Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

We don't have a lot of time today to play or lie or politicize.

We just got time for truth.

At some point during the LA Kings championship run, somebody decided this ain't working....

They went outside the rink, the box and got a coach who wasn't in the loop.

And something in that coach said......

I'll do it.

Something resonated within him.

I listened to Obama pound his chest about how he is keeping his campaign promises about bringing vets home, my question is to what?

Poverty levels unseen since the 1950s, unemployment and yes I know about the spelling in the house which means they were doing some work, I bet you won't see a misspelling of the word budget in the Senate........

they haven't written one in over 3 years.

See what folks like Obama and Dez Bryant and the Colorado Shooter and Lebron James is that when you play all these games......... pop all this jazz, it's cute for a hot second.

You validated for a brief moment.

And before you can blink your eyes, somebody invariably is going to say now what?

It's real cute that Obama can brag about Iraq being able to fend for itself, until you realize that they are next to a Iran he helped become nuclear, an Egypt he personally put in Muslim Brotherhood leadership, and a Syria that has chemical weapons that folks like the Joker would love to have as toys.

It's real cute that Obama can tell black "folk" to stop complaining when the unemployment levels in their community are at record levels, nowhere seen under the devil named Bush, #41 or #43 nor the heathen named Reagan.

It's real cute that Obama and Biden are "fighting for the middle class and poor people" but gutting, GUTTING headstart which is a vital part of welfare reform which is why they are lowering the requirements for welfare.

But at some point........

Somebody is going to go outside of the box and say. just going to leave Iraq like that after all that running to Egypt, Iran and everywhere Obama?

Damn..... you tell Hispanics and Veterans and Asians they have a right to complain about jobs but b/c black folk ain't no voting demographic worth a s***, they just good for soundbites and photo ops with black celebrities, Obama?

Damn, we need headstart not rich people, we need jobs.  broke folk, middle class folk don't write payroll checks, they cash them, do you not see that Obama?

Because when things get personal you go outside of the box to find your place in the wilderness.

Lebron James finally got a ring under debatable circumstances........

Able to ask about the whereabouts of his woman and celebrate with verses and verses of 2 Chains....

But somebody in Brooklyn thought you got a big three, maybe a big four will do.

Somebody in Los Angeles, thought we Los Angeles, we just big all around, but it won't hurt to get a little bigger.

Somebody in Dallas, realized that God does look out for fools and children, and sent a revamped roster that Deron nor Dwight nor either Jason could provide in energy and heart.....

and now somebody looking at Lebron like didn't promise us multiple rings, one, two or three folks....

Because when you promise the world, somebody damn sure is going to inquire about your promises despite the lack of realism of them.

Today, John Boehner is trying to revive a bill, I ask him to kill for a moment because at the time the discussion about it were not coming from the right perspective and a couple of days ago I asked him to bring it back.  I never speak alone so bear with the Brother on that...

Today, a family in Dez Bryant and his mother, is asking for justice not to be served because Jerry needs some yards, Romo needs a scapegoat and somebody needs rent money.

But after somebody hears the sob story, the polished 2 minute drill Jerry's minions have put on Dez so bright, he can tell OutKast so fresh, so clean..........

Somebody is going to ask wasn't it a tape?

Somebody is going to ask if he didn't run a ball, would we give a damn? Wouldn't we on Desoto for not doing their job if they didn't prosecute.

Somebody is going to ask isn't common for victims of family violence and domestic violence to want to decline charges after making them because many of the victims are financially tied to the abuser making the cycle even harder to break.

and somebody is going to say, starting with myself, that Desoto police you need to press charges because a call was made, the suspect left the scene and in light of the officer who had to shoot a young man in Dallas because the young man as he ran from a drug house, proceeded to whop the officer's ass and tell the officer" you are going to have to kill me" in which the officer subsequently did..........

justice has to be blind to jerseys.

