Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 15)

 Hello America,

I won't be long today.

I got all of my papers do.  Still waiting on my grades.

One more assignment and I'm through this evening.

Just my thesis left and by the end of January, I'll have my first master's degree.

Obama said something about Mitt Romney taking women back to the 1950s.

I am going to address the meaning of staying in our place.

Barack Obama unless he is going to show up on the reunion of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and give us all a surprise nor Mitt Romney is a woman.

So I am going to say somethings today because I can, because I am a woman.

I don't think like a man to get a man never had to, never will.

I am not going to do no pushups, but I will watch the single versions of Kevin Garnett do it all day long......  and not going to be ashamed to say that's 1 daddy, do another one.

It is time for women to address women issues.

Point blank.

So I am going to use three shows to show my examples and then we are going to end while Rubio is not an option for VP and we gone...

Wake up Ladies............Klymaxx is playing and we meeting in the ladies room.

First show,

Prolife vs Prochoice...  The television show scandal.

The first reason Obama will use to justify his assertion is Prolife.

But abortions have been happening since the beginning of time.  Just because God didn't put it in the bible, don't mean it didn't happen for there is nothing new under this sun.

On the television show Scandal, the President has had an affair........  The love of his wife has told him to ride it out with his wife, and his heart becomes cold and callous and he wants his office back. 

He goes to his VP and tells her that he knows her daughter has had an abortion.  The daughter had parental consent, the problem is the parent was a bible toting abortion is murder, prolife conservative..........

But apparently her love for her child wasn't.  Because she went and took her daughter to have the abortion because she couldn't afford the illusion that her child wasn't pure.  Instead of realizing as Jesus said, no sin is above the other and if we ask for forgiveness all is well.

The politician coveted the admiration of her base and for that, she couldn't lead this nation because she would have lost the base that loves the part of the bible they see fit.

My point is that most of the women who are pro-choice would not have an abortion for themselves, but they are grown enough to understand when God said vengeance is mine, he wasn't asking the pro-life lobby powers for their assistance.

It is the pro-life women and those who are in their family who have to live up to the impossible standard of religious perfectionism...... that use that option more than others.

But only women can say those things, because only women have to make those choices.

The only two times I have been pregnant once when I was very young, young enough to tell Dez Bryant, I don't care how much you practicing, you should be charged, you should be suspended.  

I had a miscarriage, but had I not....... I would have considered an abortion.

Why? The first time I was too young and I was not going to let anyone raise my child but me and if God needed to send me to hell and my baby to heaven for my sins.  I was old enough to carry that yoke.

Second time, because I was in an abusive relationship with a husband who other issues and I didn't know how much damage had already been done.  I lost the baby.  But I would have been at the clinic at the same time for the same reasons.........

Because in the ladies room we know, Mitt and Barack, at the end of the day nobody carries that yoke but each woman herself and that's all pro-life vs. pro-choice is about.  Letting God judge or man.

Can't tell me that God would have cast me out because my entire life is a testament to his blessing me not the way around.

Second show, marriage and submission. hollywood exes.

One of the reasons I watch, Hollywood exes is because they were all actually married and you can tell a lot about the men that they were married to through the selection of these ladies.

We look at Michelle as strong because she tells Obama "the real" or so we think.  But let's do a little digging.  When Michelle went on her job interview, Barack was there.  Who does that but a Muslim man or a controlling one?  Ann on the other hand is viewed as a weak woman because all she did is have babies for Mitt and don't work.

Marriage is hard.  And being able to be secure in yourself and tell the world proudly yes, my husband's chest is where I rest, is where I seek comfort, is where I call home.  Takes more strength than most women can bear.  Hence the independence...... front.

I was looking at Hollywood exes last night and Mayte (Prince's ex wife) had a moment, she can't have kids and as a woman who wanted kids and can't have them, I know it is a hurt that never leaves, you just learn to make peace with it.  You learn to make peace with God and trust in his understanding in light of so many mothers treating their children so bad.

And Mayte had a moment on a girl's night out on a night that was supposed to be fun.  Jose Canseco's ex, told her she was being over the top, "not normal" to keep on about it...... And Mayte snapped.

The only one, the only one, who was woman enough to put aside her personal feelings on the subject and not be worried about appearance because Ex-Mrs. Murphy couldn't risk it, was the ex-wife of a man who was known for turning emotion into a song.

R. Kelly's ex wife........... got up, didn't judge and let the woman hurt.

My point is that it takes more strength as a woman, to put aside your personal need to drink, to not hear about it, and let your girl hurt.  For having a child for someone who wants one as a woman and is denied that is a scar that will never fully heal.  And I don't know why R. Kelly married this woman, but I am going to tell you something.  Out of all the ex's on that show, she is entitled to be the most bitter, I mean what woman don't have an automatic beef with R. Kelly's trip into KiddieLand.

But yet and foremost, she is the one who refers to her ex as far as bitterness the least.

It don't take but a lick of energy to want to be beside your man, in front of your man, dog your girls, .........

but it takes a strength that more and more women don't have anymore to be behind your man,  knowing when the doors close he and you know that you have his heart and spirit and pride in your hands at all time.

to be there for those who need you and be a damn woman and be compassionate.......

more than most of you all in the ladies room or outside of it will ever know.

