Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 12)

Hello America,

Let me just say things today.

First of all,

There is a UN resolution #CRPD look it up on twitter or google or whatever, that our Congress with our President's implicit approval is on the verge of signing.  We only have until Friday to stop it.

This bill takes the parental rights away from those concerning disabled children and puts it in the hands of the UN and Barack Obama.

This bill is giving Barack Obama the power to kill your child.

Even if your child is healthy God forbid an accident, and with all our special little ones from Trigg to Rick's daughter to every autistic child, to every one of our children that may be slowly socially but pure in heart spiritually, this bill.............

gives Barack Obama, the government and the UN

the right to kill your child, to institutionalize your child, to do whatever the hell they feel like doing to your child...........

and there is nothing you can do about it.

We are going to keep it short and simple today.

Me and God watched the game last night together, God and I have a huge elephant in the room.  We talk about  business, we talk about getting this country right, we talk about #2 (I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to start dating, and I know it won't be long before I'm married again, just one of those women... not a girlfriend.....), but I'm hurt emotionally.  It has been a hard 10 to 15 years in particular and God and I have overcome a lot.........

But the scars are there, in some ways I'm hurt that God took me through the things he did.  I know when I remove myself from the situation and look at it from the outside, he was building a dynamic story that he will use a testimony, I dig it.

But I ain't Jesus, far from perfect, I am just a simple woman and when I allow myself to, I am full of emotions....... and I'm at a point where on a personal level I am scared to trust God with my feelings.

Yes, there is a point to this story, for the Rangers, and political parties today.

It started out as a problem that now has turned into a rut, because it is not up to God to come to me about my issues.  It is  up to me.  I don't know what to say.  I don't see the purpose in saying anything, for it will change nothing.  I am old enough to know God's will does not change because of my words..........

But I am starting to understanding... my will can change because of my words.

So as we were watching Holland pitch, I just think Weaver got the Rangers number, but he has a lot of team numbers, so wasn't looking for a win yesterday,

I said to God "Derek's pitching a good game, getting a little lazy though at the end.... but its a good solid game.  Can't do nothing about Pujois , he's about due, he's had a half a season to adjust.... Trout just young what can you do....."

God smirks and says......... "You still not going to spell his name right in the morning....are you?"

I laugh heartily "Hell naw......  You already know"

We laugh for a while because it's been a while since we could......

After that laughter turns into silence.....

I simply say  "I'm hurting inside, God.  Not about sobriety or screwing up.  Those are not options, I'm just hurting inside.  I know why you did what you did, but I can't stop the feelings of hurt you took me through all that....."

God looks at the rest of the 8th inning, strokes his beard for awhile "I know... Tiffani...... I know"

I slowly think about the words I want to say but I can only muster "I don't know what else to say right now"

God smiles, pats me on the back and leaves me with my middle nephew who I am trying to teach about baseball, but the Libra in him demands he balance my energy for the Rangers with energy for the Angels...... and is clapping for Red b/c we still learning colors..... kids what can you do?

And when God is almost past me, he whispers " You admitted it, that's a start, that's enough for me"

My point is last night...........

Ted Cruz didn't win a Senate seat,  Derek and the Rangers sure as hell didn't win the game,

but a start was made.

Black preachers, men of God, a small group of them have started to act like men of God and in response to the Democrats exploitation of gay people turning into gay marriage when they even didn't really want to fulfill Don't Ask Don't Tell. 

have finally stood up and said no more.

We will not support a man that will not support God's law, God's word.

Wasn't no TD Jakes, or Frederick Haynes or none of these other big time pastors and preachers in the mix......

But they admitted it and that's a start and that's enough for God.

What I am saying is that from the Chick fila A incident to Ted Cruz last night to Grassley saying he would support legislation investigating Obama ( I keep telling you all I don't miss anything) is this nation starting to admit how wrong we have let our government, our society and in particular this President.......

playing God.

From telling us how much we need to have to drink in a soda, to wanting to take parental rights away from our parents, but can't do simple things like enforce immigration laws or write a budget.

In the long scheme of things, the conversation I had with God last night won't be the most memorable over the long run of things, nor will the election of Ted Cruz last night, nor the Angels expected win over Weaver, nor those black preachers standing up telling the truth so proud, nor

McCain, Graham and Ayotte telling Obama, military personnel ain't good enough, our defense contractors supply jobs here, and provide technology to keep our military strong, if they not working here they will work in other countries....... we not stupid Barack...... 

None of these things will succeed in too much of anything in isolation..........

but together.......

Justice goes from a single drop to a mighty stream that rains on men of every creed, color and character alike.........

and that is #Al Green..........

simply beautiful.

Rangers you may have had the number one standing.... and you will regardless of the outcome of this series, but the underdog this season has been you.

The marketing giants that keep Lebron in playoffs, is the same machine that empowers Pujois, La Russa and others.... it's less about them, than anyone but the Rangers.

You all are too old, too candid, too adult in handling your problems to market.

Nobody really wants to see Wash nor the Rangers from every player wearing no rings, it's not a black thing, it's a how is Dallas going to have the Mavs because we coming back TRUST, the Cowboys, the Stars... We building TRUST, and the Rangers.

Grown men praising God and splitting verbs and dancing and clawing don't fit the marketing story boards......

Let tonight be one of admittance, that you are the champs, but that doesn't mean that you are the strongest team nor the swiftest team, but ye are men that have endureth the longest.

Look at your brother and tell him the truth, that you are tired, that you are hurting.

Tell Yu you need him, he responds better when he's needed, when you all believe in him, when he knows his brothers got his backs through bats, when Josh hit that first single against Santana, although he is quiet, if you roll the film back, his eyes lit up, he may not know English, but he knows baseball...... 

You show Yu, you show yourselves, you show the world, you show the Angels.

That you willing to claw through every pitch........ 

That every at bat is going to be treated with the utmost importance and even if  you strike out, you pop out, you make that pitcher work so that your brother behind you can take advantage.

 You turn every at bat into 15 pitches if you gotta, you work every opportunity you have.

You turn every pitch, every play into something that is meaningful. 

You all support each other in the dugout,  you all support each other on the field.

And  you simply go get it.

and it ain't a win against the Angels.........

It is getting back to Ranger ball.

Any way we get it, we do.  We are a team.  We are a band of brothers( not me, *big smile*) and whatever we have to do to help each other. We do. 

We don't give a damn about no stats, we just give a damn that at the end of the day

We admitted we got a need to get back to our way, our game.......

doing whatever it takes......

And God says that's enough for him.



Go get it Rangers,

Go find yourselves and when you do victory will find you.

It's already happening in this nation. Just look around.

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