Monday, July 30, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 9)

Hello America,

I apologize that I could not write towards the latter end of the week.  I am in my last week of classes for my first master's and I'm taking three courses....  It's intense.  Just my thesis left to go and in January, I won't be able to put any alphabets in front or behind my name,but I will be able to put them on my resume.

First of all, I did something that I have not done before.  I had my first on radio interview.

Tiffani Mims Interview

This is national podcast that addresses tweeps from all over America spreading the conservative truth, I was asked about State Senator Louise Lucas among other topics.....  Not too long of an interview check me out...

Yes, Obama..... I am immortalized on iTunes, love........

We so coming for you.

I had to pause as this is not by any means CNN or FoxNews, but for someone who has been through the things that I have, and decided in 2007, I have to do my part, to start with a blog, to not know anything about twitter, but knew something had to be done.

It's a testament to God's grace, it's a testament to what can happen despite the odds.

For those who are new to this site, I write this post in books, as in books of the bible because it's easier to organize.

This is the champ's story and we have four tenets that guide this book.

Sgt. Quintana, a purple heart veteran, who was interview for this site, who said that his main concern about Obama, was jobs for his brothers and sisters and the military and overall... His mantra was "Romney ain't Jesus, he ain't my pastor, I simply need him to be my President and provide jobs"

Keith Urban, whose song about sacrifice holds the key lyric " I don't know why....", alluding to the fact that heroes don't spend time questioning the call, they simply answer it.

The Truth from our LA Kings as we use sports teams on here as analogies, just in the midst of the wilderness they call a season, they got a coach who wasn't even on the scene because their faith led them outside the box and inside the championship circle.

and Lastly that from the Miami Heat, that more than talent, it takes breaks that no one of us account for to get through at times........

So this is how I write.  I ask the main subjects of the day to came to the front of the classroom, as this is a teaching environment, in which  we all learn from one another and we go from here.

Ambassador John Bolton, Rep. Eric (Eazy-E) Cantor, Senator John McCain, Vice President Dick Cheney, Gov. Sarah Palin, Jordyn Wieber, and Scott Feldman.... and Texas Rangers.

We got a full plate let's go.

This weekend, I asked God could I write, I saw the Rangers struggling against the White Sox, and I wasn't worried about Josh, wasn't really about the team, but I was concerned because I didn't the Rangers having that love for one another....   They are known around the league as a fun team and a brotherhood, every play they throw up their claw to each other, they don't really care how they get it done..

And I just started to see snippets of fussing and cussing, for those who don't know I use sports teams as a way to spread God's truth about politics, culture, whatever....... Bear with me, please.

And in the loss, Saturday, Nappy Nap ;), the catcher for the Rangers whose hurt this year, tired, got mad and hit a home run....  didn't win the game, but the way he hit it, I think was a turning point.  He was tired, he is hitting nowhere like he did last year.......  But he looked at his brothers, he looked at the scoreboard and he simply got mad and hit like it.

But that's just the first part of the play which has a point for those above, I believe Torrealba, the other catcher batted next as he was the DH for the day... and he hit a single, but for the first time in like two weeks........

He "clawed" to his brothers with emphasis.

The Rangers lost that game............

but when they look back at in October, they are going to say the same thing, me and God were arguing with my mom about.........

They won their season back.

I am a firm believer that these geo-political media conglomerates are part of the liberal entities that use mass media to spin things, from is Joseline from Love and Hip Atlanta really a man to spinning elections.

But because I serve a God that can take any mountain and turn into a pathway.......

The tricks and games go long past "Stebbie J" ;)

Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Gomhert who my little ole' vote helped elect his first term :), How are you brother? *big smile* and others.... said a simple truth.

Everyone deserves to be checked, and political correctness runs a paltry second to national security, .....

The GOP in an act of desperation demeaned Michelle Bachmann, who I consider a personal big sister, she knows this, she knows I'll ride with her to the end, we may fuss as I am a lot younger, but she knows I have her back always......

and it wasn't about whether what she was saying was true it came from her.

But as one of our tenets say, real heroes don't question the call, they simply answer it.

