Friday, November 23, 2012

The Change (Chapter 3)

Hello America,

I hope the Thanksgiving Holiday went well.

I wanted to write but God said to wait and watch two games. 

The Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks and then write..........

So I did.

The first is America's Team, and the Dallas Cowboys will always be America's Team because it is not about the roster, it is a about the aura, the story of the team.....

One transaction short of being the Dallas Redskins, as this nation was a couple of votes from German being the official language....

One score it seemed last night being short of a possible playoff run.

The second is Dallas' Team as Jerry decided although he will keep the namesake, he has nothing to do with Dallas.  The Dallas Mavericks were written off, but they have more wins than the Lakers, been the Knicks and the Lakers and holding their own without Dirk, Deron or Dwight.....

There is a lesson in there.

We have a President who probably really wanted to golf and do whatever, but it has occurred to him that in the midst of the economy being so screwed up, the photo ops of him chilling may not be "best" for the nation right now.

There is still no Hillary on the stand for Benghazi, it is not even in the papers anymore, and Susan Rice has to nerve to be indignant about answering questions about her job, but apparently wants a promotion.......

There is a lesson in there....

Every since this election has ended, we haven't seen the Liberal Victory Lap, Van Jones or Nancy Pelosi grabbing their crotches, spiking balls that type of stuff.

Instead, we on the right have been lectured on the right about what's wrong with our party.  It seems that the fact that we were so close despite the voter fraud which was real, the issue about Mitt and his religion which was real and the fact that the party lost millions of votes trying to please the pro life movement........doesn't matter.

We supposed to give up, give amnesty and pronounce Marco Rubio King, when he just like Obama is wasting tax payer dollar in Iowa because he supposed to be the Senator from Florida.

We supposed to give up because Alan West lost and Michele Bachmann barely held on, and we on a fiscal cliff, when this nation has already jumped that cliff with Benghanzi.

But you know what America,

We on the right, We as Dallas Cowboys Fans, We as Dallas Mavericks fans.....

We not going to panic nor are we going to fill our selves with delusions of rings at this moment.

This morning, I am going to file my paperwork to run for President in 2016.  And I have not a 1/10th of the money Rubio does, but I have hundreds of responses from democrats saying I'll cross the aisle to vote for you, more Republicans and Independents saying I'm ready to work right now.

And you know what Mr. Preibus, I didn't promise amnesty for illegals.  I did the opposite, I told folks the truth that it is racist to appeal to one group based on race and I am for enforcing the laws.

I told people that until the truth of Benghazi is answered, it will hit my timeline and my forefront everyday.

I told people it is time for some common sense to come to DC.

And guess what Speaker Boehner?

They agreed.......

I am going to tell you a quick story, a little song and then I'll be gone for today and back tomorrow...

God and I had a talk after the game last night......

I am getting close to moving like for real this time ;)

 I am going to miss my parents.... as I awoke my mom to go to bed.....  It pains me I have to go, but I have to find a better job, I have to get out here and market this book I got coming out, and even though I don't have much, I am going to make an honest run.  I feel like if I can make a debate, I got a chance..

I played with my nephews all day, all day... which was hard on me because I don't have kids so my patience level only last for about two, three hours tops.......

God comes up to me and asks "What is the difference, the main one with the Cowboys and Mavericks?"

I smirk as I feel his presence warm my spirit " The owners...."

God replies "They both are rich, flamboyant billionaires  ......."

"True........ True........ both do think that they can play and coach their respective games, but only one is smart enough to hire a coach and respect that coach to tell him otherwise....."  I say softly....

God ponders for awhile.....

"What does that tell you, Tiffani, for this nation, for yourself?" he asks.....

I ponder for awhile, for that is a hard question, with even harder answers.

"For this nation, we have to endure Jerry Jones until he dies, for his ego will not allow him to quit, nor fire the coach he should have never hired, nor change the direction of the team w firing Romo, He'll resign him....  He'll bs around for he profits from the name of Dallas, with no respect of the game of Dallas.  He is Obama, rather Obama is him at this point....

Both too arrogant to say that money and race and bitterness about issues that are so much larger than them help propel them where they are now........

Both are too arrogant to say that those things cannot keep them afloat.  Obama will have almost 500k signatures asking for secession, millions of others thinking and arming themselves like myself.    He knows that Benghazi was covered up for election reasons, yet the people won't leave it alone.......

