Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 4)

I apologize.....

I used to work for UPS a long time ago and fell on a dock between the dock and a trailer.  I have L3-L5 damage.  Couldn't afford to miss work so I didn't heed the doctor's orders then, but he told me I would pay now and he was right.

So when I get upset or lift too much, the area swells and the nerves become compressed or what most would call pinched.  I knew I needed to rest but this is midterms of my last set of classes and it has been a challenge this month.

The department of education waits until after the drop date to tell me once again my aid fell through, my at home job in which I use the internet now has problems daily almost on the verge of costing me my job, the human part of me has no choice but to get stressed as I watch William Kristol, my first political boyfriend, freely giving Obama the ammunition , he needs to play the he's rich, white, old, and set up and I'm the cool, black, broke had to hustle, hustle real hard campaign.

For three days, I could not walk.... literally.  I had to drag myself around.  I don't have a wheel chair.  none of that.  I found myself blessing God anyway.

For as the story continues in the midst of the wilderness, it is what we do in the midst that makes the stories, that makes the legends.

When the body is in pain, it forces the brain to think of different ways to move, you begin to consciously think of angles to move your legs, your weight............

As Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson now understand, that the pain that was felt in that initial week of free agency wasn't from a decision by none of the players, it was from the nonchalance and arrogance of these two that they because of checks and positions are the Dallas Mavericks alone....

We all have a place in our cities, in our nation.

So as the pain set in for the Mavericks, the brain if you will could not afford to think blindly or off testosterone because one got more money than another... for money was turned down and opportunity was taken up.

Better choices were made, were a team that was reserving everything for a player who is a child in a man's body emerged into a team of men with chips on their shoulder, knowing they are used rented well paid stand ins.. until "real players" can be signed........

Sunday, I was at home all alone and I couldn't get out of the restroom, I left my phone.  It was in that moment, I was at my lowest.... I was hurting so bad, and my upper body trembled, from trying to carry the dead weight of the rest of my body.

I simply told God "thank you"

See some of us in the GOP, think that if Obama wins, the conservatism will come back...... it won't because we won't have a country by then.

Some of us think that Obama being able to put in his one half cent on a dream team debate but not submit a budget review, nor induce Reid to produce a budget after four years of leadership.... is going to win him the election.

But we are going to learn through our Mavericks, through our Rangers... and yes, this year, I am going to take on the NFL... through our Kings.... and through the Heat.

That in the midst of wilderness nothing can occur, nothing positive, until you realize no matter how bad you are, there is a blessing in that storm.

I am going to write a full post tomorrow.  Dallas and I are having problems.  There is the thought amongst some that me losing connectivity for my job means that I can't move.

Or that having to pay 7k in 5 months means I can't move.

But I know God's words are real....

which is why I am walking, slowly but surely today.

I am not worried about the money I am missing from missing work right now.

I am not worried about the childish ass games Obama and others on the RIGHT will pull to destroy Romney.

I am not worried that I didn't get all of my class work through this week, had to take a 1% loss in my grade, my lowest being 95 in neuropsychology for the haters there.. that's assessment in particular.

I am not worried about the pain my body fills, about the increased trials and tribulations.

I am not worried about Delonte, because I hope and prays and understands that this is home and while others can offer more money just like with Josh, we break bread and pray with you...

I am not worried about other teams, signing this dude, the broke up big three, the old ass big 4, while no one gives the Mavs anything but a first round appearance.

I am not worried about any of it.

Because in the midst of the storm............

I thank God, that the haters in the GOP are emerging now, so in case we do lose and have to retake this country back by force...., they will be right along every liberal when justice comes to their town.

I thank God that the Mavs, the Rangers, the Kings are all underdogs for the pressure is not on them, they can be their own men, and let their acts and bats, and sticks and balls speak.

I am not worried about my job for I know my God has blessed me with an employer who knows something a little fishy with Dallas....... baby girl, needs to leave.

I am not worried about the pain I feel in my body because I can feel it and move

I am not worried because every single thing, I lack, every single thing I have

is enough for me.

Because my God says so.

Romney when you understand that and stick to your guns, when you understand that the campaign is full of haters on the left and the right and to campaign from your soul, brother...listen to brother boehner.........

Because our God says so...

You can do like I, the Mavs, the Rangers, the Kings........

folk don't nobody expect nothing from but disappointment............

And say because he says yes.......

I walk on, I march on, I campaign on because of the testament of his word and promise to me......

And you get ready for the rings, the presidency, the cups, or whatever God has planned for you.

Like I am planning my new apartment in the West Loop, wicker park ain't good enough no more Barack ;)

There is no champ alive, that earned it, without calls and questions, that didn't have faith.

Believe today, that all you need is in your midst, and focus on those tools leading you out of the wilderness.

I'll be back tomorrow.  I needed to let Dallas know today...

Baby, I'm broken but I'm healed........ by a power that no man, no city, no Mexican Cartel mixed with Presidential corruption can put assunder.

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