Monday, August 6, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 14)

Hello America,

I am on my last two days of school.  Got an A in neuropsych, finished my cognitive paper, had to discuss language as an exemplar of cognition.... Hard to not be amazed by God when you realize the complexity of the brain.

And my last class abnormal, psychopathology.... as it used to be known I have to case study from a movie in the 1980s....

Some of you all know the movie............

Sophie's Choice.

I am going to say some things today that are not politically correct.

I am going to say some things that may not be warm and fuzzy, but it is the truth.

So because I am not the chick to run away from things... Let's just get to it.

Four years ago, this nation had the appearance of being united.  A Mixed race candidate won, we supposedly overcome all of the racial injustice in this country.

But it was a lie.

It was an election in which race and past transgressions were used to elect an a candidate who does not identify with the Black American experience.......

It was an election that removed the respect that most conservatives had for legendary black politicians such as Maxine Waters and John Lewis, not because of policy, but because of they way they openly exploited racial scars for a man that gives not a damn about Black people.

He can shuck and jive and dance around campaign time, but the unemployment rate within a community in which he says he speaks for speaks for itself.

The GOP was considered dead and we were headed to socialism on a record speed.........

but something happened................

This nation woke up.

I want to say it was because of Obamacare, but as I look back it wasn't.............

It was the way Obamacare was pushed through, with legislators voting off on a bill changing 1/6th of our economy without even reading the bill.

And now four years later,

Trillions of dollars in increased deficits later.  An eradication of our rights through bills like #CRPD which gives the UN parental rights of disabled children........

To Maxine Waters still not being charged and we as a nation have to pay for her legal counsel........

With Obama hiding his illegal relative, aiding and abetting a fugitive until he could get him a court date and legal protection to stay since there....

With Egypt and other countries overturned and placed in the hands of the Muslim brotherhood by a man who says he is not Muslim and I believe that he is not.........but I do believe he identifies strongly with Muslim culture as most insecure men that need control do..........

With a man who let Iran become nuclear..............

With a man who gave Russia our arms and which now they arm at us from Venezuelan coastlines..........

With record unemployment, the Mississippi River drying up, but Brazil and Mexico are in charge of our gulf........

With Obama exploiting race every chance he gets................

Somehow between all that the nation has awaken to the terrorist that this man and his administration is......

The crack dream that Ambassador Rice had the courage to say, PLEASE WATCH the BLACKLIST vol. 1 , it is an HBO special, she is the only one who had the courage not to lie about her ambitions, and Barack Obama shared about turning this nation into Zimbabwe.

is on the verge of coming a reality.

GOP:  You are fighting Reid correctly, but the wrong way.  Don't mention taxes, ask Harry Mason Reid, who has been in charge of the senate.  Why don't we have a budget with record deficits? Nobody gives a damn about Romney and his money, that's between him and the IRS, but the federal budget is our money.  Fight back with Obama's own words about transparency.

Texas Rangers:  Oswalt, love, we want you to start but when you not getting it done, you not.  We not going to have drama on this team love.........  That's not Ranger baseball.  You worried about what you didn't sign up for, love, with the ERA that's been coming out, respectfully, respectfully......... we didn't either brother.  Rangers a couple of brothers made on them, Josh, we know you off the tobacco, but as you know like I do....... we all make mistakes.... even our coaches, we do the same we ask of them, forgive and move on. a couple of new dudes made some mistakes........

better for it to have happened in August than October........  for the only enemy than can destroy you is yourselves.
 I watched Sophie's Choice last night and I was required to write a case study on the two main characters, No........ Nathan was not a paranoid schizophrenic, too much functionality, he was bipolar, with  severe psychotic features reflecting his insecurities and resentment of Nazi Germany against his people as he was a Jew......

Sophie was depressed for those who think I have no clue what I am talking about ;)

Anyway, one of the German officer upon discussion of his work at the concentration camps......


" I decide who lives...."  I decide who dies".......... "Therefore I am doing God's work."

And I soon as I heard those words.........  What the Jewish people gone through, resonated with me, for as bad as slavery was...... it was for profit, it was not out of malice, it was for getting over.

