Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello America,

Congrats to the Giants.... for doing what you guys have always done......

solid pitching......

The Rangers had a chance against the cardinals, but with you guys....  That wasn't the case.

Am I glad to see St. Louis out, not in particular, but I'm not mad either ;)

As far as the debates, let me tell you this story......  

I worked out this morning......  At the local YMCA, yes they are still around and when I get some money, I will donate because their kindness is allowing me to get my health together.

As I walked on the treadmill, I had a lot on my mind..

Healthy food costs a lot of money, and I have to have it, but I owe Pepperdine still 2G's...  I can't afford to pay both...

This is my day off on my workout, so I'm not on the elliptical machine or cycling today... just walking for my nerves.

So as I'm walking,and I am thinking about my life.

A lot of things I screwed up, a lot of things I didn't.  Did everything right and at the last minute, God threw in a monkey wrench...

I'm beyond frustrated...... Not mad, thankful for what I have .....

I have 120 pounds to lose... I have no  need to lie, a mini me.... ;) literally.

I want to quit so bad, this post, politics, this life.......

But I saw something the other day, that made me stay on that treadmill..

It was Willow Smith, Will and Jada Smith's daughter and she was singing some Adelle song....

And it touched my heart b/c it reminded me of being a little girl.....  

I'm sure that young lady is set for life regardless of what she chooses as a career, but the innocence in her voice just reminded me....

That my life ain't about me, it doesn't belong to me.

The older you get, as I am approaching 38, in a couple of months, the less your mind is cluttered with the  yoke of what you are "supposed" to do.

And God came to my side......

And he said "It hurts don't it.......?"

I asked "What losing?........"

"Nah, winning for the victory of living is yours, but the glory will be mine......" God said proudly... as he is a proud man.

"God, everything that I have ever valued or loved, you have taken away from me, even things I have now, you have shown me, that they are already gone beforehand.....  Doesn't feel much like a victory, but I get your point, I ain't got no problems with you...." I say slowly.......

God stops the treadmill and says "Finish up, Tiffani, cool off and step outside......Seriously, like right now" as I had increased my treadmill time, didn't want to be bothered.

I step outside and he looks me in the eye and asks directly "What's wrong?"

I pat him on the shoulder which I know he hates and say softly

"I'll never get married again b/c most men won't approved of what I do with these women to get these women to do what they do for me politically, I won't have any children, I will be called a traitor to Black people, a traitor to Christians because of my abortion stance, I will be called an enemy to women because I don't believe in equal pay...

Every single mistake I've made will be public display for others to slaughter me with judgment and condemnation, every man or woman I have ever slept with will be questioned for people in your house to write my spiritual fate.

The life you have given me is full of foes and drama and when I do get my body together, I'll use lust of others to fight for the American people, and the threat of violence to ensure peace for the American people.....

I'll die alone....... left with nothing but a legacy more than likely some liberal will write.  But nothing is wrong, because that child's voice reminded me of why I do, what I do.

She is young girl in America that has the freedom where she can sing and we both old enough to know, a girls song turns into a woman's lullabye which paces the heartbeat of this country....

I'm ruthless, I'm going to take Hollywood b/c I am going to flip those dollars to exert political influence b/c both Obama and Romney are Ted Kennedy's boys and his liberalism either way it goes plan can't nor will it work. 

I'm a politician....... And it's nobody's fault, I didn't read the brochure in full before I signed up ;).....  It's okay.....  It's my walk, its plenty of other folk that need you more than I do.  We cool.."

and by the time, I finish, we both looking at each other with tears in our eyes, and he holds out his hand and I take it and we walk into the ballot box.

My point is that for the World Series, for the Presidency........

there is no new gimmick or lines that were said last night.

Obama did skip over Israel because he wanted to.  He did visit as a candidate but as President to send a message.

Romney did change between keeping troops in and out of Afghanistan. 

But at the end of the day, Romney won not b/c of whether he lied or not.  I don't trust him or any other liberal coming out of MA or that has associated with Ted Kennedy, I don't care what party you belong to.

Romney won because he is purely and simply Presidential material and Obama is not.

It's easy to be elected in when  the significance of your election is so beyond you.

It's hard to stay elected when the luster of that significance leaves and only standing is your philosophy and your policies which sucked.

The election will come down to two plays,

Obama playing prevent defense with Ohio, knowing with no voter id law in place and sending every black celebrity he knows there,........ If Romney doesn't get OH, then all it takes is a Nevada or two to hold on.

And Romney knows b/c of the voter fraud, he has to get to other states, to make up that Ohio shortfall...

At the end of the day who you are will dictate who you vote for.

You have an activist and a businessman to chose from.

You had a man who should have never been President arguing like a candidate and a President who should have never been the candidate on this side tolerating a challenger.

Romney will win....... because he has accepted the contingencies of OHIO and moved on.

Obama will win because he has the one last chance for voter fraud that is unreal that DOJ lifted for this election.

Detroit vs. San Francisco...

Unions vs. Hippies on the surface,

but if you look a little deeper.

It's the hippies that lie in Detroit that expect a nation to keep bailing out GM which is due by the way for another bailout in December.......

and the unions and working folk that earn on the bay.

Both of these teams are complete teams, I am a fan of Verlander.....  I think he's one of the greatest of all time.

I am a fan of San Fran Pitching....., I think they are the Ray Lewis' of pitching fundamentally sound.... grounded, good ole' fashioned pitching.

So no matter who wins...... 

Is of no consequence...

But who does win...... will dictate the election....

Look beyond the surface of what you think the teams stand for....

