Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

This morning as I worked out, I thought about Benghazi...  It is never too far from my mind.

I thought about with the pick of Hagel, the attention diverts from Hillary Clinton and the fact that she should have testified a lot earlier and to make the GOP have the image of eating its young with Hagel.

The point of it is, Hagel is a perfect reflection of the Obama administration, he is not a staunch supporter of Israel, he is a supporter of Iran, he is bigoted and thinks that we are supposed to give him a pass because of party lines. 

We are in the midst of a journey to start our country back on the right track and the first few steps in that journey are crucial.  We have to call bull what it is.  Hagel will not get my support.

I will not tolerate any memory lapses from Secretary Clinton and if she is the nominee to be in 2016, I will give my all to be across from her on the debate podium and show why time after time, crisis after crisis, she folds, she renigs.

I was looking at a story this morning of a couple in Georgia in which a man instructed his wife on how to shoot and a couple of days later, she had to shoot a burglar.  While this is a great story about the proper use of guns, the point of it remains that no matter what "Deal" Biden and the NRA come up with.

It will not receive my support and any legislator on the left or right that supports it, donor's list will be targeted.  No more are we going to write or fax legislators.

Just like John Boehner with his support from AT&T, every major donor will be texted, faxed, notes will be placed on payments and bills.

The point of the Second Amendment is not defense from criminals.  It is defense from a government that eventually will overreach its bounds. 

The founders were not some archaic nuts who didn't understand empires, they had the memories of the Roman Empires, the French and the English right there in real time to learn and study from.

Out of all the rules and things, they could come up with, the felt that one more than establishing unalienable rights was more important than any other right.

The right to bear arms with the sole intent of use against the government if deemed necessary.

I fear that time under the Barack Obama administration will become necessary for the leftist movement is too close to victory to not speed up the transition of America into a socialist entity and the patriot movement on the right is too dedicated to saving this democratic republic to back down.....

So the civil war and the President Lincoln version Obama fancies himself to be, will come to fruition.

And just like any other war, we all will suffer losses that we anticipate.  Unlike the south, the Feds will find out that it is much harder to fight a war in this nation when battles are all over it.

Hence the need if nothing else for every gun to be registered so that a database of who potential problems will be is one of the suggestions that the NRA will probably agree to under the guise of why wouldn't you want to register the guns and allude to a nefarious intent if one does not agree to do so.

I am not worried about the fiscal cliff, I am not worried about how many hits Miss Alabama is going to get today, I am not worried about Hagel or the other choice which ensures that our enemies will have as much of our data in real time as we will.

When one starts a journey from the start, one must have the right tools.

My sole concern is the 2nd Amendment right now and any attempts of gun control so that Barack Obama can save face politically because these tax hikes from his "Deal and terms" are eating at the bottom line of the middle class he supposedly loves so much..........

is not an issue.

No gun control, no limits on Ammo, no full registration, we keep the gun shows, we strengthen mental health databases and criminal databases so those folks cannot get weapons...... in addition, to maybe clauses if someone has a mentally ill person in their household, but that's it.

I'll be back tomorrow.    Hagel, don't quit your day job, Brennar don't either, and Speaker Boehner, may be time  you start looking for one.  We cleaning house on the right.........

Call what you need to.

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