Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The End (Prelude Part 2)

Hello America,

I didn't watch the football game for the most part because I work 12 to 14 hours days.

But God's words rang true.......

No disrespect to the Chicago Bears.......

The end of an era is coming.......

Not necessarily his fault because Romo has heart but this pattern can't be kept up... It's too defeating to the defense that under circumstances.......

Romney, I want you to pay attention to three lessons from the game last night.

Romo will never learn b/c it is not him to trust in the game and his team mates...... shovel passes in the midst of three all pro linebackers I believe...  Passes that are from the start looking at his eyes at only one receiver......

My point is that you have understand that in this debate you have to win by losing.

Obama is going to lie, no doubt about it.  He's going to say some things that frankly would make me want to reach over and slap him out of disrespect.

He wants you stuttering, stammered, face red.......

You don't throw that shovel pass.  You fall on the ball.  You don't throw that pass, you throw it out of bounds.

Let your body language say what you can't.  Stare at him, let him know that if this were any other night, if he were any other man and he disrespected your wife, your sons and you knew that prayers and words wasn't going to work, that some of that Michigan toughness would meet him in a dark alley.

The second part is I want you to pay attention to the lines......  The O line for the most part under the circumstances held up, at least better than I thought they would. 

My point is that if you challenge people, those who have the same goal in mind stand up.  We need to see passion Mitt, damn some polling, and for God's sake stop talking about immigration.  Don't worry about the Hispanic base, I got 10k followers and Hispanics are there just like every other race, people not racial groups determine election.

We need to be a line Mitt, your strategists ain't out here on the front line, we are...

We need to break bread together, we need to walk into this debate together, we need to sit on the sideline together, we need to line up with one arm touching our brothers and sisters hand together, and together protect the QB of this country, small businesses and job creators......

The third lesson is one that Jerry Jones has had coming for a long time.  The absence of character and worth in his personnel choices.

Dez Bryant, a man who will be jailed because it is the only the Cowboys success is keeping out, playing like what he is....... a man who has been bailed out of every situation.  Refuses to take responsibility for a catch, an ass beating because he has been positively reinforced to believe it is always somebody else fault. Mr. Jones didn't feel that Vick, or Peyton or Brandon Marshall or plenty of dudes that had legitmate problems and needed someone to believe in them AFTER they showed their own growth.......

Jason Garrett who again shows time and time again is not ready to coach my nephew's pee wee game much less an NFL game...... But he's not going to say anything to Jerry, he has no clue, how to instill discipline......  And his miscues set the tone for the season and the game.

You don't let your QB get 5 interceptions, you throw out a challenge just to show some fight...

My point is Mitt.  Right now, no disrespect, you choosing pedigree and your friends over talent.  And that's the reason you getting your ass whooped in the polls.  You ain't listening to Rove, you ain't listening to me, you listening to folk that think like you because they from a world like you.

But guess what Wednesday night......

You going against somebody that will lie, that will exploit, that is full of it with a media already declaring him the winner because for the chaos he has brung he is on the verge of knocking America down........ or so he thinks.......

So what do you do?

Let's look to the Rangers game.

Rangers pitchers.......  I am going to be frank with you.  Pitching is like having sex with a woman. 

We don't want you have bad moments at the start because that it will ensure that you won't get any more quality time ;)

Perez was nervous and he needed to settle down......

But it tells the other team when you have to patch together pitching....  I don't know what's going on with Scott Feldman, Perez (he's young), but Kirkman, Oswalt, and the rest of the bullpen.....

You need to get over your egos and start pitching like your life depends on it.  Why?

Because your life is tied to your brothers and their life is tied to me and so many others that believe in the Ranger nation.

Too many first and second innings seal the deal just like last night.

The A's can celebrate and yes, Cruz you NOT going to get the call love.

And NO Josh that doesn't mean you have to swing at 0-2 if its a bad pitch :)  You know I love you all...

But in the end, outside of 2 runs that should have never been in the first, you all would have won that game.

But you know what Rangers and Mitt Romney, if if was a fifth, we'd all be drunk.

Right, the media has declared the A's the champs, they young, doesn't matter about Colon cheating and helping out with tainted wins.....

MLB gets to market moneyball and some other crap and it's election season and wouldn't it help Obama and his campaign to see mighty George W. and Nolan shut out.

My point today is don't matter who just get it done.

Michael Young had 7 HR this year, but one last night.

The hitting is there, the opportunity is there..... But batters stop bitching about something that ain't going to change.

You not going to get the calls.

Mitt you not going to get the calls, nor the questions that work for you.

The game is already set up for the A's and for Obama to win.

Only you can show them what America is about, that until its over, it ain't.