We have to endure as a nation for the Cowboys and as Americans........ At least we can get Obama out in four years or less, with Jerry.....with have to wait until that Reaper comes......"  I say thoughtfully.........

"With me, I have a choice do I want to be Jerry or Mark......  

The team didn't beat the Knicks b/c of a shot, they had a chance to compete with the Knicks because they took the loss of losing everything, just to gain things that they had no clue you were going to bless them with.  Mayo, Crowder and Murphy and Kaman... all dudes who know this is a chance for me personally, professionally and now putting that jersey on......

They know Kidd's words of just playing for 'rings' is a lie,  the jersey matters.......

But its the coach that reminds them of it because Mark doesn't interfere with that..

No way would Delonte ever left a Cowboy team...

Same way I have to build my team......  I have to have coaches who know more than I ever imagined, and be a player that is humble, honest and willing to learn at all time.....  B/c we ain't having Rubio nor Rand Paul nor giving up amnesty or tax deals for nobody and if that means everyone from Preibus and Boehner on down gotta go........

So be it."

God smiled......... but St. Pete is with him so

I leaned over, so only hear could hear me and said it's

Gotta take this chance X6

Gotta take this chance, time to take this stance
 Can't see these political wussies, time to make these bands
  Gotta make this chance, gotta make this stance
Ruibo green card popping, We ain't having that

[Juicy J]
Right here, your Kingdom come, B/c We Kayne need all the lights on
We ain't changing our party son, cuz #44 again won.
We aint tripping but on one, cuz we ain't coming off more income’
 fools thank we throw hands, and just say man we say f*** it.
We dropping pro life, amnesty from the  song, we fiscal solely
We about keeping ends, defense, to make these voters thank.
We ain't moving over, because Rubio say we can't
Obama  saying yes we can, but we say Mofos we ain't
We pressing forward, we networking tags, and stacking racks
It starts with me, but ends on the people's back
We sho tipping, because we beyond looking
  so tell Rand and Rubio '16 tooken

Gotta take this chance, time to take this stance
 Can't see these political wussies, time to make these bands
  Gotta make this chance, gotta make this stance
Ruibo green card popping, We ain't having that

Bandz a Make Her Dance (Rand and Rubio's Remix)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

Filing with the FEC today, so Boehner, tell Rubio and Rand that they need to get their day jobs... and Remember if you sign off on any tax hikes, we coming for you as well... can't get you out of your district , but we can get that gavel out of your hands...

I'll be back Monday...

We will get this country back not bc of my intelligence, because I am smart enough to understand that the smartest coach is the people......  ;)

Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
All these chicks popping pussies, I’m just popping bands
Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
These chicks clapping, and they ain’t using hands
[Juicy J]
Short hair, like Nia long. news flash you don’t need a loan
Start twerking when she hear her song, stripper pole her income
We get trippy and then some. So nasty when she rolling
She put that ass up in my hands, I remote control it
She give me dome when the roof gone, at the k.o.d. she leave with me
She got friends, bring three. I got drugs, I got drinks
Bend it over, juicy j gone poke it like wet paint
You say no to ratchet pussy, juicy j can’t
Racks er’where, they showin’ racks, I’m throwing racks
In the V.I.P., rubber on I’m stretching that
Rich niggas tipping, broke niggas looking
And it ain’t a strip club if they ain’t showin pussy
Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
All these chicks popping pussies, i’m just popping bands
Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
These chicks clapping, and they ain’t using hands
[Lil Wayne]
Ahh.. Pop that pussy for a real nigga
Pull out my black card, that’s my lil nigga
Make a movie with your bitch, Steven Spiel nigga
Smoking on Kiesh, Cole give me chills nigga
Whats your real name and not your stripper name
I make it rain on yah, like a windowpane
Bands a make her dance, Tunechi make her cum
Hit it from the side like a mother fucking bass drum
Two hoes on one fucking pole, two hoes on my fucking pole
I don’t tip I pay bills, bitches call me buffalo
Her stomach in her ass out I’m flyer than the ones they pass out
If money grow on trees, I branched out
I’m just waiting on my bitch to cash out
Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
All these chicks popping pussies, I’m just popping bands
Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance
These chicks clapping, and they ain’t using hands

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