Monday, August 20, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 21)

Hello America,

I am sorry for my absence, my father was rushed to the emergency room last week and I have been dealing with that. 

I wanted this week to be dedicated to the Olympians, to those who go above and beyond to represent us.

But I can't outside of saying Ryan Lochte.... MC Eight created jeah, or however, you want to spell it during the menace 2 society soundtrack.  Whether you think he is beneath, your "Olympic" status or not, he is an artist.  That word is a product and unless you want to pay him all that money from your wheaties box sales.......  leave it alone.  You tarnishing your legacy, making us already miss Phelps..... more than we already do.

I digress.  I can't write about positive things learned from our sports stories in London right now.

I have to address the truth.

So I am going to ask Rep. Akin, yes love you knew this was coming, Rep. Yoder, Rep. Ryan, Gov. Romney, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Gov. Chris Christie, Rahsheeda and K. Michelle from Love and Hip Atlanta and Michael Young, Elvis Andrus from the Texas Rangers to come on down.........

the Price may not be right but you are the topics of discussions today.

Let's go.

Friday Morning, just as soon as I got to work, I got a phone call from my mom that my dad had to be rushed to the hospital.  He had been standing in a food pantry line, not for himself, per se, but for the things they give to help his grandsons.  

My sister has three sons, married, makes just enough with her husband not to get anything.  She had to send her sons to private schools, but the public school system where she was staying is overwhelmed with children that OBAMA JUST MADE LEGAL FOR ELECTION season who parents do not pay property taxes as they cannot own property, at least not in their name.

I asked my mom did I need to leave work, she said no.  Because even though there is not a GOP head on the hill in addition to Team Romney reading every word I say, I can't get paid.

I am a victim of identity theft, used by 4 Presidents now, to hide illegal aliens.  So I on paper, I am bipolar, promiscuous, mentally retarded, unable to take care of myself, so that the charges that I have advocated for for over 15 years won't have to be taken seriously........

So I can't afford to miss work, because despite my 17 year affiliation with this party, despite my success putting candidates in office, I can't get a job nor a break....

 God came and spoke to me "Are you allright?"

I responded "It doesn't matter, what does matter is that he isn't."

God was quiet..........and finally he said "The test of today is whether you can work despite of it, for there are others's whose spouses and children and whatever lives are on the line and they can't take off work either.... the test you pass today will be needed for Monday morning"

I stood there for a long time.......  and simply said "Let your will be my way........" and went back to work.

My point is that I went back to work, because 20 years ago, I was told my dad wouldn't live past the week.  And through him and the things both of my parents have gone through regarding health issues, I have learned a simple yet hard truth.

All you got is today.....

That's it, that's all.  And if you have made peace and live the best you can, that's all you get. nothing more, nothing less.

I read about this new prospect that the Rangers have, I read about salivating teams that would love to have Elvis Andrus as his excellence has made him trade bait.  If Josh is the Soul, and Washington is the voice, Elvis is the heart.  For how he feels, is how the team feels.  No matter how down the team is, Elvis hopes against hopes.  When the team wins, EVERY WIN, EVERY SINGLE WIN IS greeted with his warm smile and love for his brothers........

But the stat sheets don't show that.

I watched Michael Young who has been going through a slump and how his manager Ron Washington addressed it.  Washington has been through storms in his life and I guess that's why he had the maturity to let Young walk his path.  And finally, I think yesterday... he came out of his storm.

But the stat sheets won't show that belief in his team Ron Washington showed, nor the perseverance that Young showed.

And because of that.......

I learned about heart and loving the team you on from Elvis, I learned about patience from Washington and perseverance from Young.

So the wires came  in about Rep. Akin and Rep. Yoder and my heart fell.  For all the hard work, I had been getting minority, especially women to trust and give this party a chance was lost.  Three years of work since the day after election night 2008, wiped away by two arrogant, reckless, elitist men.  

So let's address it now and be through with it.

Rep. Yoder, your actions were dumb, the antithesis of what you were sent to do in the 2010 congressional election.  You gave Obama a chance to deter away from the economy on which we are whopping his ass frankly.

But if we don't get the Senate, you'll use us to blame as to why you can't get anything done.

Regardless of whether you were charged or not, you should resign.

Just like Dez Bryant still needs to be charged, I haven't forgotten DeSoto police ;) and yes I saw that catch. 

There is no need for your talents if your common sense and realization that you were on official business on behalf of the American people or in Mr. Bryant's case working for America's team...... doesn't overcome you enough as a grown ass man to not to stupid acts.

Rep. Yoder should resign. Not b/c your acts, but b/c of your misuse of tax payer funds.  We can't get Obama about his bull if we don't clean our own house.

When I heard about Rep. Akin's comments, however, I cried because this is where the damage is done.  I am pro-choice in a pro-life party.  Where the "conservative" movement at least the social ones, call me a murderer.......

When it is folks like I because nobody has said the vile and necessary things I have about Obama, nor this system,

When it was the tea party that focused on the issues we can all relate to, that brought this party back out of the grave in Grant Park, one November Chicago night.......

As a victim of rape, Rep. Akin's comments sickened me literally.  They hurt.  It made me wish he along with Rick Santorum could be raped right now to understand it's real easy being cheesy, meaning it's real easy to be judgmental when it ain't you.  And that's not right but when you have been raped, you want someone to feel what you feel before they make that accusation.  B/c although he didn't say it, he believes that anyone who has an abortion is a murderer, but yet wants some votes.......

