Monday, December 10, 2012

Reflections (Prelude)

Hello America,

Today, we start a new chapter as I always start my birthday in regards to assessing my life close to the day, I should have been born December 12...

Apparently, I felt that '75 and being a Capricorn coming in the first day of business of the year was more important.

I find myself wanting to go back to church and I can't right now for a variety of reasons.

But I always listen to the sermon from Pastor Eddie L. Jenkins of Good Street Baptist Church.

He's a good strong pastor and I wish I had the maturity to tolerate Obama references from time to time but I don't.

Because I see the increasing hunger and strife on the streets and while the President wasn't the sole cause of this, his policies are killing the people I call my own...

We move on to a new book this morning called reflections because Speaker John Boehner has become everything he said he wouldn't.

Making secret deals with someone who has removed 40% of the wealth in this country in less than 4 years.......

All because "He knows better than us minions"

The ones he takes money from, asks to volunteer for.......

And while he will scream, he did for us, it ain't him that will lose the jobs, the opportunity for wealth, it will be us my generation.

I hope and pray John Andrew Boehner, that you make this deal personally the best you can.......

Because it is the very last grand deal you will ever make.........

I looked at three teams this week, The Heat and the Mavericks for reasons, I won't say right now, there are lessons to be learned in their struggles.

The Heat responded back, serious in approach, Wade's game came back because it hasn't left the building but it doesn't have front row seats anymore.  It will pop up from time to time, but will the consistency continue... We shall see but I was glad to see Mr. James, not fussing or blaming a la Kobe, but about business.....

Keep that in mind, I won't be long this morning.

I watched the Mavericks, with Kaman hurt out there still giving his all because his brothers needed him, Looking at Collison growing not into a backup point, but a point learning some things.... and Mayo simply being a Clinic, not because of his name, but because he came to Dallas to learn and because of that God is giving him an opportunity to teach, in particular John Andrew Boehner a lesson.......

Don't count anyone out, for the game of life handicap belongs to someone who ain't gotta a zip code here.

Third lesson came from the Dallas Cowboys.  I hope that Dez Bryant understands a little bit more why folks like me will be so hard on him because the ramifications of what happens when someone shows you time and time again, they make judgments can be deadly.

This past Friday, the judgments were deadly.

I didn't watch the football game, I started out to, but God said rest.....

By the time I woke up, I saw Hatcher holding up #53 and for the first time, Jason Garrett showing some emotion because he said he had to call someone's mother and tell her under his watch, her baby wasn't coming home..

The lessons from that we all know, but at times God sends us a reminder that we can never forget.

For me, it's an 18 inch scar from my sternum to bikini line, for the Dallas Cowboys, it's a jersey that says #53 Brown, for in that there are two tragedies....... One that ain't here no more, and one that will die painfully in prison all because he didn't have the humility to call his employer which makes it free to call for a ride.

The lesson for you Speaker John Andrew Boehner.....

is that when you don't call for help........  God can't save you from the next call you will have to make on your own.

The pastor spoke from this text.

Mark Chapter 5 verse 25 which spoke of saving a lady who had been sick many  years, Brother Boehner..

many  years of nothing working, of resigning herself that this is life as it will be and one day Jesus came, and she knew she wasn't in Obama's inner circle like yourself, she knew she hadn't made the top donors list that you seem to always have time for........

She was just like the tea party that you love to take money and votes from and then ridicule ....... cast out..... But she inherently believed in the concept of Jesus that she understood that by contact of anything associated with him brought the healing she needed........

And she was right.

I leave you with this one verse from bible, and verse from a man named Mr. Jackson as all of the current top billboard hits, I already identified at least 4 months ago, nothing new on the board.

When she found the power, others dared to believe, and for one man whose daughter was already dead....... and didn't think Jesus had time.  Please understand Brother Boehner, just as dead as you write off myself and the tea party and anyone who doesn't vote your way.

Jesus simply said.

As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

In other words what I am trying to say,

Our  life, Our strife
But we run no more today
Cuz it's time to end the chaos from you, for sho
  No more compromise illusion, political delusion
We believe in thee, we will remove you fo sho
So baby hold your bargain with pride, b/c that gavel grip will die

Yeah, '13  you heading from a leader to Obama's b****
You say we need to change because this why we keep losing s***
But the truth of the matter is, you the h** and we the tricks
Right in our face because you been liberal serving conserv fix
Now you gangsta enough to tell  Congress we employ you running this
But Brother Boehner we believe, so we say screw your grip
  To save tomorrow, baby it's some lessons that today you will have learned
The tan lines you and Barry will have.. burn baby burn
You forgot who the hell  you answer to
But don't worry you will be drinking that non gavel liqueur
Yeah, we may be the sewer, coming gutta to a town near you
To drain the blood from your career, that lasix
Via UPS ground delivery, you lost because you had to win

My life (Brother Boehner's reminder)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP licensed)

My point is Brother Boehner, I don't have the money of Rubio, I don't have the "wisdom" of Ryan, but I got the heart and soul of this country...

Because my blood, sweat and tears in these streets.

You make a deal with Obama, you'd better enjoy it Brother, because this will be the last time you hold that gavel....

and you know enough about me to know I serve a God who said be not afraid, but believe and with the Lessons, Mr. James, Mr. Mayo, Mr. Brown, Mr. Hatcher and Mr. Garrett and Mr. Brown showed me........

I may not end up President, but you will NEVER hold that gavel again.

You wanna be a gangsta..........

Welcome to my world ;)

You may not like the tea party or folks that ain't in your clique, but you will respect them.

So when you review your life, and your political career b/c we can't get your seat, but Michelle Bachmann will have that gavel.......

Remember who had the courage to tell you in your face in public, why.
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