Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reflections (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

I have been going through some things personally, so I didn't get a chance to write until today.

I am not going to be long because I have to work overtime to pay for things because I want my nephews to have a Christmas and frankly I needed the money.

I am going to discuss and defend 3 things today.

We are going to touch on these school shootings, this plan B and we are going to call this a day.

1) The press has the right to answer any questions that they see fit.  The only reason that Obama is even doing a press conference because this issue of supposed gun control boosts his ratings because you can't get him to answer a question about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Voter Fraud, Why Maxine Waters is not thrown out of the House along with Rangel or the fiscal cliff. 

It's a copout, the Press represents the people and everybody ain't buying Obama's brand...

2)Ke$ha and the Pumped Kicks song did NOT pull the trigger.....  To even contemplate pulling their songs and expressing outrage at them is pure bs.  If that was the case, most of the hip hop and pop charts would never play a record again.......  Stop dogging these folks, she wrote a hit, the pumped up kicks is a hit and let it be.....

3)  Autism is NOT a violent mental illness and is rarely associated with it.  It is a disease that involves sensory perceptions and the thought of a primary figure in a grown man's life that is autistic can be a motivating factor enough to make some very rash, dysfunctional decisions.

It was apparent from the START of this tragedy that there was some sort of personal element and or mental illness involved.  When someone shoots the primary nurturing figure in the face and then goes to the school to shoot only women and children, it lets anyone know that there is a statement in there.  A statement of anger regarding some issue concerning nurturing or lack of it.  And yes. President Obama, I have enough degrees in psychology and psychopathology to say that.

It is sad and embarrassing that the President would use God's words that he condemned the nation for...

and the lack of this mother taking full and complete authority by removing the guns out of the house as long as her son was in the house for his own personal agenda of disarming this citzenry for the destruction of America as we know it, he envisions.

But one thing I know....... as I just found out I didn't get a promotion that I thought I deserved but God felt otherwise........

That the mighty, mighty, mighty God I serve misses nothing Barack Hussein Obama......

And one day when it is your time to answer for your bull........

understand that when you comes to heaven's door to meet Allah, God, Jesus or whomever you believe that when you sign your name in.......  it will be in those children's and that mother's blood ....


It is not  your concern why we need 30 round clips...... It is your concern to obey the laws.



I suggest you plan on using all those hollow point bullets on folks like me, leave the parents, the disabled, those too tired or too sorry to fight out of it.

Me, because I have been on task forces already, ........ gladly put my name up front for your little committee..

Tell Joe Biden, I ain't hard to find....... and the Department of Homeland Security which follows me around anyway can follow me right on to the gun show....... buying what I need to defend myself from ANYONE trying to take my constitutional rights away.

I ain't Boehner, I am not going to kiss your ass.

As for as Van Sustern questioning folks questioning Hillary.........  get over it.

If Brett Farve can be knocked out in the first half before all these rules and be back in to help his brothers to victory, then a woman who is the Secretary of State who is even contemplating being President can get up off her ass and testify.....

She should have been there two months ago and she wouldn't need a doctor's slip now.

Lastly as far as Boehner,.......  Kinda feels weird having to go back and ask for votes for Plan B, when you ran Plan A down folks throat.

So let me make it clear to you,

You have lost the gavel.  That's done.  I'll find a way if Bachmann don't want it, to get West in,  you don't have to have a seat to be Speaker and we both know that.

Make up your mind what you want your legacy to be.

Because we are going to get downgraded REGARDLESS OF WHAT BS PLAN  you all come up with, and you Obama, Pelosi, Cantor, Ryan and all the rest of you all saying you care so much about the middle class won't be affected, but folks like me will and we won't forget Brother.......

We ain't Hillary, we ain't got Benghazi flu.

So do whatever you need to do, Boehner, b/c Reid aint going to let your plan come up to a vote which is why you should  have never conceded anyway.

This nation's memory is like a roach on meth with crack as a chaser: short, erratic and only dedicated to what it satisfies.

Two years from now, they won't remember, not on the other side but we do.....

So right now until Monday, while you and your President, walk all over those children including the one who shot the other's soul instead of using this about a much needed discussion of mental illness and the challenges on parents.....

Me and God just going to

 [Intro - Rihanna:]
Just gonna stand there and watch yall burn
Cuz this fight going to wipe away the hurt
Just gonna stare there while y'all mock babies cries
But that's alright because we going to find a way to make it right
  Going to end your lies

[Verse - Eminem:]
We all know what this really is
Gonna speak the truth ain't worried about the limelight
This here is about the right to live our life
Your orders won't matter as long as our clips load right
Aint Stevie but this is some love light in flight
These words from above, call it Godly Gate,
Obama it's simple, you simply ain't, we all know  you can't wait
On the verge of America going down, last bit left is liberty
  We do see only chance at freedom is from it.
Can't wait no more we going
We finally through"
And we can't. Come back brother we through with that.
The fight is now mane
This nation is no longer tamed, with y'all please to please stop and wait
We feel the wall our back, and you want our spirits to call your name
But our God said be not afraid, believe so we no longer blame
Anything on you dude, We hungry for our freedom hunger games
We won't be deterred so our future will know that we came
fully armed in arms and mind, so bring it

[Chorus - Rihanna:]
Just gonna get ready because its our turn
But that's alright because we know freedom fight's hurt
Just gonna stand there but we won't cry
Because unlike you, we know Our Rights don't lie
  We going to end the lies
We ready to end the lies

Love the way you lie (John's and Barry's Warning)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP License)

My point is this.

We not going to be PC in the midst of a war.

This is war to disarm this nation. Well rather the legal citizens.....

And the Obama administration and Scott Brown and whomever else feels the need to trample on the constitution will lose........

The only question is what all are you prepared to lose......

B/c on this side of the fence John Andrew and Barack Hussien.....

Meet one who has lost everything and still walking on faith because her God says believe what eyes don't see and what your ears don't hear....

I'll be back Monday.

You write the rest of this song John and Barack.....

Me and God loading clips, lacing up bootstraps.....

And you both know I'm not crazy, I'm far smarter than both of you all when it comes to perceptions and people not b/c of my intellect but because I do the one thing you all don't......

Listen to the people and follow the rules.

Tell Hagel, he won't make it.  

Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, I can't help you all this weekend with a message, other than on my back....  I have tatted one thing

Where there is faith, there can be no fear..... so when my back hits the wall, I am always reminded of what I have to have and what I don't ;)

Your move.....

B/c this isn't going away.  If you want to be Lincoln Obama, be my guest.

I ain't fearing your hit list.


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