Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Champ's Story (announcement)

Hello America,

I have been praying on the October Surprise.  I thought about Adrian Beltre, saying that sometimes playing through the pain helps him focus........

That's champ talk right there.

So b/c I don't know break nothing when its working as Wash says, I will not write until baseball ends.

I trust my brothers called the Texas Rangers to each do their part to ensure, we end the way we started as number one.

I trust my brothers called the Dallas Cowboys to keep surviving but realizing that the errors, the drama has to stop... but like my brother Romo, yes love....  I ain't a fan, but you are my brother, we get up, we don't fuss, we don't cuss about the hurts we feeling.

We get back up and get the job done.

And to the mighty, mighty, GOP.

Gingrich, Akin put himself in this hole, let him dig himself out.  Not worth losing the female vote over something he should have resigned for.  His ego dug himself in, his ego must get himself out.

We need to focus on the congressional races.

Mitt, the October Surprise, will be me, on Youtube! twice a week so that you can get the feel and energy of what I'm saying.


B/c we playing Ranger baseball, we a band of brothers and sisters and it don't matter if we gotta bunt, steal, until the last pitch of the last inning, we find a way.

B/c we playing Dallas football,we a band of brothers and sisters and even through our struggles God sees us through b/c there is a message that he is trying to send through us.

We are America's team.

Every brother and sister that is a legal citizen, ain't no bump in the road.

They are a part of a nation.

The October Surprise is like some of that Houston, Texas stuff.

Not no Beyonce........

Rather that Ghetto Boyz........

We dropping them 5th ward B's on 'em.

We hitting Youtube!  We hitting Video.........

I am going to say everything you can't unfiltered and you'll see how to come out at Obama.

Get the vote out don't worry about the BS polls.

And to my Rangers, To My Cowboys, to the NFL loves now do you see why I want Goddell gone?, to my MLB brothers and sisters..........

October, we dropping all champ anthems!  All month long!

It's the Fall Classic, and dammit we going to vote, pray, party and play like it is.

This is America.......

I'll be back on the 1st..........

From Kayne to ever major top ten billboard hits.......

We playing Champ Anthems.

Make it to October, hurt, bleeding, cramping all that.

And Me and God will help you make the rest of the way.........

Y'all almost there...

Cowboys........time to be a team, time to be accountable.

Garrett, you not a head coach, but you got the title...  Let the team of vets, be one.

Step aside......  let them hold each other accountable.

Rangers, Coach Carlisle said it takes a quad to beat a squad.

But if he were your manager, he would say it takes five to put it all in squad.

Rep that Big T........

Let 'em know why T come after A in the alphabet ;)
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