Ambassador John Bolton, who NO ONE can deny knows the global perspective, should be the next secretary of state frankly, stood up for Bachmann and simply said........  as a person who is involved in our security, she is asking the right questions, she is doing nothing more than simple protocol.

And no one, but Rep. Cantor, took the decency to stand up for Bachmann..........

Thank you two for answering the call, you didn't have to, but I'm glad you are my brothers that did.

See it's not easy, saying hard truths these days.

Eazy-E, don't worry about Pelosi love, she just trying to be a distraction....... we all know in the words of Evelyn Ochocinco Johnson, she is a "non.............." you know what I mean.

But my point is this unlike the Rangers, who withstood the temptation to fall apart, the GOP is not.  Why?  B/c there are traitors in our mix, that will use dissention to put Obama back in the white house, why? B/c deals with Muslim interests, primarily Saudi Arabia for their oil, because we don't have the testicular courage to drill our own, demand that a Muslim be President and empower their agenda for 8 years........

  I don't mince words........... I don't run from them.  Our government is that corrupt.

Senator John McCain, who I have charged with treason at times, for not standing up to Obama, who I have fought for, who I have fought against is doing something very, very, very important.

He, Senator Graham, who I fight with all the time on cap and trade but will support him on other efforts, and Senator Kelly Ayotte

are going to key states Virginia , Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire..........

to spread the word of the devastating impact of sequestration.

Heroes don't question the call...............

These senators simply answered.

For that I say thank you and by this evening, when I change my links as John McCain's people know I will, I am setting up a link for this tour and the radio 214 show as well.

But instead of celebrating and supporting, out of all people, Vice President Cheney, who knows as being part of Halliburton, who knows this sequestration in addition to devastating our military, knows the impact it will have on the one state that is providing 40% of the GDP of this nation: Texas.

Wants to fuss about something that is done: Sarah Palin.

Another attack on another conservative woman, whether she was the best VP choice, don't matter Dick... and Dick Cheney knows I love him.

She helped saved this party because the campaign McCain was running was lost from the start, but she was on the people who acted as a catalyst, because she gave folk like me who work national campaigns something to work with.  She had a spark, She gives a damn about this country and it resonates........

She helped Ted Cruz win a Senate seat, I voted last week for Cruz :), not because of him being Hispanic and I'm glad for the diversity of it, but because he was the best candidate.

But you know why you did it, Dick, because Palin and Bachmann are the tea party.

And when you really get down to the midst of things.  Women are taking control and taking a leadership and a lot of that is coming from the tea party.

Women like Palin and Bachmann, serve on the front line, Women like Deneen Moore Borelli, make the moves in the background and Women like myself......

are coming up from the rear with something that's needed, but a tad bit nasty to get the point across.

And because the tea party is about stopping the corruption that prodded George W. Bush to want to give the Port of Baltimore to Saudi Arabia,  that prompted Obama to give the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico and Brazil in the spirit of "global fairness"............

We are a problem.

Let me say this, Dick, go fishing love..........

Before folk like me go hunting........

We both Texans, We both live in the Dallas Area,

We both too old to mince words.

It's our time now, this is our fight.  Rove still on the team, and Palin and we all doing our part.

See heroes come in different ways,

Scott Feldman wasn't the pitcher, the Rangers expected to lean on, but starting with yesterday two complete games, well almost.....

The Rangers left about 10 men on base at least, and they had to work with one another to get runs, Hamilton moved a runner, Young moved a runner, Cruz got on the base and decided to take over Andrus' base running skills to do so ;)

Wasn't pretty, but God's message to them, and through them was #Al Green, simply beautiful........

It takes a team to be champ.

Jordyn Wieber, a simple couple of ticky tat calls and points, cost you the right to honor your country in the way you know best......

I know that you are hurting, but you are a leader on that team, you show your sisters, and I know you can what Grace and Class is, because the judges only did it to break up your team, your sisterhood.......

God asks a heavy yoke of you young lady, to be strong.......

to be Scott Feldman........  won't get the credit you deserve for the invaluable leadership and stability you can provide your team right now.........

