Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The End (Chapter 3)

Hello America,

Its a quiet day in Dallas.

We still hurting, no Rangers in the playoffs, Dirk's knee is going, no Dallas Stars Hockey and whose to really say what team is going to show up with the Cowboys in Baltimore.

The end is coming and we can all feel it.

The momentum is shifting to Romney and everyone can feel it, but we far from victory laps.

I have already determined the list for the playoffs, so the first team that gets in the next round, regardless of who it is....

I gotcha...  It's love... even if it means loving pinstripes, it's allright.

What I have been doing is creating YouTube! videos...

While others are working tirelessly on getting Romney and a GOP congress in, I am past that point, my strength, my calling is healing this nation.

The moment the announcers declare Mitt Romney the winner, a part of me will rejoice because the end of a viscous attack on this country will end...........

But a bigger part of me will be hurt and mourning because officially the  legacy of black men in particular regard to politics is invariably and undeniably tarnished.......

And that hurts me............

Not enough to change my vote, not enough to change my mind,

but enough for the mission I feel that God put me on has changed.

The first video I thought about putting up here, but it was flat.

It was informative but it wasn't me... or at least the me that folks see on twitter

The second one is....

Perfect Storm, Episode 2

I am going to get into production.  I had fun doing it and I want all of us on a same page because we cannot afford change election day and chaos election night.

It will be ugly, it will be brutal.  I don't put anything past a black panther and I hope for their sake they don't put anything past me.

The end of stopping policy and changes that have to be made because of racism or attacks on medicare are here now.

It's over.

Just like the Rangers season after 178 days on top.

There is no more.

Other teams are taking over, and they are young well some, some have never been......  some this is just routine...

But my point of it is

when Paul Ryan and Joe Biden go off tomorrow, it will be about jobs.

It will be about taxes and I want you to think about this video.

Because for those of us who already can't make it like myself,

who do live off of those tax refunds, no need to lie about it.

That are scraping up change in the car just to pay for food Michelle says we can't afford to eat, but our budget says otherwise..........

Let those numbers go out of your mind and ask yourself.

Am I doing better or worse?

And don't let anyone make you feel bad about the answer.

23,000,000 out of work officially, unofficially we are talking about almost 40,000,000.

And out of a nation of 350,000,000 it may not seem like much.

But tell that to their families, their hunger pains, their checking accounts and medical bills.....

Every poverty, deficit and personal debt increase has increased exponentially since Obama took office and it sure as hell by coincidence.

It's time for a different type of black woman to rise to combat the whores of babylon that are named, Rice, Jarrett, Obama and Pelosi.......

and from Stacey Dash, to Deneen B..........  we stepping up and we ain't going to back down.

The end is near America, and the bull known as business is usual, is going to stop soon.

We are going to let the Cowboys, and the playoff baseball teams tell us just how we are going to do it.

Be back tomorrow!

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