Monday, July 23, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 6)

Hello America,

I had to let some strong words stand because I know bull when I see it.

Today will be no exception.

I understand that Rep. Weiner and his wife are under police protection, but understand and know that the threat came from a Muslim suspect not the TeaParty before ABC rushes another news report..........

We are going to talk about the shooting today, poverty levels, unemployment, justice, Bachmann, the tea party and b/c I am a psych major we are going to have a case study. throw in a little message for Josh Hamilton

So let's begin please.

Sgt. Quintana says its about job.

The LA Kings showed us championship truth put together an assembly of men no one gave a chance to.

The Miami Heat show us why the young players of the Los Angeles Angels will be continued to be highlighted because the biggest bust of free agency in Pujuois  because commissioners gotta protect the brand versus letting teams play on their own.

The Keith Urban song says I don't know why I made that sacrifice...

Let's keep those four truths today.

We're going backward.

First of all, Michelle Bachmann is being targeted not because of her comments about Huma, all she said is did she go through all the checks, which is beyond plausible considering we have a President who didn't and a assured first female President who at the finish line backed out just to announce she is going to run in 2016 like we are some darn fools.

President Obama has written secret love letters to the spiritual leader of Iran, he has empowered Egypt and other countries with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in power, a group whose sole mission is to destroy the West.

And because the Christian God that was here the day this country was founded because a country's religious culture ain't up for change.

Used his mighty powers, to use that spin on Bachmann and those traitors in the GOP dogging her on this issue when all she was asking for was accountability and being absent when she is the only one that had the balls to tell John Boehner, you paying for Obamacare in this CR and you know it.........

Didn't work did it, media?

You stirred up a hornet's nest didn't you.

For the Bachmann nation, knows it needs to rise.  Her opponent says it is about jobs.... That's what she has been doing love.  Had she not stood  up to Boehner more tax dollars would have been used for Obamacare even now, because of her words the State Department has to make sure all of their procedures are followed, preventing us from jihad's with far more destruction than a Saturday in Colorado.........

The reason why ABC News linked the Colorado shooting to the Tea Party without clearing it, the reason why the GOP including John Boehner, who I have already tweeted early Friday and told he'd better have something else to talk about this morning and Rep. Rodgers for no one is immune from these guns.........

the reason why Bachmann is targeted........

don't have anything with no Muslims or no shooting or gun rights.




from liberal news outlets to ranking GOP members will line up to cut out the TeaParty and Bachmann as she is the chair of the teaparty caucus.

I did a mini case study from the information that I found on the Colorado shooter from the information that I could gather.  He wasn't on a suicide mission,  he made sure that he was protected.  He surrendered without protest which for me is a sign of admission of guilt.

He was a neuro major with a high GPA and in Spring 2010, couldn't get a job in the midst of these stimulus recovery dollars flowing freely.

And by the summer of 2012, he exploded and wanted to be the joker.

The joker is not the simple villan of the comic books of old, ever since batman became the dark knight fueling that delusions of all these children and adults who can't face reality but live in the world of xboxes and playstations and such... it has become omnious and almost demonic.

The joker is someone who reminds me of Barack Obama, and the shooter a young man who is bitter, who is frustrated at one of life's simply truths.

Life is not fair, for life to be fair means life without society and order.......... and we are so well past that, even if a new society was created instaneously today, it wouldn't be fair either.

So the joker in order to bring "fairness"to Gotham city, and Obama to bring "fairness" to America, and this shooter to bring "fairness" to Colorado.

All use one thing in common: the attempt to rob the best of us, or what we think is the best of us to break us.

I didn't go see the new movie, I am not paying for that kind of stuff. I am going to see a movie at midnight, it is going to have a happy ending, probably in which I am borrowing one of Boehner's cigarette.  I don't have time for fantasy, but in the previous installment.

The joker created a situation in which he corrupted the soul of a good citizen, and use that anger of what had happened to the man, Harvey, to get Harvey to decide that he was going to play God.  That through a flip of a coin, he would decide the fate of man.

The joker pitted one group over another, the "good" folks over the "bad" cons, and decided to let folks decide what's fair.  For he believed anarchy could be achieved through chaos.

The problem is batman ain't real, but God is.

What the shooter in Colorado and Obama are going to find out, is that there is nothing, NOTHING that happens in this country, in this world without his knowledge, without his will.

And for the victims in Colorado, that's a pretty crappy thing to say right now, but it is the truth.  Because on every single day on this earth, more than one person is born and more than one person dies and that's just life.

