Monday, November 12, 2012

The Change (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

I haven't gotten down to changing my site yet.  I am working on my thesis and it's coming along.  Hopefully, you all will be able to read it for yourselves.  Unlike Barack Obama, my records are open outside of Pepperdine because I am still paying a past due balance, but when it is paid, you are welcome to review it.

The title of the new book is called The Change because that's where I am at right now.  I'm changing my body slowly but surely, eating right and not b/c Michelle Obama told me to, this is the longest I've gone in a very long time without any communication at all with my ex-husband and just in a different direction.

I even got a direct tweet from Sean Hannity which is letting me know that God is blessing me with this voice that he fills the words with for something bigger and greater....

I love the GOP.  I love the principles of it.  It is the party of diversity but its leadership is racist and elitist.

Not because of the fact that most of the leadership is white males.

But because these white males seem it proper to base legislation on racial groups in terms of votes.

Because these white males seem to tell a woman what to do with her own body because it sounds good to many women indeed, but some men as well.

The election numbers are starting to be cranked and one number stood out, the GOP had an increase of 13% in black voters from 18 to 49.  That's a big number in consideration that last election we had 5% of the total black vote.  Now we up to 17%, my goal was 20% but in light of no outreach, no one in the party that is under 40 and reflects an urban background is identifiable with the party........

means there is plenty of room for growth and more importantly addressing the issues that affect all Americans works........

The heart of the Democratic Party is women and blacks.  Not Hispanics and it's not because of number.

It is because of the racial history of this country.

And although our party leadership didn't, the ground game has been working.

If Mitt Romney were a woman, he would not have conceded.  If we didn't have career politicians, constantly thinking about reelection, we wouldn't have Senators who can't address Benghazi or Hurricane Sandy rushing to create amnesty for illegals but vets can't get housing.......

The Change is here and the change is now.

What I have been doing is taking white women in particular, mostly under 50 but some over and working with them to sit down and talk with black women.  Not convince .. .just talk so that we can start to identify as women what we have in common and what we don't.

What I have been doing is working with white men secure enough in their manhood that they are not threatened by female leadership and networking with them to build a ticket. So that they can see that I'm not Hillary.  Not one that is going to break their masculinity, but yet depend on it to get things done for I see the Presidency as a CEO and the VP is the actual mgmt that gets things done.

What I have been doing is creating fb groups of people of all colors, demographics and political affiliations to let dialogue occur in a respectful manner  so we can learn from each other, and see the most powerful bond we have is not race or culture, it is citizenship.

So let me make this clear to those who instead of running a victory lap in regards to liberals, want to coach and instruct us on the right how to win an election.

There has been a war in the GOP for a long time, and finally the prolife folks in particular got what they wanted, 1 billion dollars, a President with crappy numbers and a pro life ticket and they lost.  And bc they lost, the GOP won for we as a party are removed from the burden of being prolife.

God made it where a woman has a uterus and a mind and left it up to her if she has a child.  If men want to be involved, talk with the woman you have sex with before you put your penis in.  If a woman wants to know and be sure of what man that can be potentially her child's father, talk to him before you open your legs. 

It's simply but yet it really works.

We don't need George P. Bush.  Its racist and elitist of the Bush family to think just b/c they have a browner version of George W.  that he is a shoe in.......

We don't need amnesty nor will we tolerate it.

We will not tolerate tax hikes because if Obama got time to hire One Direction on our dimes, then don't talk to us about cliffs, when it will affect us, not Congress who doesn't have Obamacare.

We need exactly, what we doing.......

Reaching out ourselves......  Creating a force so strong that John Boehner won't have to worry about a tea party caucus, the people's caucus is coming to add a little cold to that tan.

Let me tell you a quick story....

I was down a little bit because Sean Hannity popped up out of nowhere...... And I'm like dude, we not kissing these illegals ass because they "won't" leave.  Drug dealers and other criminals don't either until we give them incentive.

God came down to my side yesterday as I was working on school and said 

"The pastor (Rev. Eddie L. Jenkins, Good Street Baptist Church) spoke from Job at church....."

I nodded my head.......

God said "Just like these Cowboys and these Mavericks.......  sometimes you lose not b/c  you did anything wrong, sometimes its because you need how to learn to do some things the right ....  Tuesday night was winning the wrong way....  because its too many on the right, that they say they love me......

But disrespect me by attempting to do my job :judging and telling other folks what to do with something that I created.......

You gotta show these folks that if I am powerful enough to create the earth and man... I damn sure know what I was doing when I created the concept of pregnancy and knew the possibility of abortion......

You gotta show these folks that every man......... answers to me......... and me alone and I didn't ask their ass for help.

I made you live the book of Job literally, so this nation won't have to"

I pause...... I don't say anything for awhile........

"God, they will make us react in panic because of this supposed victory between the fraud, Romney just conceding without a fight, these males in particular not being able to keep their damn mouth shut about a conversation reserved for those they sleep with and not the nation.....  It's going to be hard...."

God doesn't say anything else and just pats me on the shoulder......

And as I walk out of heaven........

This psychadelic dude with a bandana on his head........

Said No Stay.......

I asked him what did you say......... and he told me to come in this room and when he opened it......

He and all of these folks I have admired over the  years that I miss in some ways......

From Barbara Jordan, to Tip O'Neal to even Junior Seau to Ted Kennedy and just so many folks that I miss...... their leadership, their presence, their faces... come and pat me on the shoulder, and hug me and show me love and its not about politics or race or culture... it's just about a young woman just needing some encouragement......

And that man with that crazy guitar who of course is Jimi Hendrix said......

Stay on course, not about whether anybody agrees with you or not.  Doesn't matter what the GOP leadership says..... it's about the people......

And I would love for you to come on the stage with me.....  

I remarked "I can't sing...."

He said "Hell, I can't either"

So He got a bango and a couple of friends for guitars..........

I heard the chord and I said 

(Ho!) They didn't want to win this right
(Hey!) Gave in before election night
(Ho!) All the while Benghazi bled
(Hey!)In Vegas, our leader fled,
(Ho!)  help is what the people said (Hey!)


(Ho!) So I told my family
(Hey!) That I have to go bc I believe
(Ho!) I don't know where I belong
(Hey!) I gotta make a way to write this wrong
(Ho!) Dont know if I'll make it back home (Hey!)

1,2,3 I belong with you, you belong with me and this here home
I belong with you, you belong with me and this is home (Ho!)


(ho!) We aint doing no pandering
(hey!) No time for Mitts could have been if he
(ho!) Like West no backing down
(hey!) But we gotta move past that now
(ho!) onto Liberty (hey!)
(ho!) Cuz freedom sure as hell ain't free (hey!)

1,2,3 I belong with you you belong with me and this here  home
I belong with you, you belong with me this here is home

And love, we need it now
Ain't changing none
Cause we ain't doing liberal doubt

I belong with you you belong with me and this here home
I belong with you you belong with me this here is home (Ho!)


  Ho Hey (Jimi's yell Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP Licensed)
 This is our home, the GOP and we ain't letting John Boehner, Sean Hannity or Lindsey Graham, George P., George W. or Jeb Bush, or no illegals take us from this.

If Obama can afford One Direction on our tax dollars, then we can afford our tax credit.

And until we give every vet, every legal parent, every legal citizen and every legal immigrant amnesty from the burden of debt created in part by these illegals no amnesty.

I've been homeless, I'm barren, I've been at the valley where nobody but me and God was there.....  I do not fear nor have a problem deporting anyone that ain't legal out.

This here is our home.

The GOP and America

And we aint letting Liberals on the left or within the GOP take it from us.



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