Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 23)

Hello America,

I just want to say a couple of things before Paul Ryan's speech tonight.

Prayers for those involved in Hurricane Issac be safe and be prepared....

President Obama coming down there is cute, but him giving Brazil and Mexico oil the gulf robbing you out of the chance to buy supplies needed for a regular occurrence in that region......

And campaign speeches don't pay bills.

Let me just say this,

Chris Christie wants to be President ;)

It's allright....... It's allright Gov. Chrisite.  But I am thankful that you are learning something that I hope conveys throughout the convention.......

which is showing the ability of this party to lead for all.

We don't need a rah rah rally, because it is televised and watching the reviews from speeches last night from Mia Love to Christie.  The people are irritated because they are generally irritated with the party but nothing was inflammatory said.

However, there are two entities tonight that will have to face the challenges that Christie did.

The first is Gov. Jeb Bush.....

The fact that you are encouraging this nation, this party, to ignore criminal behavior and "stop acting stupid" shows why unlike popular opinion, the Bush's that should have been President were and the ones that should have were not...........

I'm thankful for the fact that God isn't as stupid as you think we are supposed to be sir.

It's real cute to worry about all these Hispanics, but without one amnesty pledge, Romney is neck and neck with Obama, know why Gov. Bush..........

Because "Hispanics" are not the only one affected by immigration.

It's different with Jose coming over for a better job knowing the consequences versus a child slave from Africa who is fleeing because of his bloodline family murdered because a new leader has taken the charge.

Because of your insistence on just Hispanics on this issue, on your insistence that "we are acting stupid", it is the people of this nation that see sir you full of s***.

What about women in Africa fighting circumsion because I guarantee if it were men, we'd be at war with that country allready?  Or folks fighting sexual orientation discrimination that results in death?  What about Eastern European violence and discrimination?

The only person who is stupid is you Gov. Bush if you think Hispanics are such a monolithic race and letting half of them that cheated to get over here be the equivalent of  those who did it the right way.

The only person who is stupid is you Gov. Bush, if every other race don't see this as a hustle for votes, versus justice for those who needed.

The reason why Hispanics are majority with Democrats is because of folks like Akin and folk like you, rich entitled men who think they got things all figured out.

16 years of identity theft allowed by your brother, Clinton, Obama and your daddy because somebody thought screwing up my life I would be allright in the end, to let those folk break the law.  Yet the state of Texas had me convicted as felon regarding drugs for 13 and not one peep from you, from Rubio, from anyone supposedly on the behalf of Hispanics that addresses the identity theft that it takes to keep these folks over here.

13 years..........Jeb.......... that I lost opportunities, jobs a life man.......... because I committed a crime and it was listed wrong, BUT I PAID THE COSTS.......  but these folk for the sake of a misjustice get to make it.

We don't kiss ass in this party.  We tell the truth.

Know why Gov. Christie changed his speech for that pep rally he is known for.........

Because he is a democratic state, he is around more diversity, sorry that is in Florida or Texas for that matter.......

He knows folk like you are the current state of the party.......

He also knows folk like me are the future and now I am starting to hit radio and before spring, TV.

You will not kill the momentum we are making with Hispanics, Blacks and other independents by giving amnesty to criminals when we kill citizens in this country.........

That stupid childish crap belongs with the other party.

Crist on his way over there, you can gladly join them.

For folk like me Jeb, said things about Obama, you never could or can.  It is this uncle tom, or whatever I am demonized and called today that said the ugly things that needed to be said that gave the Hill, the chance to be here today because that black lady, who is urban, who has been arrested, who is all the way black, who does know about life in the ghetto, but who is fair, who does know justice and the lessons in between said it.........

Paul Ryan............

You need to take the same approach as Christie........ You are cute, you are fine, you have a cool playlist in iTunes all real cute.  But you are pro-life, a part of the right that calls women like me murderers even though I die a painful death daily for them to have the right to call me that.

You are going to take Medicare away, don't bs about it.

You need to take the same tone as Christie but give more detail.


Because unlike Joe Biden, you will wield and use a different kind of power on the hill.

You need to look the camera in the eye and tell the truth.

Folk like Jeb Bush and that crew going to vote the ticket anyway.......... He can pop all that what needs to be done, but if he wanted to run, he would have.  He didn't have s*** to say for two years until he realized the party had a chance to win, but now he's "concerned"

But Paul...... from someone that fought for you to be budget chairman, that let the world know you and Scott Walker would see no harm.  From someone that told Boehner and Cantor and the Senate to support you......... to love on you..........before all of this......


Talk to adults like adults.  Hell no, they are not going to like everything you say.  That's life.  But you treat them with enough respect to be honest.

Obama spent the money, We don't have no more, We are going to have to do something, I don't have all the numbers but it will address Medicare.

We all know your plan cuts it, explain why Paul.  Don't need the details of the plan, need the details of the rationale for the changes.

Second thing,

Address this pro-life.......

Look the camera, look me in the eye and women like me and make me feel that although your pro-life record is real cute, that you understand that  you are not representing a state anymore, not a district but all of us, and you have the courage to understand,

we all don't think like your district.

Do you understand?

Because if you think I can listen to you about a budget, and you should mention the lack of it and why that happens even when Pelosi was speaker, but if you think I can listen to you about a budget,

knowing with all these men and women snorting bath salts, on God knows what, capable of raping me at any time.......

and you and your friends are going to tell me what I can and can't do with my body, when y'all ain't there when he's violating your very essence and ability to defend yourself........


Jeb ain't the only one stupid, you are as well.

If you and Mitt can't convince this nation of women, damn Hispanics because to focus on one race on one issue like these folks don't have a mind for themselves is racist.........

You'll lose....... and more than give folks like me traction you ain't never seen before on the right......

Take those baby blues, and convince me that you understand what you believe in your heart is not to be put on the table as Vice President.

Make me understand that you know that a Rep represents a state and a district that feels like you,

and  a Vice President represents a nation that necessarily don't.

You can do that, you win the election.

You can't,  you won't.

I can't deal with men in particular who don't understand, unless you are going to bend over and get raped with me.........

you don't have the right to judge what I do to tell with it over.

 14:10 But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
14:11  For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
14:12  So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
14:13  Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

Romans 14:10-14 applies to Catholics, Mormons, Pro-life folk as well as the rest of  us......

This is the premise this nation was built on, to let each walk their own life.

And if you can't convey you understand that, and stop bowing down to this pro-life movement judgment train.......

then you don't deserve to be Vice President

and Romney don't deserve to the President because he chose you.

Tell the truth and be a political adult Paul,

not a political purist.

The right is going to vote for you, but  you all can't win without the rest of the nation. 
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