Look at the teams and how they play......

And while you all watching the game....  me and God.......

Running up on every liberal on both sides.....  b/c we know it's going to take the people, not Romney or Obama to get us straight........

We got guns... in one hand, inoncente platinum tequila in the other .

And we run up starting with Pelosi in the bay and I whisper softly.....

You gonna know the people that you fighting for
We ain't here for money but for your soul
Me and my God we frankly on one
and damn all the smoke and mirrors, his will will be done

[Hook: Big Sean]
Ain’t nobody messing’ with my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain’t nobody playing in my ’
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
We taking down, every one around this
B****, B****, B****, B****, B****
And all these families they need the
They want the, they want the

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
I advise you take advantage of election day
Because my clique saving private Ryan via Romney
We going to make each day, a payday
No more payday loans to pay bills way
We got opportunities to now slang
Riding on China's yin yang
Putting Trump down on a gangbang
In Beijing just show USA ain't playing.
 We, RTP we keep it simple mane
The sirens say we comang, Scrrr!
We got handcuffs and much more than 2 chainz!
We don't give a f*** about being the villian, because poverty and job loss we killing
Putting women in binders so they Marvin Gaye economic healing’
We Cabrerra, we Tripling Crowning DC
Erasing all state deficits and making the hill drink our tea

[Hook: Big Sean]
Ain’t nobody messing’ with my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain’t nobody playing in my ’
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
We taking down, every one around this
B****, B****, B****, B****, B****
And all these families they need the
They want the, they want the

Yeah I'm talking G, yeah I'm talking OP,  B/c Mofo's freedom far from free
Yeah I said four years ago, Obama we ending the lease
4 Dead Americans ain't optimal but your ass out the white house is to me
We sending a message to the world, the apologies going to cease
Because as long as we got heat, we got soldiers, we aint going to retreat
We flipping lives, we ain't shady, telling you right here man, lazy legs don't get fed baby
I got a nation with me, saying yo I need my own Tiffani
Translation means that I ain't asking for no more chances, writing my damn payday
Big Bird is my homie, won't need to no govt money to keep my n**** on the airwaves
We just that bold, we saving jobs, economies, just to hurry to see Cinnamon work the pole
We ain't falling for no middle class scheme, for you and Michelle 35 million dollars Hawaii retreat dreams
You ain’t fuckin’ with my clique

[Hook][Hook: Big Sean]
Ain’t nobody messing’ with my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain’t nobody playing in my ’
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
We taking down, every one around this
B****, B****, B****, B****, B****
And all these families they need the
They want the, they want the

[Kanye West:]
We ain't bowing to none see
White T's, loafers Gucci
We Allyson Pope hitting DC
Shutting down scandals b/c We just that prideful
  we smart, we freaky, we a damn handful
But boy we handles businesss
Division going MIA
b/c unity is always on paydays
Traitors baby time to pray
iMessage Jesus about them pearly gates
Make sure he know your name
Because your time spented, and we buying, we don't rent s***

God says....... wait, wait...... stand 'em up against the wall, let me say this......
 You know these my people, mofo don't get it twisted
They bred to conduct my fiscal and holy businesss
Not worried about 2 chainz using his degrees to be ignant
But please know, me and T far from finished
Our name ain't percy, but n***** we don't know limits
This nation can't stop the feeling, Mike had when Joe in the building
So no indignation, We know you did
Sold out this nation, b/c they don't live where you live
We here to take not just to peruse
We on that San Fran giving them St. Louie blues blues
Getting amendments through while you watch her pelvis
Getting navy boats produced b/c we using some lustful leverage
We need more, than some I'm gonna do what I says
Cuz we'll burn this b**** down before we end up China's slaves
We RTP not giving a f*** about Barack or Romney
We solely bent on Freedom Snopp Dog high every day
We got at team of hoes working strips but it  ain't Vegas
B/c we know you sign anything just to try nail it

And me and my clique said God you gotta stop, you killing them you too strong, let me just say this to 'em they got your point......

We Bilichek Patriots we ain't bailing
Getting votes on a bill to override while you trying to figure brazilian?
So damn a reelection b/c it ain't no coming back
if you don't honor the people who pay that tax
B/c we in this clique been f****** with God so long
that he the one  pointing this AR-15 in your back
Fuckin’ with my clique

Clique (God's Rumble)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP licensed.

Go Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go and enjoy some good ass baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And no matter who wins, trust America......

TRUST me, while you all busy raising our citizens of tomorrow, or living your lives as you supposed to do.........

Me and me clique putting in this ears of every congresspersons, outside of Bachmann and West b/c they don't need it.......

It's not a GOP thing, its not a DEM thing...... 

It's no one on the right or left, will not be protected if even  China and Iran gotta get hit thing...

It's a no mofo you are going to pass this budget, we don't give a f*** about your reelection campaign promises thing.

It's a if some troops gotta stay, you will not leave our brothers and sisters or we using some bayonets in this office today thing.

It's a we will protect our seniors and you will be open and honest with this voucher thing.

It's a you will cut off these immigrants because we are going to have congress override your ass thing........ and anything less than your signature, you might take a horseride thing.

It's a no more games from either side thing.

It's a Detroit vs. San Francisco.......  We got ring have it habit.

He who wins the ground game on the field, will win the ground game of the ballot box.

Romney you wanna win, time to get dirty love......  put folks in buses and cards and get votes.

get ohio... close enough to contest if needed.

Thursday, I'll be back.

Vote!!!!!!!!!! then watch the game ;)
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