Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

I am going to start with a short story.......

Then we going to get into some political commentary, so Hillary, Huma Abedin, Ed Rollins, Reid, Money Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch ;) (Senator McConnell), Ann Romney, Syrian leaders, families who receive Headstart benefits.......

We all headed to the ladies' room, Ed and Harry Reid belong there.......  Money Mitch a gentleman, he won't look ;)

In addition, we need Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers and NBA marketing.......  and just because I am from Dallas, live two major streets from Desoto, Let's get Dez Bryant, in here.....

This year, we taking on football....

The ladies' room are typically bigger so we can fit all these folk in... ;)

God says to me last night........

"Pretty bold words you stated there yesterday, three weeks left in your term, you already behind a week, three 15 page papers due in two weeks, you ain't going to get the study time you need, you still gotta work and that's hectic and going to increase in it........

And tomorrow, just to see if you are a woman of your word, now your driver's license and bank card gone......  Because your favorite nemesis, is going to do all in her power to stop you from leaving.....

But its time for you to go public, or start to... so you are going to start doing radio shows and podcasts... Time to come on out of the shadows........."

I just look at God, I'm still hurting too bad to sit all the way up........

"Seems like God, I was just starting to feel better... went walking today... I got my massage and my hair appts I gotta cancel because you want to test me, huh?   hmmmmm..............."

God waits for a further response, but I don't have one

He says "Tiffani, you ain't got nothing else to say......."

"What's the point?  You want to test if I am going to get tomorrow and name so and so....... and do the things I used to do because we both who took my stuff and why.......  You want to test and see if I can stay on target and still praise your name while you letting these other mof......  Gosh, God, I mean, people make it..   You throwing strife all around to see who is going to stay on target to find their ways out of the wilderness.......

You don't feel the need to test them, but apparently you feel the need to test me.  So John Boehner......

So be it"

I reach over and take the only painpills that work (Alleve, go figure).........

"Good night, God..........If I said your ways were worth it, when I couldn't even walk 5 feet, ain't sh**......" pausing "I mean nothing is going to change now, do you......"

And with that God helps me pull myself back in the bed all the way, and pats me on the shoulder...... 

and today....... sure enough, I have to spend dealing with the wonderful world of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles without my hair done for my pic.... 

The point of the story is that the bull is going to come for those God has appointed to be examples for us to learn from.

That means strife is coming to the Texas Rangers dugout, for Wash runs a team in which his will is not questioned....... He has to find a way to balance keeping his authority but letting his team, his brothers know I made a mistake, don't question me about it ;) but I know when I messed up.

He is just a quick phone call from Rick Carlisle who can give him some pointers on that.

The point of the story is that the bull is going to come for those God has appointed to keep fighting for our country.......

That means while some of you fools are thinking Republicans are all about power, my brother, my big brother, Money Mitch is fighting Harry Reid to keep part of our constitution intact, which means certain procedures require 66 votes........ not 51

understand what I am saying.  It is easier for Mitch to say yeah let's go for the 51 votes......that way if we win a simple majority we can throw out Obamacare, impeach Obama and Holder and press charges against Reid, and put in a balanced budget quickly...... easily............

But Mitch ain't fighting for the Republican Party to make its way out of the wilderness alone, he is fighting for our nation and our Constitution as well..........

So for some of you all that's thinking Republicans are all about power..........

We are baby, 

but power for the people..........

If we were as ruthless as that other side, Mitch would be saying f*** it right now and on the campaign trail on the premise of we just need 51,

instead he fighting for God's country laws that says 66, which means compromise.........

See for all making things in America,

Harry Reid just yesterday removed 2000 jobs because he removed the rule that US ships only carry foreign aid to foreign countries while he fussing and cussing about China knowing pissing China off is only going to force them to demand their money know which he knows or don't we got because in almost four years.

He nor Obama ain't wrote nor approved a damn budget..........

See for all the ying yang about old white men.

Old White Man named Harry Mason Reid along with the kind of sort of but not when election time is around half white man in Barack Obama.......

popping all this crap about saving the middle class.....