Don't tell me it's about the babies lives, when NO ONE STANDS UP FOR THE MILLIONS IN PARTICULAR  minority children who need adoption.

It's about judgment.  It's about being God.

Everyday, I tweet, I threaten, I do what I do to ensure this nation's safety.  There is so much Obama hasn't been able to do because of folk like me........

I have the maturity to see the bigger picture and now that men like Rep. Akin are a dying breed and he is still the better candidate than McCaskill because unlike Rep. Yoder, he was speaking his honest belief still have to respect it.

Most female voters won't have that maturity.  They are not as jaded as I am.  They have the right to be offended and if we lose this senate because of it.  I want the pro-life movement to stand up and take credit because they have no problem judging.

Gov. Romney, you respect everyone's view on this sensitive issue, and you frame in the sense of , Obama trying to mandate everything in your life and how a better economy will lead to less reliance on the government which means the ability to make your own choices.  B/c your religion will come into play, for you are in one that views certain families and men like yourself to be chosen......That you are above us and that is the same mess with Obama.  It's just Obama has Louis Farrakhan saying it and you got your Mormon rolls saying it.

Stay out of it.

Rep. Ryan, we know you catholic.  You younger, simply play the same train, Romney has to ride because your religion is so judgmental that it is scary even to me that you and Mitt will have that type of power.. in certain respects and the only reason you will win is because you are not Obama and Biden.

Rep. Akin and Rep. Yoder have made sure of that.

Gov. Christie this is not your chance to speak for 2016.  You won't stand a chance.  This is your chance to speak on the state of the nation right now from a Governor's standpoint.

For good or for bad, you are another arrogant pompous white man who feels that he can say whatever he wants and uses his office to keep himself from getting his ass whopped.  I love you, but that's what it is.

The Pro-life movement in this party have made sure that this will be the last white male candidate we have for awhile.  For all that tough talk, should have backed up it and took the chance of being called a racist and ran against Obama.....

Almost through....... because this will stay up until Wednesday.

On Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,

there is a disagreement of whether a young artist was abused by her manager, so "unbelievable" in the music industry ;) by an older independent artist whose husband has been her manager who calls herself a boss.

Y'all know the story.  And so now, and yes Secretary Clinton there is a point in here for you, Gov. Christie and the GOP.

Now Rahsheeda has made the claim that K. Michelle deserved to be abused b/c she has made violent threats and fought other women.  She states that she has a "recording" of K. Michelle saying whatever to her but b/c of wiretapping laws her and the manager's current wife had to remove the text.

Now mind you, K. Michelle, the victim is the only one with talent.  Rahsheeda been in the game since 1990, and with rap legends made off of simple songs such as Roll with It, Rock With it, references to white tees, marijuana and expensive cars...... Rahsheeda has never hit the hot 200 of anything..... And the manager's wife has a "career" based off the fact of who her first husband was.

Rahsheeda puts a picture of K. Michelle kissing her on the cheek and she's posing like she's pimping on the net.


As a woman who has been abused, I can tell you this.  When you have been and you don't receive the treatment you need.  You seek it where you think you can find it.  Sex with dudes you know you don't care about, drugs....... being violent yourself to make up for when you couldn't defend yourself and sometimes........

sex with older women who say they trying to put you down with the game and maturity, but using you to keep themselves relevant in anyone's conversation outside of the AARP magazine.

How do I know this? B/c I lived it, you getting hit, you got low self-esteem which brings users of all sorts, and it takes God and a lot of work to get yourself back to where you need to be and it's an ugly process in between.

So Rahsheeda, let's be grown women acting our age.  If you did get K. Michelle in bed, or her admitting whatever on the phone, she's young and abused and hurting, what's your excuse to be acting with another 20 year old woman being childish.  What about praying for the young lady?

What about being a boss and letting things go as that's what your gold chain says you are?

My point is America, grow up and realize that life ain't pretty...... And just because something that didn't happen to you, don't gives you reason to comment on it, handle your own business like Ms. Rahsheeda who let a rapper's mom named Wocka Flaka take her husband's penis and testicles away on national TV.  If we all handle our personal challenges, we wouldn't have time for anyone's elses.

We could unite on the issues that matter.

Secretary of State Clinton, Gov. Christie, Gov. Palin, that's why unlike last night's episode of Political Animals as Mrs. Clinton in real life turned down the VP, she wants 2016 for herself....

You won't win.  You don't have a chance.

Because you are white, and older, and have lived a life although its not your fault, a growing number of the demographic can't relate to and if you had a story they could, you too afraid to lose your political capital to show it.

I'm going to run in 2016 and the only candidate I won't run against is Rep. Allen West.

I'm going to run against Romney to force the slow painful death of the pro-life money running this party.

You see that part about love and hip hop atlanta the number one reality show in the nation right now..... I can reach that demographic because I am that demographic and that's the demographic that will decide this and further elections.

Rangers, we using Let's go by Ne-Yo........

We talking here and now.

Romney the same thing.........

And Obama, if by chance, you happen to win this election, you won't make your final 4 anyway, someone in your own party will kill you first.  It won't be us but Michelle will be picking out another some fashion designer along with your daughters, it is this time, we will all know the colors.  

that's all.
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