Monday, August 13, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 16)

Hello America,

Had to get some rest....  I wanted to absorb the VP pick because for the past two weeks, I have been aggressively pushing anyone but Rubio.  He is a bright politician with a legitimate future, but he started as a tea party issue and allowed those in his race to draw him away from his base and for what is at stake could not be tolerated.

So I have been having my twitter family............ barrage Mitt's site speaking with a united vote that jobs and the economy are the bottom line....... Because if our economy goes  up as Obama is dedicated to doing ........ nothing else mattered.

This blog changed formats I want to say somewhere in January 2011 when Brother Boehner came in.  I call him Brother because he is my brother........  Even when we fussing, even when he's rolling his eyes like babygirl ;), he remains my brother and out of respect for him...

The very first "book" in the blog was the Book of John............

There are four legislators that I felt that it was important for Black America, Urban America to be exposed to so I gave them nicknames.......

Brother Boehner, because he is my brother in John Boehner.

Eazy-E, which Rep. Eric Cantor, because when it comes to hard truths, Eric lets the truth go easily, you don't really have to prod him much.

Money Mitch, Senator Mitch McConnell, he's a senator's senator.  He's about the money, but not in the fact for being for "rich" people.  Mitch loves this country, he believes in the constitution and he knows the truth, when we adhere to the constitution and keep government in the role it's supposed to be, the economy, the defense everything about this country rises......... It's money.

These three men are all known nationally.  Each one of these men have their own personalities.

However, the fourth legislator doesn't have that type of stature.

He's not soundbite city.

I got to know him and another legislator from his state around that time.  I gave him a nickname because I was so floored, so amazed by his ability to work through federal numbers as such a young age and have the audacity to stand on the truths that he saw........  I saw a lot in common with he and his fellow statesmen....

I saw a lot in common with my big sister, Michelle Bachmann, not the flare that Boehner, or Cantor or myself have or most of the Southern politicians......

But a quiet steady stream of confidence............ that let everyone know that it may look like a stream, but there is a force that has no problem taking you down in it.

That as I prayed one day in January 2011 making up the same electoral map that Rove, Brazile and others make.........

God erased and threw to the ground.

And when that map came back up.  He had one circle around one state............

And Because of that.......

I told that these two men to be strong, that although I don't delve in state business outside of my own, that they were my brothers and no harm, no attacks would come from the GOP or anyone else.

For these two men, I got involved in a state Governor election and I rode Brother Boehner on who would be budget chairman even though I should have stepped for Rep. Bachmann on another committee.

The first man was Gov. Scott Walker..........

The second man, the man who I ever wrote a "book" in honor of was Rep. Paul Ryan.

Who I call from time to time Captain Crunch.......... because nobody crunches fiscal truths like he does...

So Friday night, I was so worried , so worried because I knew that the selection of Rubio would kill this ticket.......  I wasn't really feeling portman... Pawlenty's a good dude, but we needed more than a good dude... the social conservatives in this party who will kill this party eventually were not going to let Rice and a couple of others make it.

I went to bed restless...........and my assistant awakened me late Friday night and said Mitt made his pick.....  I wasn't happy but relieved and I asked her to check and see if it was Rubio because I had some soul searching to do.......

She couldn't see anything.....

So I got up and checked myself and found out who it was and confirmed it first ......

God waited until my brief conversation with my assistant ended...........

He asked "How do you feel about the pick?"

I paused......"I'm glad that we on the right are being vocal this time, I'm glad we flooded his website......."

He asked "How do you feel about the pick?"

I paused........"I'm glad that we didn't fall for the social issues............."

He asked "Really, how do you feel?"

and finally I said "I don't like all of Romney's policies.......  I don't feel comfortable with his religion in fully because I worry does he see me as a equal as far as a citizen......  I wish he was more aggressive, but................

The more I learn about him........ the more I really feel that the best candidate for us emerged......for he has an ability, I am still learning to harness.......

He knows human resources....  He's an executive.  He depends on folks like me for feedback, and the cool part he actually listens.  He knows he's not the most specific dude, and he can't be, he's not in government.  I am starting to believe, more than I ever did with McCain, this dude is Presidential.  Damn Obama, this dude understands that his strength is delegation and the bigger picture.......  

I'm impressed"

and I told God good night......

My point is just like the Cowboys tonight as I am taking on football this year, we are going to have our first four major sports year, in which I am going to call every sport..........

My point is just like the Rangers who are on a mission to put padding in that cushion called the Division Leaders, possibly League Leaders.......

