Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The End (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

I am sorry that I haven't written, the baseball playoff season moved so fast like the next day.

It caught me off guard.

And has been flowing so well, I don't want to disturb it.

I do hope that the Giants and Cardinals play a good safe, clean game.  We don't need to see anybody else hurt, although I can understand why the Giants are upset and should be...

I thought about Peyton Manning, the other day, when thinking about what to write....

I think that the comeback wasn't about Manning's stats.  

It was about Manning's attitude which is far more valuable than his arm.

He doesn't give up.  He doesn't see anything but what needs to be done to win.

In the debate last night, yes the President was alive, but defensive.

He didn't answer direct questions with answers but lectured.

And you can tell that infamous black rage...... that he so tries to avoid is on the verge of coming out.

Questions about equal pay were answered with discussions about contraception.

Questions about getting a job after college were met with discussions about helping older workers.

Only Romney had facts because Obama is now running an incumbents race and he doesn't know how to do defensive.

He doesn't know how to stand on a record because he has never stood for anything, he is just really adept at going after someone.

When the older black man told him, he did support him and wanted to know why he should continue, President Obama didn't even thank  him and basically told him negro stop complaining look at what all I have gotten done... You just going to have to suffer more.

Poverty, folks on food stamps and unemployment grew exponentially under this President.

As well as Obama's own personal wealth coming into office with about 1.8, to about 11 million including investments in China.

But at the end of the debate, it wasn't about the 47%, we all knew that was coming for Obama had used every sound bite he had and had to stutter through some of those.

Romney had already countered with a he can represent everyone and he is a man of God and was a Pastor which we all know Obama cannot comment on without bringing up Wright.

It is his technical truth and ideal lies about Libya, that will bite him in the end.

Because if first and foremost, you don't protect your brothers... your countrymen....

Then nothing else matters.

I am giving you this link.

Knock on the Door

It is my next video installment... It is about foreign policy, it is about choice.

It is graphic, but I left it that way intentionally.

If this were halftime and Peyton Manning, asked the Tigers, the Yankees, the Giants and the Cardinals... as well as this nation

Who ready to put in work

look around the locker room because it ain't always who got the biggest contract or the most lofty title.

I'll be back Friday, God said I couldn't write this week...

When he says no, I can't, simple as that.

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