Monday, August 27, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 22)

Hello America,

First of all, I apologize Mr. Romney.  I could not write this weekend.  I cannot write now, but I have to say a couple of things.

When Akin comments came out, it irritated me, but after dealing with Rick Santorum all primary season, I was okay.

However, the comments that came in defense of Akin, from legislators in different states, hurt.

I think the reason why it hurt is something you had better address in your speech because whatever bump you will get, you will lose once folks like Michelle Obama and other women in particular hit the DNC stage.

Most women are cool with people being pro-life.  Most women are not cool with personal opinions getting into governmental policy.

Pro-life is an ethical goal, something we all would aspire to be as every child born into a wonderful loving home where nothing but love and blessings is awaiting that child.

An ethical goal is not meant to be achieved, it is solely meant to be reached for.

Pro-choice is reality.

The defense of Akin's comments hurt because it made me feel like being raped all over again.  I have been raped in several situations, it is just at the time and still today, I wasn't going to press charges because I didn't have the emotional strength for the system to make me a victim.  I was struggling with trying to just stay with marijuana and alcohol to self-medicate that hurt, and to allow the system to use me........ to make me the enemy as it is in most rape cases.......   I would have lost that battle with drugs, I would not be here today.

It is not the problem being pro-life.

It is men like Akin, King and older white men who are fighting a losing battle, not on the principles of pro-life because as baby boomers and on up, this is the last stand.  This is it and I hope today, Mr. Romney, you listening because I am giving you these truths to call you President in November.

Nobody cares if you are pro-life, but to tell some women what she has to do when a CRIME has occurred is raping them all over again and I'm too old........

too old to not understand Akin meant what he said and his supporters.  Because if you can have daughters and even contemplate that thought.........

you can contemplate rape.

Because you are justifying the means because of an end.

Think its a stretch the  majority of women in this country don't Mitt, they don't.

You follow me, look at the trends... Yes, I only got 7k... but who is starting to follow, independents, black voters male and female................and I'm still getting pro-life followers DESPITE my pro-choice views.

Check this morning Mitt, I got 2k folks just waiting to talk to me this morning and justify to their friends why they should follow.  I got folks everyday asking why I am not on TV on talk radio, when am I running......

Because of my experiences, even the abuse and the rapes, I have survived enough to allow folks to live their own lives.... pro-life or pro-choice and telling folks the fundamental truth.

I don't think abortion information should be given out by institutions that take federal money, BUT I am old enough to know life simply doesn't work that way.

Women have to be informed.

Because for those unevolved Akin, that know they can produce offspring because somebody has handcuffed the victim's rights..... gives them all the more reason to rape.

Mitt you are a Mormon, a religion that is viewed as a cult because of the worship of men in it.  You are from a line in that religion in which members of that religion believe that you are "chosen" that you are better than us.

You picked a VP, who I love, in Ryan who is Catholic, whose religion tells you you going to hell pretty much for everything outside of a perfect life.

I am not knocking  you or Ryan, I am giving you what Obama is going to say and do and what you have to do to combat it.

You have to be Presidential.

Now, Obama bucks his party because he is a shameless ham who hates America and will use anyone to get more destruction to this country.

And with 2016, being shown everyday more and more people understand why he needs to go.

The question is now............

Why should you be brought in with the pro-life movement that does not believe in RAPE exceptions which in many minds like myself encourages rapists....... puts their desires above the victim.?

Why should I vote for you Romney?


Economics do matter but at the end of the day, I am a woman, at the end of the day men and women who don't know s*** about me, want to rape me all over again.

When you getting raped Mitt, it's not sexual..... your body has reactions because that's just life.........

But in your mind.......

in  your mind.......

in your mind.......

Mitt, you only hear one word.


And when you get through with Tampa and Obama takes the stage, he is going to use that word over and over again.......

This party is overwraught with older men and women from a different day and time who can't deal with reality.

That a women who has slept with women, who would have had an abortion if I did end up pregnant from rape..........saved this party.

Because only I said the N word and other words that needed to be said to give this country in regards to politicians to say........

the black lady said it, so it's okay for us to feel it.

You let Gov. Christie talk about the economy and be strong and be the fire that he can be.

You get on that stage..........and you'd better show the world Mitt, something they haven't seen from you in a couple of months........the ability to be Presidential.

You get on that stage and you look this nation in the eye and you let them know that you don't think they are murderers...  that you respect the fact that we all think different and just like with the premise of health care that we have the right to do what we see fit for own health, that that premise is does not exclude women.

For to ask a woman to have a child because of rape and she doesn't chose to, is to break her spirit...

You get on that stage and tell folks, you just like the rest of us, nobody gives a f*** about peanut butter pancakes.....  It's cute, but too much is at stake.

You get on that stage, and tell this nation, you hurt, you bleed, you are no better than us.

Be Presidential, Mitt.

Be Presidential and tell the Family Research Council on down that if they even want a chance to prevent abortions on demand and all of other things they deem important,

they have to understand this one simple truth.

10 But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Romans 14:10-12.

Be Presidential Mitt, and show tonight the ability to lead a nation.

Because if you can't convince me...........or rather those who think like me, you will lose this election.

I have NEVER LET A  personal issue affect my judgment and I am not now.

I am telling you how can folk like Akin, King and crew help lead this nation when they view me as a murderer when it's Obama's blood on my hands........

that give you all Tampa with a chance to win it all.

Distinguish yourself Mitt, you'll get your chance for economics in the debate.

But this is your one chance for women tonight.

And for the pro-life movement, you know those God's words.......right.

Telling all of us to let each other walk our own path, and the judgment of me as a murderer in God's eyes is the same as abortion.

You won't kick me out this party, I don't give a f*** how much you back Akin and crew.

I am the future, and the future is now.

I'll be back when I feel the need to.  
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