Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The End (Chapter 20)

Hello America,

I told you that the Giants were a sign of who was going to win.

The riddle is in the demographics of the city, San Fran seems like the city of freaks.. and it may be sexually outside of Atlanta which is the city for that for black people.

But outside of sexuality, San Fran is actually a conservative hard working town, that for confusing reason hires liberal politicians because those politicians appear to defend them because the GOP appears to outcast them.

So is the election of no surprise no.

So let me say a couple of quick words.

I told you the day after this election, I would quit.  I am not giving away anymore political strategies for free.

Had Romney listened to me and jumped on the prolife movement and stayed on Libya we wouldn't be here.

But he did what he could.

I'm focusing on myself, getting this weight off, writing me a hit on the big screen and on the music charts, making enough money to never need Obamacare and paying tax attorneys to make sure I don't pay a dime to this country.

Most of you that voted for Obama, I hope you truly enjoy the unemployment and poverty you want b/c I guess Obama being half black will make it feel better.

He will never be my President b/c my assertion that he is a political, fiscal, social and cultural terrorist will not change.  If nothing else, I am consistent.

And while Palin, Rubio and Christie start making their official runs, I'll wait until 2014 and steal the thunder ;)

Let me tell you this quick story, as I will keep my site up, but it will be about race and class.

When Prebius and the GOP are tired of getting their asses kicked, and ready to pay me.  I'll start back.

God came and found me yesterday and said Tiffani, you ain't watching the news.  You've been doing your homework, went to kickboxing class, everything but........

I smirked and said "Why?  Your wonder mike is going to win, all this election was designed for was to validate his ass and supposedly bring the country together, I need to watch the hustle, I hustle the hustle........."

God bristled a bit " Tiffani, ..........  My will, your way............"

I turned and smiled and looked at God and said "It is love, it is and when these negroes in particular face more record unemployment and poverty b/c now Obama has to legalize the illegals and answer only to the Hispanic agenda........  I'm glad they praying to you, not to me.  This time for me to get rich, take care of my own.......and look at the masses that brought it upon themselves from a heated window and seats........ This what you wanted, You don't need me, God, you got Jesus, and a political Jesus too..... I'm just a little ole' sinner that talks a lot.  I ain't mad though."

God sits down for a long time.......... and sighs.............

"Tiffani, I know we've been having some misunderstandings but I have a larger picture in mind, and I know you trust me with your life, but I guess compliance doesn't require agreement does it ?"

I hold God's hand or what I can of it...."No, it doesn't. Go be you, go help Obama somehow pay and subsidize this 47% he swears he cares about, he can't blame Bush, I won't allow him to bully Boehner but you and only you can find a way to make this all work........, I love you...... I trust you...... but I am beyond expecting anything of you because you let the Godless rule and make fools of those who worship you........ I'm done not writing the let's get along speech.....  You got Obama, you got Michelle, you got the 47% and I'm sure one of them can......"

God hard the East will feel his tears soon..........

I hug him, well at least the part I can and I get up to go

"Where are you going Tiffani?"

"to kickboxing class, I can't do much today, but I'm going to try and next week do a little more until I can get it down... I'm losing this weight, It's all about me this time God, I'm not writing the kiss ass speech, I don't care what Romney let out his mouth last night......"

God roars "Who are you to say that Tiffani?"

I laugh as I'm walking away to keep from being anymore disrespectful than I already am "Part of the 53% that you and Obama think is paying for this crap......  Whatever virtues you wanted out of me, you just showed me I gain more with my vices.  I'll be back in 2 years... until then I quit..... not advising Obama."

God smiles, through the tears.......... and simply says "deal."

My point is that in no way, and I am giving the let's work together speech.  Nor the people have spoken crap.  The people want someone who looks like them to screw them.  That's their right.

It's time for voices like mine, to take the lead b/c I'm black enough and urban enough that Obama, Hillary or whomever, won't pull that you don't understand struggle shit with me.

I love America, I don't wish bad on anyone, but I will not feel sorry for every Obama voter that gets what they have coming ...

I'll be back next week.  With race, culture and songs..... I'll PM Boehner from now on...

This is the end.......

Tired of not getting paid or credit.

and I'll never work for Obama, he got 47% of the nation to help his ass figure how he is going to make folk like me pay.  I'll take the penalty and hold off until 2016.  Not paying a dime.

Be back Monday b/c I'm revamping the site.

It's been real......... And I'll be back lighter, stronger and ready to run.

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