But for these people, it was for profit because we wouldn't have Bayer and some of the medical advances that we have now without this massacre and that's just the truth.

They were less than slaves, they were experiments.......

And when I hear bills like #CRPD or Obamacare putting the ability to decide care for a person, it is nothing more or nothing less than that German officers words...

"I decide who lives......"  "I decide who dies".........  "Therefore I am doing God's work"

This is the syllogism behind every bill, every mandate, every policy push from the Obama administration.

He and his wife, now decide what your kids eat, starting in 2013, what care you get, with the EPA regulations where and how you live, how industries conduct business and what he and Michelle don't the UN does.

The democratic platform is simple, gay marriage which boggles me gay people, because it took them until election time to enforce Don't ask Don't Tell, the democratic party plays you all like fools with false promises time and time again.  like you are nothing more than your sexuality.

and the DREAM act, letting illegal children become illegal belitting and disrespecting every single parent that made the sacrifice for their children and themselves to become legal.



And b/c we are now waking up,

 There is a shooting every week...... to distract us from issues.......

This week's issue........ is the fact that Obama is suing the state of Ohio behind their voters laws for his advantage.

Even though legally he may have a right, ethically he does not.

He will not answer what cuts are coming with our money, Reid won't draw up a budget for our money........

for only 136,000 new jobs created......... over half of them are from the two political conventions and planning this month.

We are on the verge of Nazi America.......... and just because Obama ain't German, don't mean that he is any less capable of being just as ruthless a dictator as he was......

We are wide awake......

Obama, no offense to the shootings in Colorado or Wisconsin, but we are not letting our eyes of the ball.

Just like the Rangers.........Just like Olympics which I will address in full when it's over because of political involvement, Just like the Heat, Just like the Kings.......

Our eyes are on one thing, and one thing only.....

Letting God be God and employing a President who knows he is not.

Let me end with this quick story because I have to go and finish this paper.

God woke me up in the middle of the night last Thursday........

or thought he did......  But like I told him, I'm wide awake, I got two papers due, I'm behind, I'm stressed. I got a promotion which is cool for my career, but no overtime, no bonuses...... I got .70 cents in my account..... I'm up.

God said "take a ride with me........."

As we all know when someone asks you to take a ride with them, after midnight, it's usually for something really bad or really good ;)

God takes me to one of his studios, and says " I know you like this track......  I think it's cool, we have learned how to believe, how to ask for mercy, to fight until the end, to go get it, but the devil is alive, Tiffani, and now that we are learning as a nation to stop our foes from outside, we must be prepared for his next strategy......... he will come from within our walls......"

I'm listening to God, but I see this young man over in the corner.....  He's new in heaven, still looking around, not believing he is really here, than where others say he supposed to be.

God places himself in front of the man where I can't see him for he feels the sense of foreboding that is in my stomach, something bad is going to happen I can feel it.......

He remarks "You thought about getting high today, you thought about giving up today...... you thought about a lot, but you prayed.  Wasn't no long prayer, but you asked for help"

And I don't answer............ I won't answer because I have no clue where he is going with this........

for awhile, and I sit down and I think of all the things that God and I have been through, all of the things he has saved me from, I should  have been dead at least 6 times......... and finally because I realize what God is telling me: the battle is within me.......

And so many times, I have lost this battle, not to necessarily marijuana or alcohol, but to depression and despair........ just screwing up,

I start the track, my eyes never leaving where that young man is going and

And the righteous part of me says .......

Souls at stake
  This is my fate

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I partied hard
Fell for all his charms
With an open heart
That was my fate
Didn't know climbing back would take so long
This is your fate
Look here, Ms. Tiffani
  reality's sobriety
Aint that pipe dream
This is your fate
Yeah, this is why you stayed high so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Would've prayed then
Put them blunts down
God interjects.............

  Reality hurts
  wasn't calling me
Had to throw bombs
Until my name you seeked

And God hits me square the jaw and it takes me a minute to realize I'm

Falling from cloud 9
The crash was my high
Looking at peaks # Sean White
taking this blow so divine

As I'm falling the honest part of me says.......