If Dez Bryant was any other man that didn't work for the employer that he did, he would be taken to trial and subject to our court proceedings.  And if he doesn't have money, and if Goddell wants to even pretend he's not on a mission to destroy New Orleanes and get a team over the pond.......  He suspends for four games or more.

then so be it. 

Because justice is blind.  There is a girl in Kentucky headed to jail because she was raped, she was raped and because her rapists got a sealed indictment, she went to twitter and mentioned their names not for money, but acknowledgment that these are the dudes that raped me.........

Because justice is blind, she gets raped, her rapists get deferred adjudicated probation and sealed records because they paid a lawyer with money that can never buy her peace and she tells, she gotta sit a cell.

Because justice is blind all day long, time for Dez and his family that it applies to them too even if Jerry trying to give lady justice lasik surgery.

While you paying tax dollars for your government to sign treaties removing your right to bear arms, give illegals amnesty, won't write a budget now your hard earned dollars being used to fly donors in Air Force 1 so conversations can't be recorded while you finding out that medals and patriotism don't pay groceries or the light bill.

While Geithner is going to warn us that Russia is getting all the fiscal havoc they deserve, he won't go the Senate and ask them to come up with a budget or plan for our money.

While Obama is going to ensure you get a tax return by taking care of those under 250,000 for this year, he don't have to way to ensure you will even file the year after.......gotta have a job to do that.

but because of some of us getting a little older and want to.........

because some of us ain't no cougars no lions, no damn animal, but grown a** women who proudly cling to our bibles, our guns, and our constitutions, loving strong men, whether they gay or straight, not in the bedroom but for the strength they have in their character, their hearts, and the spirit.

We can say this.

Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich and everyone else...........Let Romney people.  He is not a fighter in that regard.  He is a good, simple corny guy and the only thing that will get the rise out of him is when he faces Obama in a debate and Obama lies, Obama doesn't follow the rule and somewhere in that debate as he tells Romney he didn't start no business on his own.

that his money ain't his own.

that he couldn't have done as many good deeds as him because he personally knows Tyler Perry, and he is black sometimes and passed out flyers.

Mitt going to flip.  He is going to get red, he is going to think about stuttering, but because our prayers are going to empower him...........

he is going to get real quiet, and he is going to put his head down, he is going to be so pissed the tears in his eyes and he is going to say.

with all due respect, Mr. President that's enough...

I ain't going to lie my daddy federal legacy I rock
But I had hustle way before Jigga , made my own Barack
I wanted to have my own, b/c that's the way I raised on my block
I'm just not going to let you keeping dogging me cuz I'm not
ain't part of the rock, and just because I'm white don't mean born to win
Because I serve a God that demands humility within
Screw your shots, to turn this into Salem's lot
I hit the business school of small biz hard knocks, 
So homie you got, flyers that show you can dance and what not
Our troops baby getting rocked by shell shots
Still protecting us as your sequestration leaves them dry
I may not be cool, but I damn sure know a budget you must abide by
That's me dawg, this R don't stand for Rock, but homie I won't be mocked
Running a nation ain't lucky charms looking for damn shamrocks
I ain't no hoe believe me, walked more than 8 miles in motor city
This race about running this nation, not American Idol, see B

My block - Just because you white or rich don't mean s*** easy
My block - Hell no, I can't dance but manage believe me
My block - A nation and provide jobs because honor don't feed the
My block - bills, I don't need to freeload off  Uncle Sam, B

See Barack,  ain't the government place to say  Mustang or Iroc
Ain't our place, if our citizens want to cash out
Naw my block, ain't Chicago but life and pain don't stop
I came from those that write checks that puts food in folks mouth
I understand our truckers need laws that protect but let them have it
See here Barack, when we hurt truckers we all collateral damage
America my block, it's in my words and my heart
While you using my tax dollars to help Muslim Brothers make us marks
Don't care Barack, I'm locking the game up like dominoes
B/c I'm sick of the he's white and rich, he don't have no woes
I got pride of a righteous man's fire
Time for hope and change to retire

[Chorus - 2X]

