Friday, September 14, 2012

The Champ's Story (Chapter 31)

Hello America,

I wanted to just say a couple of words. 

I applaud Romney for the way he handled the embassy situations. 

It needed to be said.  Not only is the Obama response disgraceful, it borderlines on dereliction of duty.

For example, he is sending 50 marines into an hostile environment but banned them from having ammunition.  However, the Department of Homeland Security has being hollow points from every market on the map.

The Congressional GOP left Romney on an island because they know as we all know, as folks like Michele Bachmann tried to tell us that the islamic, anti-colonialist terror networks are not just over there....

They are over here as well.

And they have given us a choice, either continue to concede or appease through the Obama policy or face acts of terror here.

Well, As Americans..........

there is but one choice.

To strap up our boots, investigate every flight, every bus, every passenger and say bring it on.

We don't negotiate with terrorists, those in or out of the white house.

They got folks that will kill for their country............

So do we.

Unlike Congress, We are the People.

And where there is faith, there can be no fear.........

No a got damn drop.

Obama's comments and actions caused Yemen and Libya situations.  And no worry GOP, the November or October surprise won't be a suspension of the elections.

Other countries have to make regime changes through a movement.

We on other hand in this country are already authorized by the Constitution to do so when we see fit.

Obama is getting close to the point.

And lastly, Mitt you handle Obama lying, by saying he lied once, responding likewise once more and continuing on with what you have to say, totally ignoring the tit for tat that is going to happen....

I'll be back..........
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