But baby girl, this nation starting with me and so many in the nation that cried with you, and still held each and every last one of your sisters hands give  you this.......

not a gold medal, but an appreciation for even in defeat of personal loss, you stood up for your team.

Thank you, Jordyn for reminding us what the best of America means......

We are a team.  Each and every last one of your sisters KNOWS that gold medal they get, got your blood, sweat and tears just as much as theirs on it.

That's it.  For those who don't know, I write songs, or rewrite them, just team spirit, just to prove a point and this song I listened to 50 times literally before the game against the White Sox yesterday.  So if you are a fan of hip hop or just energy bc I use all genres...

stop reading now.

Just taking on the energy of the song, after listening to 10 different tracks to decide which one I wanted, when I don't like what's on the billboard charts, I have to go digging so I use old songs in between, but there is a country song, I forgot his name, take me for a ride? that came in #3, dave matthews band new joint who I will use both of these songs later, came in #2 and this song came in #1.

Because I think it simply and distinctly states what we as the GOP need to do by ensuring that especially in swing states like Florida, PA, Colorado, Arizona, voter id laws are enforced.

You need ID to get in the club and the casino..........

if you don't have ID, you are illegal, dead, or some non-human mammal.....

I think after Torrealba hit that single Saturday and they came back in the dugout, after the game.......

Mike Napoli said.

I gotta grind, won’t stop
Man screw this s**t
Brothers, we gonna claw through this bulls**t
I need a high price lifestyle, we the Champs fix
Hell, We want it, then we got it
We just gotta claw through this s***
Go, get it, We goin' handle bidness
Ball till we fall, claw till we finish
We goin go, get it, haters mind ya bidness
We killing til we feel it, that rings Mark Dirk feeling

And the dugout got quiet................  And Josh who didn't even play said.

[Verse 1]
Man, I've been down, and its affecting ball
But i chose my brothers over riches, I'm riding with all y'all

And Elvis Andrus felt it and said.......

Man, all I know is ball, Nap I need that fix
I'm putting on a ski mask and stealing all this s***

And Micheal Young who is quiet, but can and will fuss when needed, just felt and said.

We got a plan,  we don't change this
  Hell, damn naw I won't kick
We on a marathon man, We goin' to win this

Beltre just rubbed his head....... still got a knot from the other day, roared.

This ain't complicated, We the champs its official
We just gotta own it
That fix will fix that knot s***, rings the object

Yu Darvish, don't really know all of what is being said...... but he know and feel schwagg and surprise everyone and says

Man, Imma Janet control my arm aint gotta speak English
No more strikes just bombs

Craig Gentry looked around and said bro...

They say we don't got it,
I’m on that baseball Ron flow
Lights camera action, turning every bat into baseball porno

Big Murph... just smirked, and muttered my brothers....... my brothers.......

I feel what y'all talking about
This going to be Angel hell, this is our house
throwing even managers out

Derek Holland felt on the junior stache' and tweeted ;)
We going ride to bull, to the last pitch fly

But Ian got a little hyper and cut him off and said....

Man no more tweet, D, it's time to rep Big T
I'm for real  yo, I got ADD and I just see
  We g.o.g.e.t.i.t.

Then Torreabla  said

I gotta grind, won’t stop
Man screw this s**t
Brothers, we gonna claw through this bulls**t
I need a high price lifestyle, we the Champs fix
Hell, We want it, then we got it
We just gotta claw through this s***
Go, get it, We goin' handle bidness
Ball till we fall, claw till we finish
We goin go, get it, haters mind ya bidness
We killing til we feel it, that rings Mark Dirk feeling

 Go Get it (Nap's Rant)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP)

Just like I'm telling the Rangers, just like Nap told them, just like God telling all of us.

Go Get it.

Rangers you know I love you boo, every day you play the Angels, every day, I do a verse until nobody is left out that is on the roster.......

Dick Cheney, GOP,

we going to go get it.

 McCain, Graham, Ayotte, I gotcha y'all back..........

Ask John McCain........  My word is my honor.  Do what y'all do,  We got you.... We got  you.

99 days until election, 99 problems, but motivation ain't one.

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