Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello America,

I do apologize for my absence.  I had food poisoning for almost a week.  Lost 14 pounds in 5 days.  Not pretty at all.  So I missed the entire World Series... along with the Tigers Batting Order ;)

Just a little humor, but no offense.  Congrats to the Detroit Tigers for a hard fought series... Wasn't a cakewalk.

And Congrats to the San Francisco Giants.

I told you all to look past the images that the media wants to portray.

Hitters are like QB's, they get all the glory and a couple of pitchers.

But San Fran pitchers are a line, and it makes the entire team even a hitting Panda ;)  different in their marketing and approach.

Because tireless, unnoticed work is put into every pitch.

When Tiny Tim can come in, in the 6th and throw heat in the bullpen...... and his ego is not wavered nor that of his teammates.......

That speaks volumes of a team.

When a team has won 2 World Series and folks still don't know the managers name or most of the folks on the team.......,

that speaks volumes of the team.

I asked God to let me get better to write.....

He remarked that I didn't need to for what was to be was going to be anyway.

I guess what I am trying to say is that when it is the end, it really is.

I am going to revamp this site in a minute and who knows what I may write about from time to time.

I wanted to quit but just like my Ford Truck, it keeps going, so that's not an option.

But I will quit writing about politics.

Not b/c my heart ain't in it, I am tired of not getting paid.

I called Wisconsin.....  I said 3 years ago, that the Rust Belt, not Florida, not NC, not VA would be the heart of this election cycle.

I've supported Ryan and Walker and etc...  from the beginning.

I've said Mitt time and time again and I know and hear my talking points in his speeches.  And I'm tired.

I got bills and more than that, I'm tired of feeling ripped off.

I want to be more active in politics, I think that it is important that America, see my face.

Not just b/c it's cute ;)

But because diversity is needed especially on the right with images.

I look at a show on BET called don't sleep with TJ Holmes, but what it ought to be called is we going to ridicule black conservatives every show.

They highlight black conservatives that don't necessarily fit the urban demographic that the show is geared to so it makes the black conservatives they have on there conspiracy right wing can't relate nuts....

I want to take on Bill Maher.

I want to take on Bill O'Riley, still not a fan, like his books, but he's full of it.

I know that since we are making it through Sandy, and we will NOT stop election day because of it.

Obama surrogates will counter with riots on election night and on inauguration day and I think that God has blessed me with the words and a testimony to stop it, but only if I'm giving a chance.

So I'm going to end with this Team Romney,

Obama is going to talk about you anyway.

Get back out and campaign.  Don't let Benghazi be a distant memory, let it be a constant reminder of the difference between a leader who watched patriots die in vain and one who if he ever had to be in that situation will watch patriots live in honor.

Talk about jobs because from NYC on, jobs were lost and jobs were created and it is not disrespectful to talk about how we could help govt wise much more if we were not 20 trillion in the hole.

Get out the vote and keep going even in Colorado, even in Pennsylvania and Ohio, don't give up on anything.

Be ready to sue and don't let Obama shame you out of it, if necessary.

Just like I said the winner of the series will tell who and how the winner of this election will be.

The working man, the forgotten man that Amity Shales talked about will win and it will be a sweep and no, Dick Morris I'm not going off of your map, but God's.  ;)

And to my Dallas Cowboys, let me just say this.

Tony Romo is the greatest average bad quarterback that has ever played the game of football, and when you have an owner who is on the verge of giving another 50 million dollars to a man on pace for 20 interceptions, a coach who at the 1 yard line calls three plays after reading time out for dumimes in the NFL for the past two weeks, and a receiver whose city and supporters are trying to see what I said along, he can't change who he is, if you all keep babying situation out of situation, to change a habit is hard work and practice, not an almost TD when your other tendencies put your team in the game.....

And a defense that shut down the Super Bowl champs.

You end up with a team that will be drafting a qb next year because 6 and 10 teams don't make the playoffs.

Just like Barack Obama, a man who has all the potential in the world, but cracks under pressure, its everyone's else fault, is rarely consistent but actually is just on things that his blind followers refuse to acknowledge in a nation that is too prideful to admit they fucked up and it's just that simple.

I am almost through with school where I can head back to church, but my dad brings me the text.

The Pastor, Rev. Jenkins used the book of Psalm the first chapter.

I read that, and I chose to leave us with the first verse for something to think about.

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

God is saying for your blessing, you must first not listen to fools, like your ego Jerry Jones, like your ego black America, with record unemployment and poverty as well as women and the "middle class" Barack Obama loves to talk about while packing every penny he can for that 35 million dollar estate, he's moving into in Hawaii in three weeks,..........

Second, he is saying PRO LIFE movement that you need not stand in the way of sinners, that's God's way of saying stay in your own damn lane, don't worry about what the next man doing, give them a testimony, pray for them and keep it moving, he don't need you fighting for the children and fetuses, he was doing that LONG BEFORE you got here.......

and lastly, he is saying DEMOCRATS........ don't be bitter.  Your Boy got everything he could ever want as a President, a supermajority, major bills passed through, Michelle doing pushups, hanging with Jay Z, Lebron, giving pounds and daps or whatever he does, and he never brought the unemployment numbers down and because he let patriots die in real time.

He will die from the punishment from impeachment and treason charges in real time and it ain't nowhere his ass can hide to prevent that.

Do what you need to do for your blessing.

Let God do what he needs to do, he don't need you for his job.

You need him for yours.

Remember that.......

Because Nov. 7, 2012.

Won't be a war on just the right President Obama, we tearing up the whole political game and that shadow who thinks they run this country.........

I'll be back tomorrow.

Didn't need no song today.  You got a verse from God.

That's enough.

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