Friday, October 12, 2012

The End (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

We are starting to get some entries into the big dance........

We got some wildass thundercats in the Tigers ;), you all know its love... but we went through this last year....  so I gotta keep it up, I give nicknames  I like that one for you all.

Glad honestly to see Detroit get some income coming in the city, I know you guys are a talking point in debates, but we all know that you are hurting.

I wish Dusty could be here....  But Like Wash says that's how baseball go....

The Giants..........  They put fear with those beards up there....


I sat up with God and as I listened to the results as I was watching the debates and Tamar and Vince...  yes I do watch the show b/c it saddens me Tamar doesn't realize that she has a career being a wife and possibly a mother and can't be secure in that b/c it doesn't compare with her sister.....

I remarked "It seems  you bringing everyone that beat up the Rangers, huh?"

God smirked "You wanna lead, gotta learn to love everyone"

And I just nodded and we watched the press conferences quietly from then on.

So after the conference was over, God said "you leaving so early ?"

I replied "yeah........... got some writing to do, if I am going to love, then that means it has to be in earnest right......  Two teams in, two songs to already be working on"

God smiled and went on back to sports center.

My simple point this morning that sometimes God puts us in situations where we have to work with those who have taken things from us.  It doesn't feel right to have to write for the Giants when the Rangers fell to them just two short seasons ago I believe.

But whatever God asks of you, you can rest assured that he has supplied you with you need.

I went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday.  I rode the ferris wheel with a couple from Ohio... It was their first time and mines as well.

I put on my little cheesy check ins on facebook, didn't get a response and yes there is a point.  Was a little sad, but the wife of the couple that I rode the ferris wheel with the Texas Star, made sure to wave goodbye and had such energy in her eyes, it allowed to focus on the day I had before me and to realize and thank God for who I got to share that moment with.

Family ain't family because they share you DNA, family is family b/c they are there to share the moments with you.

Whether I ever meet that lady again, that's family it made my day .

So when I got to the debates last night, I was refreshed I was tense as Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan I believe 82 times.

I didn't get upset. 

I was frustrated as I am sure some nut was telling Siri in Iran to remind him to attack Israel on 1/1/15 and well as Afghanistan...

But I was proud of my brother, for doing something that Joe Biden has never truly grasped in Paul Ryan acting Presidential.

I was glad of the fact that if Paul Ryan ever had to take over as President that he understands first and foremost, what messages he is sending to terrorists has to be taken into account as well.

I am glad that he understands that we can't keep spending the way we are and expect this keep going.

I was glad that even as he was being chastised by the moderator and Joe, he chose to defer for respect versus responding out of indignation at times.........

What I am saying is that as a pro choice woman, who is very concerned about Ryan and Romney letting the states decide abortion rights, although I agree with the legal argument the Supreme Court should have never taken the case...

He is my brother that I will gladly stand side by side with to defend this country.

And Monday Morning... I'm coming out with another video and it will be a lot better and it will pull no punches about the foreign policy issues and debt that Biden kept interrupting Ryan about.

Detroit and San Fran as soon as the other two are wrapped up...

Your introduction would start.  And Sorry A's, that's what I was trying to tell you last week or so ago, ... That AL West title looked good, but just like the Rangers found out the past two years...

If you don't have a championship ring next to it, doesn't feel good. 

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