Third  and last issue, Domestic Violence Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

First of all as a person in psychology, please do not think these therapy sessions are real.  They violate the very ethical guidelines that we all make a pledge to uphold which is why when therapists become celebrity therapists they give up......... their right to practice.

K. Michelle a singer who has had some problems is accusing a dude of domestic violence.  B/c the dude is now married to the ex-wife of Lil Wayne one of the few rappers that has legitimate connections to the street, she is now being accused of lying for publicity.

One of the women who is accusing her is a 40 year old rapper, who calls herself a "boss bitch" and trying to get into the industry....... above ground because she and the current wife of this accused men are cool, and the wife just can't see that.

Men who commit domestic violence are not always stupid.  Hitting on, berating K. Michelle who don't have nobody, versus hitting on or berating Toya Wright, the ex-wife, not just baby Mama of little Wayne brings different consequences......

Any woman who calls herself a boss and has been in the game......... knows that.

I didn't rap about being a boss in the game, I just was........

My point is that because K. Michelle don't like anyone shaking any tables ;)

Because she emotes when she hurts, which is why her voice is so powerful.

Because she don't have a husband that was a manager nor a performer.........

Because she didn't do the Michelle route and make all the right choices in men.

She's being accused of lying.

But the truth of the matter is.

Most women don't report domestic violence.

And it's not about being stupid, or weak or not knowing the law.  It usually revolves around the fact that the woman loves the man and wants him to change without the consequences that could quite possibly take him away from her.

I know because I was that woman.  with a degree, in law school, I wanted my husband so bad that I didn't pay attention to the fact that God said it wasn't meant to be.  I wanted what I wanted and I paid dearly for it.

No woman has the right to tell any woman what she has or has not been through because of what you know about a man.  


b/c we all change.  We all different behind closed doors.

And the ones who targeted for domestic violence are usually those who nobody is going to believe, for those who love others more than they love themselves.

My point is in the ladies room, Mitt and Barack, a rich lady like Ann may raise her hand and say I have been abused 40 years and b/c of who my man was nobody believed me just as easily as K. Michelle might.......

and in 1950 versus now, every last woman in the ladies room would have showed respect to her truth and let it be.

We have to stop judging ladies.

There are lot of things that were wrong with 1950s but they are lessons everywhere that we can take.

even from that time.

Just like with #Rubio.

We all know slavery was wrong.

But we all know that a people who had it far worse than Hispanic workers found a way to make it within the rules.

We stand wide awake. Because of that

the righteous part of me says .......

Souls at stake
  This is my fate

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I partied hard
Fell for all his charms
With an open heart
That was my fate
Didn't know climbing back would take so long
This is your fate
Look here, Ms. Tiffani
  reality's sobriety
Aint that pipe dream
This is your fate
Yeah, this is why you stayed high so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Would've prayed then
Put them blunts down
God interjects.............

  Reality hurts
  wasn't calling me
Had to throw bombs
Until my name you seeked

And God hits me square the jaw and it takes me a minute to realize I'm

Falling from cloud 9
The crash was my high
Looking at peaks # Sean White
taking this blow so divine

As I'm falling the honest part of me says.......

This is my fate
Aint lost a bit of sleep
I'm T. E. D.
by default I defeat
no matter what's at sake
 Just so I could destroy myself yo

And Jesus puts his head down..........and simply says

I sealed your fate
For you to be born again
And live in a lion's den
My grace says you win
My will your fate
God and I have your life penned

  didn't need to know then
What you know now
Them knees had to bend
  Ego had to bow down
Reality hurts
you just a mirror G
To show this nation
Why I had my crown had to bleed

And with that Jesus hits me on my other jaw..............  And it takes me a couple of seconds to realize.........and he's saying in my ear as I'm falling so hard so fast towards the earth's hard surface

Falling from cloud 9 (it was never about  you)
You're kicking those crash highs
You're gonna get this right (yeah, I'm letting you go)
This intervention is so divine

And as I'm falling so fast, time seems so slow and I realize............

I'm wide awake
  Stomachs rumbling
  Families crumbling
It's souls at stake
Adults trying to hold on
This fight's my fate
No matter how hard I try
I can no longer hide
These babies' fate
Demand I give so much more...

Their soul's at stake
My acts affect their fate

Yeah, I'm fighting for fates not mine(it )
I have to kick my favorite high
Because these babies cannot fight (so, God letting me go)
Not to harm, but to remind

There's souls at stake
Our acts,their fate
Gotta begin to wake
November is the date
We all gotta be wide awake

 We all have to be wide awake to let every legal little boy and girl find their way.........

For God says we answer to him and him only.

I had to kick the destroying myself high being scared to tell my story that God blessed me with.

Some of us need to kick these judgment stories.

We ain't going back to 1950s regardless Barack.

Good to see you back Josh..., but I'm putting a kiss on Beltre's head, whether he likes it or not, thanks for yesterday ;)  I'll be back Monday.

Need some folk to wake the hell up.

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