My point is just like Mitt Romney who realized that he needed to the dialouge about issues he can show a distinct difference from...........

There is no fancy speech, there are no surprises, no fancy plays............

It's crunch time.

It's prime time.

Whoever is on the other side, don't matter.

What record they got, What title they got don't matter.

What the pundits say or expect don't matter.

We wide awake............

And all that matters is us.

All that matters is us playing our game, our way.

All that matters is that we do what we do how we do

and nothing and nobody is going to stop that.

We stand wide awake

We stand wide awake. Because of that

the righteous part of me says .......

Souls at stake
  This is my fate

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I partied hard
Fell for all his charms
With an open heart
That was my fate
Didn't know climbing back would take so long
This is your fate
Look here, Ms. Tiffani
  reality's sobriety
Aint that pipe dream
This is your fate
Yeah, this is why you stayed high so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Would've prayed then
Put them blunts down
God interjects.............

  Reality hurts
  wasn't calling me
Had to throw bombs
Until my name you seeked

And God hits me square the jaw and it takes me a minute to realize I'm

Falling from cloud 9
The crash was my high
Looking at peaks # Sean White
taking this blow so divine

As I'm falling the honest part of me says.......

This is my fate
Aint lost a bit of sleep
I'm T. E. D.
by default I defeat
no matter what's at sake
 Just so I could destroy myself yo

And Jesus puts his head down..........and simply says

I sealed your fate
For you to be born again
And live in a lion's den
My grace says you win
My will your fate
God and I have your life penned

  didn't need to know then
What you know now
Them knees had to bend
  Ego had to bow down
Reality hurts
you just a mirror G
To show this nation
Why I had my crown had to bleed

And with that Jesus hits me on my other jaw..............  And it takes me a couple of seconds to realize.........and he's saying in my ear as I'm falling so hard so fast towards the earth's hard surface

Falling from cloud 9 (it was never about  you)
You're kicking those crash highs
You're gonna get this right (yeah, I'm letting you go)
This intervention is so divine

And as I'm falling so fast, time seems so slow and I realize............

I'm wide awake
  Stomachs rumbling
  Families crumbling
It's souls at stake
Adults trying to hold on
This fight's my fate
No matter how hard I try
I can no longer hide
These babies' fate
Demand I give so much more...

Their soul's at stake
My acts affect their fate

Yeah, I'm fighting for fates not mine(it )
I have to kick my favorite high
Because these babies cannot fight (so, God letting me go)
Not to harm, but to remind

There's souls at stake
Our acts,their fate
Gotta begin to wake
November is the date
We all gotta be wide awake

Wide Awake (Josh's lullabye)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims

 So tonight as my beloved sports teams take the national stage.........

So tonight as Mr. Romney who I hope to change his nickname to Mr. President writes his notes for tomorrow.

We look to Derek Holland for how to proceed.

He told his team, simply, I needed to step up..........and he tried to and when he was about to falter......

He didn't panic, He didn't get angry, He simply relaxed reminded himself of who he was..... 

He was awake, he calmed down and matched one of the most underrated pitchers of his time in Verlander, out for out, inning for inning.......

When his manager Ron Washington, took him out, He told him......

"I didn't do it because I don't believe......."

"I'm doing it because I do"

Long before there was even aspirations of you being anything remotely Presidential, "Captain" , I pleaded to you not to wrong because I believed........

Because everyone from Rush to the Tea Party to even Jr. Little M. McCain ;) does......

I proudly put on my helmet, my glove, my cap........

And for the last time, I will ever do for free write up a game plan for tomorrow that we need to go ahead and win.....

And for a headstart, Use one word only regarding entitlement reform.......


Not strengthen not secure, no preserve, no protect........


B/c save implies that something is in danger.  And nobody is better right know on the left or right than Paul Ryan to explain why.  Don't start out tomorrow distancing yourself from Ryan, spend tonight learning how he came to the conclusion he did.  

When you understand through his lens as a legislator that DEALS with Obama, then formulate a plan.

But for the moment, Mitt be Ron Washington, get some sunflower seeds, dance a little.... and just look on the other side and just wink and say "that's the way baseball go"

Be Jerry Jones and relish in the fact that your entire team understands that nothing else matters but now......

Let those of us you have selected do what we do.

We gotcha Mitt.

We believe......

We gotcha.

Lights just came on,

so here's a respectful sports slap on the butt ;)

It's time for us to play our way all day.
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