Oakland has some good pitchers, they more of change ups and sliders then all out power.

They pitch to you like you dumb hitters.

Like Obama will come at Romney.

Don't let them see you fussing at the umpire, or mad.

Clap when you wanna fuss.

Romney, shake your head when you wanna slap Obama b/c you no debate prep is going to get you ready for somebody who lies......

and uses race and class as a bully to tell you I wish you would.

The end that I am referring to ain't the end of the season for your Wash.............

It's the end of the run of coming up short.

You all gotta take the strength, take the faith that makes you all brothers Rangers......... and in that dugout in Oakland, where there is no Red, No Blue, no White.

You find the end of the road of the path you want.........

Through each other, through every pitch, through every play,

where there is faith, there can no fear, no bitching, no worrying about what they getting, what Joe blow is saying.........

Where there is faith, there is the ability to do what you need to do in the midst of an environment that says you cannot get it done.

For the Cowboys, its time for soul searching, Jerry... it's time to admit Dez Bryant and Jason Garrett were hires for your ego and not your team.  It's time to make some real changes if you want to have a chance because it is not fair to the lines, Witten, the defense, and most of the offense what Baltimore will do next week.

You need a fundamental change Jerry and you and I know it involves three of the names I just mentioned.

You find the end of the road of the path you want.

Folks that going to kiss your ass, talent that supposedly comes cheap b/c you get what you pay for or a team of grown men whose vertical leaps who may not be that high but can run a route correctly, know when to challenge and know when keeping him as the leader of the huddle even when he wins he loses........

Mitt Romney.....

You know what River and I did last night....

Oakland A's

You know what River and I did last night.

Obama b/c I am going to excuse the Chicago Bears from this ... they were just the messenger no disrespect......

You know what River and I did last night........

Worked, never missing a beat.

So we looked after the games, and we prayed.......

And we both looked up and said.

I heard  your heart beat b/c I knew  the end had come

I ain't ashamed of what I've done so my war is won

Your soul is tatted right here on Gods arms

So make the most of your life, b/c its time up, aint none

to be left in the tank son

Gods will demands the end gonna come

Make this night a chance to show his Kingdom come

Play this right  to show this team won't be undone

Young hearts live life blind
But older ones remember time
Don't stop you b/c you think should
b/c stopping you is never good
Dont care about what you may or may not screw up
It's the end baby, all that you gotta give up

We need gotta see you get up and fight
Because its his will you live on the promised side
They gotta know each play means a season's life
And give their all until all other's hopes die

I hear your heart beat b/c you know the battle is won
And we all know that the hate, the struggles comes along
But we all tatted right here on God's arms
So bring that fire baby, b/c tonight we going to sound the alarm.

It's time to bar none
It's time  to get it done

Let's use tonight to show the world that we so far from done

[Beat break]

Let's every play, show through his grace victory is won.

Young arms throwing shots

Daring you Texas for what you got
Tempers up, dude so not
Time for tempers, adjust your jock
  You've been through too much so you push(you know)
  and light them bats like Oakland lights that kush(for sure)

They ain't going down without a fight

But hasn't that always the line of your ride
Damn what's done on their side
Cuz we claw until we die

And River and I kept hearing something that was showing up something on the track.

And from those who went on the other side, it was a NATION, do you understand Rangers?

A nation not of Ranger or baseball fan, but a nation of God's fans.......  

When we opened the door.........  And River and I looked, told the engineers to keep recording all acapella  they sung from their spirits and hearts.....

One voice, one heart beat needs to be a Ranger drum
Because we are a nation not built on the acts of just one
We put our brothers in our arms,
And make a pledge, to fight, claw, antler until its done

One voice, one heart beat is the path we now on

Every pitch, every play, its from depth son
Because we hold our brothers arms
We play tonight, like we played yesterday, as one

Walk on the path you own

Time to play in your zone

Let's tonight show that through grace the victory already won

Die Young (Michael Young's plea)
Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP

Ain't about winning tonight, and yes, the young people are worried about winning the AL West but you've done that and still came up short at the end of the day......


All that's important and I'm not saying winning is not important.

But the most important thing right now, is playing for, with and about your brothers......

That's it, that's all.

Playing the type of ball that got you here.

That got you still in the lead.

When you stop caring about winning, and what you not getting and about your brothers.......

Then victory through grace is already won.

None of this is new to you.

Time to get back to basics.

Ranger ball.

We claw, we pray, we antler, we fight through it all.


Mitt and Jerry Jones...... brothers y'all got some soul searching to do.

B/c Obama wants to be the bears Wednesday night and the media needs him to be.

be back tomorrow.

*Kissing Tony Romo on the head* Baby it's okay....  It's allright.....

May not seem like it, but I'm on your side.

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