This is my fate
Aint lost a bit of sleep
I'm T. E. D.
by default I defeat
no matter what's at sake
 Just so I could destroy myself yo

And Jesus puts his head down..........and simply says

I sealed your fate
For you to be born again
And live in a lion's den
My grace says you win
My will your fate
God and I have your life penned

  didn't need to know then
What you know now
Them knees had to bend
  Ego had to bow down
Reality hurts
you just a mirror G
To show this nation
Why I had my crown had to bleed

And with that Jesus hits me on my other jaw..............  And it takes me a couple of seconds to realize.........and he's saying in my ear as I'm falling so hard so fast towards the earth's hard surface

Falling from cloud 9 (it was never about  you)
You're kicking those crash highs
You're gonna get this right (yeah, I'm letting you go)
This intervention is so divine

And as I'm falling so fast, time seems so slow and I realize............

I'm wide awake
  Stomachs rumbling
  Families crumbling
It's souls at stake
Adults trying to hold on
This fight's my fate
No matter how hard I try
I can no longer hide
These babies' fate
Demand I give so much more...

Their soul's at stake
My acts affect their fate

Yeah, I'm fighting for fates not mine(it )
I have to kick my favorite high
Because these babies cannot fight (so, God letting me go)
Not to harm, but to remind

There's souls at stake
Our acts,their fate
Gotta begin to wake
November is the date
We all gotta be wide awake


The point is that we cannot feel that because of shootings by ex-military personnel, because Hillary is dancing with some black folks in Africa, because there is racism, because you ain't rich, because you tired of seeing some white man in office..........

It's a reason for us to take to our favorite high called distractions.........

I never understood why Jewish Americans folks who got numbers on their wrists and their descendants would call a community organizer, Hitler........

but because of Sophie....... I do now.

Folks, Romney's taxes don't matter.  Hillary hanging with black folk, Barack talking about Tim Tebow why because he obviously clings to his bible.........

none of that matter, they are just distractions from a simple few truths.

Trillions have been spent, but no jobs outside of the federal sector have been created.

This man has not enforced immigration laws, but has sued states and used the Justice Department to fight his own citizenship issues, to cover up the death of a Border Patrol Agent, to allow other countries to fundamentally tear up our states concept of sovereignty and now to win in Ohio because God forbid, ID's have to been shown, even though to get into the strip club, to get the benefits of all these poor black folks he is using as an excuse for his case, they have to show ID to get those benefits and they do.......

That this man wants to control what you eat, what you drink, what health care you receive, and now is openly taking away parents' rights..........

If that ain't Hitler, if that ain't a dictator.............

Then tell me what is.

He wants us broke, so we will have no choice but to turn to him and he in turn will turn the geo-political conglomerates that are bent are making one world..........

And not the one that Alicia Keys and Jay-Z trying to sell.

one world of slaves.......

only one last beacon of freedom to break:


We have to be wide awake for all the convenient shootings and distractions so Obama can look presidential and we can be remind that we are so "racist" even though we are the most tolerant nation in the word........

because our babies' fate are at stake.

He wants to decide who lives and who dies.  And Reid and the democrats along with some traitor called RINO have empowered him through legislation.  They just need one more term out of him to make it official.

Wake up.

Stop fighting within your teams...... from the Rangers to the GOP and realize what's at stake......

these babies fate.........

Play your game wide awake.

Less than 100 days to that date.

This man wants to be the God that runs your babies' fate.

We have to stop it.

We do.

It's just that simple, all this other bulls*** is just distractions.

Time to kick.

We need jobs, we need our liberties, we need a man who knows it is not his place to decide our lives.

It's lives at stake.

Time to stand up, act like it and vote like it. 

Oh and the  young man......... when I fell it wasn't Jesus that broke my fall, it was OJ Murdoch.....

I got up, he didn't.

And b/c of that, his memory will permeate my every post for football, for he reminded me that even when I want to give up, ain't about me........

Rest in peace baby boy............ Rest.........

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