You see Mayor Bloomberg, had that incident happened in Texas, the shooter would have never made it to the movie theatre because you never know who in the parking lot seeing this young man dressed in battle armour like a video game walking in with an assualt rifle, all we would have seen and heard is about a young man going to the other side, and you, nor Obama, nor ABC News would have anything to talk about.

We are out of control America.  We have a president who is Muslim in culture, I don't really know about his religion.  He gravitates towards it for as joker, he feels that American culture is  unfair and those he deems "good" deserve more than he deems "bad".

The muslim culture is orderly, there are rules, there is the appearance of respect, although wearing a burka doesn't make a woman honorable, it feels good to those who are insecure about things of that nature.

We took God out of school, but we are letting Muslim bully us into putting Allah in.  We can't say Christmas, but we have a President who celebrates Ramadhan.  We have preachers who say they love God, but tell their members to vote for a man because of his race, knowing that God made all and not judge on the content of their character.

It is nothing but sad, treasonous that while the GOP is dogging Bachmann especially in the Senate, a trade bill for Russia is being rushed through with help by both sides.........

But you can't get these fools to write or vote on a budget.

Reid is bragging about cybersecurity but has no inclination to stop massive cuts to headstart, hiv/AIDS prevention, our defense directly impacting segments of the population, he and Obama swear they love: the middle and lower class for rich people can buy their own armies. they do in Mexico everday.

Poverty levels through the roof, but Obama wants to talk about "justice" while a border patrol agent souls lies in turmoil, because he won't release the documents needed for that man's absolution because his justice may turn into Obama's removal.....

You see how full of s*** our leaders are?  How full of sh** we are to think we can do all this wrong and God is going to help us make this crooked straight?

I wonder if money didn't go to Solyndra and Lightsquared and protecting illegal relatives and 75k a day trips to Muslim Spain would the shooter had a job where he could have been angry in a functional way..........

You know until I broke up with my abusive ex-husband did he ever talk about treating me right....

Do you understand what I am saying Obama? We don't want to hear about next term with Israel... You played more golf than any other President, you ran your ass to Egypt to put in your Muslim Brotherhood comrades.........

If nothing else, be man enough to say I am the joker.

Because my God is man enough to show you, Reid, that shooter in Colorado, Russia because we all know Mother Russia is in on this crap, these Muslims, these fools trying to pump women like Huma A. behind her husband being naked, Hillary through her husband placing cigars in places God didn't intend............

that the joke is on  you, boo..........

You spent trillions of dollars and we have nothing to show for it.

You ran your campaign on being able to handle domestic issues, and you have just not for this country.

Let me end with this.

God don't like ugly....

God don't like bulls***.

I watched this movie on Obama being Malcolm X's son, it was actually kind of cool, they favor, explains a lot of his ties to Chicago and while his records have frequent flier miles that make Hillary Clinton envious.

I watched Malcolm X directed by spike Lee and I watched all the way up until the end, for it is when Malcolm found a truth that was not of hatred and disdain for any of God's children, one of his own brothers who brought him up from a junkie loving white women and pork and everything sin in between gunned him down with our government's assistance.

To the US Senate, to Reid, to Obama, to Huma, to Hillary and everyone else who thinks they can play this nation for fools.........

This God's country, if you want to live in a Muslim Centered country, there are plenty to chose from, but this ain't one of them.

Be real..................

real careful of the words and the games you play into this election.

B/c brother Obama, just like your daddy said in the movie, God's words ain't no hustle......

They were not then and they are not.

The Joker is a cartoon to help the children deal with the fact that life ain't fair.

But if needed, we can help some adults learn that lesson as well.

Josh Hamilton, you got four girls, I know it took work and patience and a rhythm.......  just let it come to the batter's box withcha' you'll be allright.

The chaos that some of you all think you want won't leave past your door step.  US Senate you pass that bill for Russia and not a farm bill or a budget,

it won't be the tea party, but it will God's party

that will show mother Russia, that Uncle Sam is the only d*** in the room.

This is not a game people, we will not show mercy on either party, we will show mercy on patriots and nothing less.  

Barack, be real careful brother, we fighting for your safety everyday because we don't need a maytr but don't put yourself out there on a ledge you can't get off on.

That shooter's blood is on your hands........ instead of investing in illegal foreigners, he should had a job.

I'll be back tomorrow maybe.   

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