through you or without you, Obama's reign will be ended. Instead being mad of 2016, you better say thank you for today.

Until tomorrow......

       And tell Hillary Clinton, we don't give a damn how much pull she got with Pakistan, she'll never be President of THIS country....... she gave her chance to Barack Obama

and upon reflection all we can say is thank you.......
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