My block - Just because you white or rich don't mean s*** easy
My block - Hell no, I can't dance but manage believe me
My block - A nation and provide jobs because honor don't feed the
My block - bills, I don't need to freeload off  Uncle Sam, B

My block - Just because you white or rich don't mean s*** easy
My block - Hell no, I can't dance but manage believe me
My block - A nation and provide jobs because honor don't feed the
My block - bills, I don't need to freeload off  Uncle Sam, B

See Barack, I don't  kno Hollywood, but I damn sho kno business
I know the rules and regs to keep jobs here comprende?
I know folks want their own aint gotta be black for that understanding
I know folk want to earn, not have to kiss and beg for s***
I went and withstood the NAACP, I don't need no cast of the wire
Even when they boo'ed, didn't tell them complain or run from fire
See Barack, I know that charities and donations have been under shell shocks
Because you want all of us to beg from you, Right Ba Rack
May be different, but I know God does exist
And I'm proud to stay he's a part of every decision I'm involved in
This my blocks, I wouldn't change nothing about this red,white and blue pearl
I ain't gotta be from the ghetto to love all these boys and girls
Born and raised, I'm going to save my blocks...

[Chorus - 2X]

 [Chorus - 2X]

My block - Just because you white or rich don't mean s*** easy
My block - Hell no, I can't dance but manage believe me
My block - A nation and provide jobs because honor don't feed the
My block - bills, I don't need to freeload off  Uncle Sam, B

My block - Just because you white or rich don't mean s*** easy
My block - Hell no, I can't dance but manage believe me
My block - A nation and provide jobs because honor don't feed the
My block - bills, I don't need to freeload off  Uncle Sam, B

Sorry Ann, My nation needs me.........

My block (Mitt's ephiphany)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP

drop the mic , and go to his green room and pray.

And you know what we going to do Scott, Newt and everyone on the GOP, we going to pray as his innocence and realization that a terrorist he is standing across from breaks his heart.......

And when he comes out of that room and says "I lost it.........." for this is a Man of God and although we don't have the same beliefs, he knows God.........

We going to pray with him and say "it's okay......... it's allright, we know you had to walk the steps God told you to"

Now let's go get our country back.

The Olympics are starting in two days and from families living in vans so baby boys could turn flips, to phelps making his last hurray to Americans showing Bolt, baby.....we invented speed, to others making sacrifices so others can run their race God intended them to, to Lebron needing that ring he already got to show the world, I am a King because I live in a land where freedom rings, to Serena saying yo........ sorry,............

Baby, it's red, white and blue in this joint today.  I'm repping the A, and it ain't Atlanta.

Our soldiers, our citizens down and tired, from race and class games, games with their hearts and destinies going to sit down and enjoy some pride, some triumphs, some glory to remind us why we are number #1 because this is the only nation that says on the way we barter and trade.

In God we Trust..........

My time is up, let me just say this.  There is a scene in the movie training day between Denzel and Ethan Hawke and Ethan Hawke pulls on a gun on Denzel even though he was outranked, his life was on the line....

Instead of telling his comrades to blast him, Denzel's character says......

He's a choir boy with heart.

When Obama lies, don't follow the moderator rules, avoids every question with a comment about race, class, religion, Romney is going to rise up and seize that shotgun.

He just a choir body with heart, he gotta make his peace with God that he attempted to do things the right way before he will go to the ways that are going to work to get a terrorist out of office.

NO bigger champ than America, where Justice has a chance to be blind........

These our blocks Barack, the good ones, the bad ones, the white ones, the bad ones, the Muslim ones, the Mormon ones, the ones that got guns, the ones that don't.

These our blocks...  You understand.

And whether the Beyonce or Lebrons or Randy Travis or Dez or folk  you never heard of, hate me or Mitt's guts...... we both know this God's country and we'll die to protect it.

Will you?

   Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven

What's in your heart, Barack? because it's shows in your actions and it shows in ours....

When the Olympics starts, I'll be back.

Time for block bleeding... 
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