In this big bad we are going to reduce the military bill sequester bill, know what else in there, middle class and lower class families,

a massive cut to headstart and child care services, HIV and AIDS measures.........

That wasn't started by the Republican party, dear citizens, that was for the "We for the middle class" democrats..........

And you wonder why Brother Boehner says "They full of s*** and I'm tired of keeping quiet about it........."

The point of the story is that as a woman who runs her family Ann Romney has said enough, if Barack the President ain't gotta show these love letters he is writing to Iranian Ayotollahs, not show his birth certificate BEFORE he was elected, not show these fast and furious paper, she ain't showing her family business out there with a President and administration that tells illegals live openly, commit as much identity theft as you need to which is why my drivers license came up missing yesterday..........

The point of is, Ann John Boehner baby, so be it........

Don't pay attention to Kristol and these GOP folks, for it will be your family that is demonized....... and it will draw away from the issues.......

Can't get these democrats to write a damn budget, but they want some tax returns...

Me and Boehner got your back.......  Baby Girl, stay strong.......

The point of it is is that Michelle Bachmann had the right to question every last person who works for the Clinton administration as far as secretary of state, but unlike Sigourney Weaver (yes, I watch the show political animals) she not going to be the next President regardless of what her testicles may tell her.........

Hillary Clinton gave up her assured chance to make history and be President against a candidate she knew she could beat in the primary and in the general.  She was a white woman who endured cigars and all against a black candidate whose every part of his name is on someone's terror list, who had ties to authenicated domestic terrorists, who had claims of cocaine use and we all know in politics proof ain't a requirement.........

She was a white woman who could have just said I don't want war against John McCain and one.

But she chose to withdraw from two states she knew she won and take this job as secretary as state I guess to play I am going to let this n**** f*** up some s*** for eight years and then come on in like Larry Flynnn..........

I don't mince words............

I don't play games.

So when Michelle Bachmann says because Hillary is a terrorist, I want to question Huma Abedin, and her ties because Hillary can get Pakistan do things apparently Obama can't, in an administration that is openly Muslim.........

She was justified.  Ed Rollins baby, you were a hater from the start, it's reason even in the Ladies Room, we telling you, urinate sitting down, we'll stand up........

Huma, when Dallas Police came looking for me, even for a crime I technically did not committ and they couldn't find me to talk to me, you know what they did..........

they went to my parent's house and questioned them..........

Why? because they were related to me and by association, in order to do their job, they needed to question all motives and ties.

I am not worried Huma, you nor that porn star you call a husband will get a seat and I really do not give a damn about the GOP kissing your butt because they scared to show that they are not Muslim friendly.

This God's country, which means we don't have a problem with you having your own religion, but God, Jesus and the Holy spirit run this land, not ALLAH.


we got a right to question each and every last muslim, each and every last Hillary traitor type female until we get to the truth.

For God's word  he reigns supreme, not Allah and in his country.......  those who mean his children harm, get questioned and get dealt with.

So Huma you and Hillary can get your notoriety from who you screwing..........

But in order to big girls in the Ladies' room, you have to had put in your own work and no on the type of jobs that end up with XXX ratings ;)

The last point of the story is Syria be glad that we not blowing your head off with your leaders....

Because come November............. change is coming..

We not kissing Muslim ass to show we don't hate Muslims.

We praising God, we dealing with countries that show us favor and we will show it back.

The apologizing, trying to prove s*** to the Muslim Brotherhoods of the world only got about 4 more months to go.... Trying to start a war and give Obama a chance to show he can reach Muslims and Romney can't won't matter.

We ain't interested in trying no more.

We trying to get our country back straight,

drill our own oil,

protect the homie Israel 

keep Russia in Check

and break China by manufacturing our own clothes again, with the Levi Strauss recipe, hemp.

Well, that's all for today...........

There is a podcast radio214, that I am working out the details to appear on....

RTP, real talk productions is stepping up and hitting the air waves.

We all are going to go through strife, folk and we can't be worried about being nice or being political correct.

We are in a war for our country and our way of life,

We need not give a damn how much basketball Obama can play when over 37 states can't even pay the governments or pension.

