Friday, July 6, 2012

The Champ's Story (Prelude Part 4)

Hello America,

The hacking has started again today and for that I apologize.

I have to rewrite again, but let me just say the things that got it erased.

But all this will do is make me write it again.

Yesterday, wasn't just bad news for Dallas.

Once again, Kaplan where I am getting my second master's degree from just like Pepperdine where I am getting my first masters from waited until after the drop date in my last term of classes to tell me that the US Dept of Education has decided to not continue funding although I have the signed promissory notes..

So now in order to finish this semester 2gs, in order to pay for my thesis classes 4gs, in addition to the 5gs I'm paying in Pepperdine.

I called every week, I did all I could do.....

But someone as student loans are now ran by the Obama Administration dept decided to wait and put me in a hole.....

but you know why I was thankful yesterday.

Because for the first time,

I didn't have the urge to smoke some marijuana, have a drink, yell or cuss or fuss.

For the first time, I didn't think about growing marijuana or have women of the night pay my bills in the daytime ;)

I didn't fret or get down.

I had faith.....

Ann Romney, we don't need a woman for a VP, we need a qualified candidate.

Stop looking at 2016 and work for 2013.

As all of the free agents turned away from Dallas, I was praising.

Because the word says a house built on sand will not stand.........

Only built only on the solid rock.......

How quick they forget Heat, Thunder and Kings, huh?

Lebron baby, a lot of folks got one ring.......

but you promised one, two, three, fo , five, that type of thing.......

So until it's not hate, love....... it's holding you accountable to your word.

I know about the Kidd decision, he already had his mind made when he bought that house.

I know about the Win for hockey.

No Mr. Miami owner, it is not the size of the market, it is the size of the heart of the fans.

OKC sold out how many games, and OU sells more games than the Dolphins on any day, TRUST that Boomer and Sooner ;)

We don't need Kris Humphries or Brand in this market, Mark, we need young players, who are willing to put in the work.

For this week has been a blessing.......

So let me just end with this........

And God spoke to me Wednesday and this song plus by Smokie Norful yesterday, I listened to over 45 times that day.......

Dirk, when you get through feeling sorry for yourself......... get in shape, a lot more than you did last year.

You didn't lead a team that beat the heat with Wade hurt, Bosh broke up, you beat them healthy and nobody expected you to do it.

Nobody left but you.......

but the one who has never left the Mavericks nor your side is God.

And in the midst of the wilderness, until you learn to trust in him,

can you come out of it.

Let everyone else run the race they supposed to run, yes I know about the lakers and all that.

But when you can look up past the bills, past what you don't got, and still say thank you.......

the victory is yours.

You wanted some folk around,

but you didn't need it so when you hit the AAC with Shawn and Brendon, baby boy if your back was hurting like mine was Brendon get better and be strong because your heart is there., Okay.....

Here is something from God that ESPN can't put in their fantasy stats...

 [Verse 1:]
  When you entered into this building,
you brought your heart, your brought your game.
  God has a message for you today,
when you no longer play in this building,  you will be a better man.

[Verse 2:]
So you fussing D? they didn't upgrade no positions,
Now you feeling mighty entitled to start some bitching.
But it ain't your place to question your role,
they upgrade ain't for your body, love, it is being done in your soul.

[Chorus 1:]
God will heal, He does deliver.
He can end Mark's flexible mess.
He has a miracle to fit your needs,
once you trust Him, you will be set free.

[Verse 3:]
God dont need NBA arbitration ,
cuz you lead a team that teaches a nation,
to understand a team ain't built on no big 3;
but a group of 12 who don't need stats to believe.

Chorus 1:]
God will heal, He does deliver.
He can end Mark's flexible mess.
He has a miracle to fit your needs,
once you trust Him, you will be set free.

  [Verse 3:]
So by the time that you leave this AAC building,
You'll see that everyone involved received God's healing.
Once you understand he solely provides your needs,
You'll show the world, out of the wilderness you will lead.

[Chorus 2:]
God will healed, He will delivered.
Hold your  up because your are blessed.
You need to be alone to learn how to lead;
praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, and you will receive.

  You will receive.
[repeat as desired]

Broken but I'm healed.( Dirk's verses)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP)

My point is Dirk, in London see how proud folks are to represent their country.......

because you will come home as you are ours now......... as represent us, 

not with no childishness, this ain't LA, this ain't Orlando, not with quick batch,

but with honor and hard work.

and in the end......

out of the wilderness, God will says you will lead.

The next stage of being a champ is leading your team back to one with what you have, not what you think you should.

that goes for this country,

Mitt, focus on jobs.

And Obama, I'm still moving by October, so this winter you can see me in my Northface, at Harold chicken, looking at my team pointing at you team saying the same thing....

there that __________ go right there ;)

I've already been broken, and by God's grace I've been healed.....

I have received.

Your games won't stop anything including God's will for me to walk twice because his will said so on time.

Thank you, for letting me know my faith is earnest now.

Dirk, come back baby, ready to work.

Mark and Donnie, don't bring players just to shut us up, we no longer look to you all, we look to God. 
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