We need not give a damn about how much Michelle say we need to eat when it is her party of the people that is cutting out vital services like Headstart through a shiesty manner in a defense bill instead of using those triceps she loves to show off and put it in a bill on its own.

We need to understand this ain't about GOP vs democrats. 

It's about America versus those who ain't for America.

and some of those folks on the latter team are GOP, some black, some democrats and we gotta get the fortitude to slay them all.....

and when we make mistakes and sometimes those who didn't deserve it, get it...

We will pray over their bodies and souls and say.........

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
This ain't the way we planned it, we talked and  debated
If you should take it, but to terrorists you are related
We some protection pros, we got them bloodhounds nose
If we feel there is a breach, then its upper room time solo
This is here is God's world, remember before your hurl
to these swine all of your family safety those precious family pearl
We are going to clean the hill out, with more than just some Shout!
We Tina Turner, making the hill ova, so it won't be no doubt
We not fearing no comma tary,this here about honor
We ending all these corrupt ways, all this stormy weatha
We not going to play withcha, this bs pc pictura
We going to make examples real clear, no more kinda
Going back and forth chris brown and sometimes Rihanna
We going to make our nation better, even if it gotta get wetter
Because we not playing no more these here games
Because we sent to praise his holy name even if its yo ass in flames

[Hook: Missy Elliott]
Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey, ey
We just repping for G
Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey,
We using that big D

We bustin cuz we riding'
We lighting up midnight and
left and right buck wilding

We turning that moat into Poseidon
Baby, you didn't make it clear so we came,came
To use defense to restore his name, name, name

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Now you can tell yourself, that hope and change coming real soon
But reassured that y.o.l.o when t.r.o.y. burying that wooden tomb
See God's will like syphillis you cant stop
We rising up like an outbreak of pollo pox
Living your life at stake because my God turns Pookies into Chris Rocks
See if liquor hit your name forever
Just now you didn't make your choice clearer
This is so beyond purple or red and blues
This is defense of those who got things to lose
We reserve to right to mame, shoot and bruise
Because for the sake of Lady Liberty
We don't mind pulling triggas on multicolored ni****s,
And you can meet Allah, God, and Budda, holy trinity

[Hook: Missy Elliott]
Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey, ey
We repping for G
Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey,
And we using the D

We bustin cuz we riding'
We lighting up midnight and
left and right buck wilding

We turning that moat into Poseidon
Baby, you didn't make it clear so we came,came
To use defense to restore his name, name, name

Nobody's perfect (Huma's warning)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP)

Nobody's perfect............
But that won't stop us from doing whatever it takes to restore this country.
If that means your career, your life, your riches or whatever in between, 
then so be it,
b/c there are no games.
Be very clear on whose side you on... your rep, your political affliation don't matter, only your choices do.
Dez Bryant may be a hell of a football player....  but he is a child and until he learns the consequences of his actions, he will never be a man or a player that he is meant to be.
Dez, your mama may have been 13 when she had you, she may have sold dope and everything in between but you could have been left at the clinic and for the actions that you have gotten away with, had she not been your mother, you would be where you belong right now.
Because men that hate women, need to be around men that will show you how to respect a mother's love.......
Be glad you live in Desoto now.
Because 20 years ago, they just would have beat your ass and ended your career.
Jerry it's time to suspend Dez Bryant from the football field and let him complete his passage into adulthood and for once be held accountable for his actions for potential.
Dez time away from football and time with life for dudes who can't they hands off they damn mama and screw every opportunity, they mama's story has gotten them.
Time for the wilderness.......
We don't need no more women hating black men, we got one we gotta get out of the oval office now.

Rangers don't let drama keep you in the wilderness,
Imma let this sit until Monday because some of these folk on the left and right, think if all these Rebels can exist in other countries, they don't in a country that was founded on Rebels......
This is not a game, this is not a drill.
Every play, every catch, every pitch....... every speech, every vote....
And thanks House GOP, for having my NASCAR and military family backs.......
We here to defend his honor, the more drama comes, the tighter we get as a unit.
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